Cross called constitutional since it ‘memorializes’ soldiers

Offended by the cross? Too bad.

Crosses spark a Constitutional fight

House panel OKs new Bill of Rights monument for Oklahoma Capitol

500 gather to protest pending removal of Idaho Ten Commandments display

Ten Commandments monument may be moved from Sandpoint, Idaho park

Ex-city councilor: Ten Commandments statue not religious | Albuquerque Journal

GA legislature authorizes Ten Commandments monument on state capitol grounds

David French: Attacks on memorial crosses multiply

    David French at National Review: “Unless, of course, you’re an offended atheist. Then, the same pop culture that mocks Christian sensibilities will treat seriously your utterly vile outrage at a mourning mother’s expression of love for her fallen son. Then, that means the same federal courts that have consistently held that outrage alone does not constitute a recognizable injury will grant ‘offended observers’ special status to challenge displays of perceived religious symbols on public land. In other words, an atheist’s subjective discomfort is sufficient grounds for a federal lawsuit.” | See the Alliance Alert’s “Monuments” for more.

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Trial begins on Ten Commandments monument in Bloomfield, NM | Albuquerque Journal

Mom who lost son in fatal crash to remove Lake Elsinore cross after atheist group complains

Purdue reaches compromise with donor over reference to God on plaque

Judge rejects California city’s religious war memorial

Suit challenges World War I memorial cross in Bladensburg, Maryland

Federal judges hear arguments on Ind. church cross display case | Christian Post

7th Circuit to hear from Ind. church about cross ban

Atheists vow to fight monument rejection in Levy County, Fla.

ACLU suit challenges decision to restore cross to Los Angeles County seal

FFRF files 9th Circuit appeal over mountain Jesus statue

Freedom From Religion Foundation targets Stratton, OH crosses

Canada: Church wants city to take over multimillion-dollar repair costs

Indiana churches seeking to erect cross display on public property get appeals court hearing date | Christian Post

Atheist group fighting to remove Bible from Florida city council chamber

American Atheists sue over Oklahoma Capitol Ten Commandments

AR: Group wants Searcy cross removed, police chief refuses

N.Y. Group Applies To Build Satan Statue At Oklahoma State Capitol

Satanists Unveil Design For Okla. Capitol Monument

10 Commandments likely to stand another year outside Valley High

Oklahoma Capitol Commission Puts Moratorium On Applications For New Statehouse Monuments

Mount Soledad Cross Will Be Purged From Veterans Memorial

Satanists seek spot next to Ten Commandments monument on steps of Oklahoma’s Statehouse

Oregon: City delays Mingus Park cross decision

Ohio ACLU demands portrait of Jesus be removed from another public school

Toppled Ten Commandments back in place near Supreme Court

Australian War Memorial Keeps ‘God’ Reference

MD: Middleboro could face lawsuit over cross on public

    Taunton Gazette: For experts on the United States Constitution, the addition of a 7-foot Christian cross to Middleboro’s town meeting agenda Monday night means one thing – more division. The town, deciding the fate of a cross that has stood for a half-century on a Route 28 traffic island, voted overwhelmingly to try and protect the brick structure. Voters did so by moving the land into private hands, thereby avoiding the constitutional mandate that church and state be separate.

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South Connellsville VFD social hall site of lastest Ten Commandments monument

Million Vet March on the Memorials Planned on Oct. 13:

Darrell Issa’s committee to investigate why open-air memorials were closed as part of shutdown

Rand Paul: ‘Goons’ blocked WWII Memorial

Obama: The Statue of Liberty Will Be Immediately Closed

WWII veterans storm D.C. memorial closed by government shutdown

10 Commandments Monument Toppled In Washington

Oklahoma responds to ACLU lawsuit opposing Ten Commandments monument at Capitol

Virgin Mary Statue On Mass. Traffic Island Smashed

Coos Bay Vietnam memorial stirs up strong feelings and a bombing over Christian symbolism

Churches appeal after crosses denied on public property | One News Now

Princeton, NJ Must Not Let Atheists Derail 9-11 Memorial Cross | ACLJ

PA: More Ten Commandments monuments to be erected

Ban on Display of Crosses at Indiana City’s Riverfront Property Contested By Church | Christian Post

Ind. church appeals cross ban | Alliance Defending Freedom

Oregon: Attorney believes opponent of war memorial cross left IED in park

Wisconsin Atheist group appeals decision on Montana Jesus statue

Judge Rules Against 10 Churches Seeking Cross Display on Ind. Waterfront Property

IN: Court prohibits crosses on Evansville Riverfront

Dear ACLU: The Cross Isn’t Toxic | Matt Sharp

Lincoln Memorial vandalized with green paint

ACLJ to OH Governor: “Extremist Position” by Atheists Not Supported by Law – Offer to Assist in Defending Holocaust Memorial

Cross Raises Worries Over NJ Town’s 9/11 Memorial

Thou Shall Not Move dedicates Ten Commandments monument in Uniontown

Judge to Decide If Indiana City Can Allow Churches to Display Crosses on Public Land | Anugrah Kumar at Christian Post

Churches plan cross display despite opposition | One News Now

Ohio Board Approves Statehouse Holocaust Memorial Over Church-State Objections To Design

Federal Court Enjoins Veterans Memorial Containing Religious Symbols

ACLU Attempts to Prevent Churches’ Public Display of Crosses Despite City Approval |

Legal Group Fights to Protect Crosses Lining Indiana Riverfront | Citizen Link

ADF Defends 10 Indiana Churches Sued by ACLU for Displaying Crosses

Freedom from Religion Foundation objects to Star of David in Holocaust memorial

WV: Wyoming County Prosecutor Did the Right Thing on Ten Commandments

City of St. Paul stops fighting statue of Jesus atop bluff | (includes video)

Churches seek to defend riverfront cross display attacked by ACLU | Alliance Defending Freedom