ACLU Blog: “Combat Exclusion for Women Should No Longer Be the Rule”

Debate over marriage definition shifts to Congress

Defense Secretary Panetta favors United Nations oversight of world oceans

“House Armed Services vote bans gay marriage on military bases”

Committee Adopts Akin Amendment Protecting Religious Liberty in the Military

Morning Meme: Amendment One Passes, You Can Win a Date With Parker Young, and Johnny Depp Names His Willy Wonka Inspiration | AfterElton

9-11 defendants ignore judge at Guantanamo hearing

Military religious leaders report pressure, backlash over beliefs

House seeks to intervene in defense of DOMA in military benefits case

AG: RI memorial with cross ‘transcends religion’, Former National Guard Head organizes rally

RI: City opts to fight for memorial

Ron Paul: The Costs of War: Military Mental Health staff increased to 20,590 amid rising suicide epidemic

Trend towards Christianity among Iranian armed forces on rise

Liberty Counsel Offers Woonsocket Pro-Bono Legal Assistance to Defend War Memorial

2011 U.S. Army Suicides Reached Unprecedented Level

Congressman wants Navy ship named after homosexual activist

Cash-strapped RI city backing down in cross fight

Marine Corps discharges sergeant for Facebook posts critical of Obama

Pentagon suspends class teaching ‘inflammatory’ material on Islam to officers

CA: Mojave Desert Veteran’s Memorial Cross case settled

Marines Moving Women Toward the Front Lines

RI: Cross in Group’s Crosshairs

Gary McCaleb: Putting Faith Under House Arrest

Chaplain endorsers: Bibles should stay in Air Force lodging

Joel Oster: Soldiers At Camp Pendleton Have Religious Freedom As Well

Atheists complain to Secretary of Navy over Marine squadron name: “Crusaders”

Family Research Council Sues U.S. Navy for Records about Decision to Ban Bibles from Walter Reed

TMLC Readies to Defend Memorial Crosses at Marine Base Atop Mount Horno

ACLJ continues battle against atheists over Camp Pendleton Memorial Crosses

Military marriages show a surprising level of resilience

Judge blocks request to block Marine’s discharge for criticizing Obama on Facebook

Prosecutors say Marine sold “Nobama” stickers

Two senators chastise China over counterfeit military parts

Air Force Drops Course Reading That Encouraged Chapel Attendance

Military academies hold first “gay pride” events

Obama authorizes himself to declare martial law

Non-Liturgical Navy Chaplains Can Move Ahead On Some Claims, But No Reconsideration of Establishment Clause Ruling

Log Cabin Republicans awarded attorney fees in DADT case even though case vacated

Pat Buchanan: “Is the GOP Becoming a War Party?”

    Patrick Buchanan at Townhall: Today’s GOP front-runners — Newt, Mitt and Rick Santorum — all clearly believe that a warlike stance toward Iran will appeal to the evangelical base and to Jewish voters who went for Obama by 57 points in 2008. But they are rolling the dice with a war-weary America. Ron Paul, whose youth vote the party needs and who receives the largest number of contributions from the military, has split with them on Iran.

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Just War and the Iran Crisis

China announces double-digit hike in its defense budget

U.S. to reprimand and possibly demote five soldiers who mistakenly burned Korans

“Gay Marine’s kiss sparks praise, anger”

Afghanistan gov’t demands trial for “Quran burning soldiers”; NATO agrees?

Pat Buchanan: For What, All These Wars?

Soldiers don fake belly, breasts to better understand pregnant troops’ exercise concerns

Supreme Court to decide free speech challenge to military medals law

Chaplains object to DOJ decision to not defend DOMA for service members

Pentagon defended Bible burning in 2009

“Undermining Marriage? All in a Gays’ Work”

Sen. Scott Brown: Let women in combat, no mention of selective service registration

Israeli religious party says military exemptions ruling won’t threaten ruling coalition

High court torn over law banning lie about medals

54% Favor Full Combat Role for Women in Military | Rasmussen

DOJ indicates denying same-sex couples military benefits is unconstitutional

Obama Mulls 80 Percent Disarmament of Nuclear Arsenal

Reinstating DADT in Oklahoma National Guard ‘not an easy subject’

Chaplains concerned about continued erosion of religious liberties

Pentagon to Lift Some Restrictions on Women in Combat

35 Members of the House Call on Air Force to Put God Back in Motto

Bishops’ Health Insurance Letter Created Special Issues For Military Chaplains

Army tries to suppress Archbishop’s condemnation of Obamacare regs Archbishop Timothy Broglio, who leads the Roman Catholic Archdiocese for the Military Services, wrote a letter to be read at all Sunday Masses for U.S. military personnel around the world that said that a regulation issued by the Obama Administration under the new federal health care law was “a blow” to a freedom that U.S. troops have not only fought to defend but for which some have recently died in battle.

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“Disabled vet in same-sex marriage sues over denial of full benefits”

LA Times: “The Senate should reject a House-passed bill that would allow religious symbols on war memorials.”

West Point under pressure to de-invite Islam critic

Pat Buchanan: Who Commissioned Us to Remake the World?

    Pat Buchanan at Townhall: We’re not going to get into the business of dictating (Russia’s) path (to democracy). … We’re just going to support what we like to call ‘universal values’ — not American values, not Western values, universal values.” But what, exactly, are these “universal values”? And who are we to impose them on other nations? Did Divine Providence assign us this mission? Who do we Americans think we are?

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Doug Napier: Repeal of DADT Still Doesn’t Mean You Can Ask

Fort Bragg to Host Anti-Religion Band at Atheist Rock Beyond Belief