Pro-life groups launch website to showcase abortion funding in Obamacare

The endgame in King v. Burwell

New Obamacare rule means you won’t know if you’re paying for abortions

Ruckus about abortion coverage brings results

Family gets relief from Obamacare’s mandatory ‘abortion fee,’ but pro-lifers aren’t rejoicing just yet

Obamacare covered on-demand abortions through more than 1,000 insurance plans; GOP blasts Obama’s broken promise

After Hobby Lobby ruling, Obama admin still forcing religious employers to obey HHS mandate

Does your insurance provide Obamacare abortion coverage? Website reveals plans with ‘slush funds’ for elective abortions

Conn. family won’t be forced to pay Obamacare elective abortion surcharge

Obamacare provision challenged in court

Here’s a website for checking if your Obamacare covers abortion

Pro-life family forced onto Obamacare wins battle to avoid paying for abortions

Groups push for openness on subsidized abortions

Conn. family won’t be forced to pay Obamacare elective abortion surcharge

Three reasons a new Supreme Court Obamacare case matters to pro-lifers

Obama admin won’t say which Obamacare plans fund abortions, this web site will

Christian college goes to court tomorrow to free itself from abortion-pill mandate

3rd Circuit to hear Christian college’s case against abortion-pill mandate

California sets dangerous pro-choice trend

3rd Circuit to hear Christian college’s case against abortion-pill mandate

Does abortion trump religious liberty?

D.C.’s hopelessly illegal abortion mandate

Did an Obama appointed Supreme Court Justice put the nail in the coffin of Obamacare?

Indiana Wesleyan, Taylor sue feds

Should pro-life groups be forced to help destroy life?

Will court force March for Life to pay for abortion pill coverage?

Obama administration ‘using federal law to target Christians’

Moore: New HHS rules violate religious liberty

Ave Maria School of Law granted preliminary injunction from HHS mandate

Four Christian organizations challenge Obamacare abortion pill mandate

Federal court says law school can opt out of controversial Obamacare mandates

Catholic law school protected from abortion-contraception mandate

Administration defeated in another Obamacare fight

Court rules Obama admin can’t force Catholic college to obey HHS mandate

Victory: Court rules in favor of Ave Maria School of Law against HHS mandate

Catholic law school not forced to comply with abortion pill mandate

Catholic educators appeal to Obama administration for relief from HHS mandate

HHS mandate ‘accommodation’ for non-profits still inadequate

Obamacare or abortion care?

Catholic church opposes latest version of HHS birth control mandate

Mennonite business owner wins permanent exemption from birth control mandate

Mennonite company granted permanent injunction against Obamacare abortion pill mandate

California bishops contest state ruling on abortion coverage

Pa. family receives permanent order against abortion-pill mandate after Supreme Court win

What the future holds

Names of 1,000+ insurance plans that fund elective abortion in ObamaCare released

How Obamacare funds the nation’s largest abortion provider

Three ways Obamacare forces Americans to fund big abortion

Why you can’t keep your plan under Obamacare, explained in 3 minutes

GAO report reveals flagrant violations of ACA rules for abortion funding

Christian groups horrified after discovering Americans deceived into paying for abortions through Obamacare

Pro-lifers demand Senate vote to stop massive abortion funding in Obamacare

Christians angered after report shows Americans paying for abortions through Obamacare

Taxpayers are paying the tab for Obamacare’s elective abortions

ISIS and the fight for religious freedom

ObamaCare subsidies could be paying for abortions, GAO finds

GAO Report: Obamacare does pay for abortions

Obamacare’s big spending on abortion on demand

Feds: Obamacare covers elective abortions

Actually, ‘Obamacare’ really does cover abortions, gov’t report finds

GAO report shows how Obamacare subsidizes abortion

Deluge of criticism after abortion funding revealed in health care law

How Obamacare forces you to subsidize plans that cover elective abortions

GAO: Americans paying for abortion through Obamacare

    “This report exposes what we’ve known all along: that Obamacare was designed to force Americans to pay for abortions. Federal law protects Americans from paying for others’ abortions, but Obamacare architects built a purposely deceptive accounting scheme into the massive law that makes people in all 50 states fund abortion. We were told that we had to pass the bill to find out what was in it. Now we know one other thing that’s in it: corporate welfare for the administration’s abortion industry cronies. Instead of deceiving the American people, the administration needs to follow federal law and deliver on the transparency we were promised.” – Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Casey Mattox

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Obamacare’s abortion shell game