Senate to Consider Nominee for Federal Circuit

Massachusetts taps lesbian for top court

S.D.N.Y.: President Obama Names Alison J. Nathan as Nominee for the United States District Court

Fixing the confirmation process

Solicitor General Nominee Verrilli Grilled on DOMA Defense

Republicans Should Not Play Nice on Judicial Nominations

    Mario Diaz writes at Townhall: So Republican Senators should stop playing “nice” on judicial nominations. Unlike Democrats, who opposed President Bush’s nominees because of their race (see Miguel Estrada), Republicans have been fairly tame in dealing with the steady stream of radical political operatives and ideologues the President has sent them. From judges who believe that praying in the name of Jesus violates the Constitution, but praying in the name of Allah is okay (David Hamilton), to believing a Latino judge makes better decisions than white judges (Sonia Sotomayor), to believing using filters to protect children from obscene materials in public libraries violates “freedom of speech” (Edward Chen), to believing judges should create a constitutional right to welfare (Goodwin Liu), to supporting the rationing of medical services by ranks (Caitlin Halligan), to selecting judges because they are homosexuals (J. Paul Oetken), we have seen it all.

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Senate confirms 14th judicial nominee this year

Judicial Nominees Disclose 7 Figure Net Worths

Washington Post: “Nominee for Federal Circuit deserves a hearing”

Senate Committee Hearing on Pro-Abortion Goodwin Liu This Week

Alaska nominee says sex outside of marriage should be illegal

Iowa: New justices will campaign when facing retention vote

Obama Nomination of Six For Appeals Court Shows Abortion Extremism

Judge Bruce Zager prepares for move to Iowa Supreme Court

Applications Sought to Fill D.C. Superior Court Vacancy

U.S. Dist. Judge Bernice Donald of Memphis breezes through confirmation hearing

Senate Confirms Another D.C. Judge

Kansas City Star: “Stop political takeover of judicial selection in Kansas”

Senate Judiciary: No Republicans present to question Obama nominees

Pro-Lifers Should Oppose Pro-Abortion Obama Judicial Pick Steve Six

“Senate hearing for gay judicial nominee”

Senate Set to Vote on D.C. Judicial Nominee

Iowa lawmakers to reconsider judge-selection process

    One News Now: State Representative Dwayne Alons submitted two bills to change the system. “The first one would be to do more of a selection process like the federal model,” he describes, “where the governor would select a name to fill a vacancy on the appellate court as well as the district courts. And then the Senate would confirm with a super majority — two-third’s vote.” . . . The second bill would establish a term limit for judges, plus a retention vote by the public.

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“Oetken, Out Gay Nominee, ‘Unanimously Qualified’ for N.Y. Federal Judgeship, ABA Panel Says”

“10th Circuit Court opening could allow Obama to balance the appointments”

Harper confirmed to Connecticut Supreme Court

Christie yanks nomination of N.J. assemblyman as Superior Court judge

Obama Nominates Abortion Advocate for Federal Appeals Court

Obama nominates former Kansas Attorney General Steve Six to replace Tacha on federal appeals bench

Des Moines lawyer is named to panel he’s suing by Branstad

Oklahoma: Bill to require Senate to confirm judges OK’d

Senate confirms three federal judges

What’s Right About Kansas: Breaking the legal guild’s control over judicial selection.

Washington Post Editorial: The values of Professor Liu

Judicial nominee logjam creates ‘crisis’ in some federal courts

Will Senate ever vote on Goodwin Liu?

    Politico: “Liu, 39, has captured the hopes of liberals who see him as one of Obama’s few bold judicial picks, someone with the intellect and youth for the circuit court bench, a traditional stepping stone to the Supreme Court. But Republicans have argued that he lacks any judicial experience, his legal writings are proof of his intention to legislate from the bench, and his criticism of Supreme Court Judge Samuel Alito after he was nominated to the court revealed an inexperienced social activist who has no place on a federal bench.”

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Ed Whelan: On Goodwin Liu and Same-Sex Marriage

Iowa: With three new justices, some say rest of court safe

Goodwin Liu to Get Second Hearing

Christie’s ‘revolution’ against judicial activism

Bills would change Iowa’s judicial nominating system

Senate Set to Vote on Nominee for 5th Circuit

CA: Brown considers an activist for state Supreme Court appointment

HI: Governor will keep high court nominees secret

Iowa: Look at justice candidates’ backgrounds, Branstad told

Top U.S. Religious Freedom Post Closer to Being Filled

HI: Nominee to Supreme Court easily wins Senate panel’s OK

Questions surround judicial nomination of Arvo Mikkanen for Tulsa

    Tulsa World: “The White House enlisted surrogates to validate its pick to fill a vacant judicial slot in Tulsa, but it remained unclear whether that would be enough to rescue one of the few American Indians selected for the federal bench in U.S. history. Questions still surround a process that triggered immediate opposition to the nomination of Arvo Mikkanen, an assistant U.S. attorney in Oklahoma City.”

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Two Candidates for D.C. Federal Court Head to Full Senate

Senate panel OKs Santa Clara judge for U.S. court

Obama’s D.C. Circuit Pick Meets Skeptical Republicans

D.C. Judicial Commission Recommends Three Lawyers for Appeals Court

Obama’s Lawyer Previews New Push to Confirm Judges

Current, Former Big Law Partners Pushed for Judgeships

“White House announces three major gay appointments”

Iowa: Branstad won’t ask Supreme Court nominees about same-sex marriage

Iowa Justice finalist list has one minority, not yet a bar member

Hawaii Supreme Court Nominee secure with sexual orientation

Iowa: Geography could be factor for nominators

Obama nominates Judge Henry F. Floyd for 4th Circuit

Chuck Schumer warns of “crisis” in Judiciary

Will judicial nominees need new hearings?

Iowa: Legal challenge to judicial nominators is rejected

Gov. Christie nominates 9/11 attorney Sohail Mohammed for Superior Court judgeship

N.J. Supreme Court Justice Rivera-Soto tempers stance on abstention

Cal. Supreme Court: The Short List

Wisc. Sen. Johnson opposes White House judge nominations

Democrats consider ways to move judicial nominees

Justice Roberts: End partisan feuds over judgeships

Obama uses recess appointment to seat Justice Dept. official

Askins, two judges advance in Oklahoma Supreme Court selection process

Senate confirms Feldblum for EEOC

Obama trails Bush on judicial confirmations

Nineteen judicial nominees confirmed in the last week