MD: Governor O’Malley Appoints Judges to the Court of Appeals, Court of Special Appeals, Circuit Courts

What lies beneath those robes? Politics?

Romney: Gingrich’s idea about judges not practical

Senate GOP to Obama: Don’t make recess appointments to NLRB

Republicans block recess appointments

Senators block Oklahoma City federal prosecutor from judge post

Senate approves nomination of former Planned Parenthood attorney, Morgan Christen, to 9th Circuit

GOP debate: Candidates weigh reining in the courts

Ohio federal magistrate has a shot at 10th Circuit appeals court position, sources say

Romney’s record on judicial and legal appointments

“Failure to name judge threatens to hamper” 1st Circuit Court of Appeals

Advocates call on Obama to make a recess appointment for consumer agency nominee

Nominee for Tax-Enforcement Position Clears Judiciary Committee

D.C. Circuit Nomination Fails Cloture Test

Judges: Key appeals court nominee faces test vote today – Caitlin Halligan

Boston Globe Editorial on the Halligan nomination to the D.C. Circuit : “Outrage machine grinds away”

Senate Republicans Stop Another Obama Pro-Abortion Judge

D.C. Cir.: Cloture filed on Halligan nomination

ABA Rejects Many Obama Prospects for Judgeships

4th Circuit: Conservative federal appeals court shifts left: Recent opinions reveal a possible liberal leaning

Senate to take up judicial nominations after break

Longtime Appellate Lawyer Nominated For D.C. Court of Appeals

Obama Withdraws Nomination of Charles Day for Maryland District Court

Today – Senate expected to confirm Stephen Higginson to the Fifth Circuit

Colorado Supreme Court candidates say they’re not politically active

The Ugliness Started with Bork

“S.F. federal court vacancy gives Obama an opening”

Powell sworn in as Virginia Supreme Court justice

Applicants Announced for D.C. Superior Court Vacancy

Nixon appoints Judge George Draper to Missouri Supreme Court

Canada: Gentle grilling of top court appointees not to everyone’s taste

Lawyer who argued for same sex “marriage” appointed to Vermont Supreme Court

Obama nominates Paul Watford to 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

More Women Judges on the Bench Needed, Says Advocate Greenberger

C.D. Cal. “Gay judicial nominee sails through confirmation hearing”

D.C. Superior Court Advertises Magistrate Judge Position

AZ: Senate Confirms Successor to Late Judge John Roll – Jennifer Zipps

Senate approves six for judgeships including Henry Floyd to the 4th Circuit

U.S. Senate confirms “openly gay” U.S. attorney in Texas

Senators Reach Deal on 10 Judicial Nominees

States debate judicial elections versus appointed bench

Senate Committee Vets D.C. Court of Appeals Nominees

Chief Justice John Roberts and Judicial Vacancies: An Avoidable Problem

Judicial Nominating Group Recommends Three for D.C. Court of Appeals

NY Nominee Wins Senate Judiciary Support Despite Controversy over Use of Public School Facilities by Religious Students

“Obama sets historic pace in diversifying federal judiciary; white males under half his choices”

Sen. Tom Coburn blocked attempt to fill federal appeals court vacancy, Oklahoma attorneys say

WI: Are our justices bought and paid for?

Ed Whelan: Defend Our Laws: Justice Matters

Republican Candidate Should Target Obama’s Judges, Abortion

“Obama faces crucial period for judicial nominations”

U.S. Dist. Judge Bernice Donald of Memphis wins confirmation to 6th Circuit Court of Appeals

Anne Patterson sworn in to N.J. Supreme Court

Legal Periodical: Navigating the Path of the Supreme Appointment

Panel confirms Goodwin Liu to California Supreme Court

2 Maine judicial nominations announced

Goodwin Liu appears to have clear path to California Supreme Court

CA: “State Bar gives rave review to nominee Goodwin Liu” who favors marriage redefinition

Justice Ginsburg Says ACLU Connections Would Likely Prevent Her Confirmation Today

Ramesh Ponnuru: Recess Appointments and the Constitution

Ed Whelan: “Defend Our Laws: Justice Matters”

    Ed Whelan at Public Discourse: In developing their positions on Supreme Court appointments and the Department of Justice, presidential candidates should 1) welcome the battle over the Supreme Court, 2) determine to fight hard for high-quality justices, 3) frame the argument for why abortion policy should be restored to the democratic processes, 4) support the Defense of Marriage Act, and 5) commit to select senior legal leaders who fully embrace their goals and priorities.

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Wisconsin: Should Supreme Court Justices be Appointed, not Elected?

White House: Confirming Judges a ‘Top Priority’

Washington Post: “Lawmakers’ destructive gamesmanship with judicial nominees”

Senate confirms Texas judicial nominee Nelva Gonzales Ramos

For Obama, a Record on Diversity but Delays on Judicial Confirmations

U.S. District Judge Bernice Donald faces confirmation vote on Sept. 6

White House: President Obama Nominates Judge Adalberto José Jordán to the United States Court of Appeals

Ala. Gov. Bentley names new Supreme Court Chief Justice

Virginia: House, Senate elevate two appellate judges to Supreme Court; one is first black female justice

Goodwin Liu state high court hearing set Aug. 31

Controversy Follows Brown’s Judicial Appointments