Sixty percent of voters say Obamacare debate is not over

First round freedom win for Iowa, Mich. Christian colleges against HHS mandate

Media Research Center seeks Obamacare contraception opt-out

Judge denies Catholic Diocese’s injunction request

The illusion of healthcare choice in Obamacare

Lawsuit filed in Connecticut over abortion surcharges

Casey Mattox speaks to Fox about the Access Health CT case

Couple sues over abortion coverage in access health CT plans

Taxpayers considering appeal after dismissal of challenge to Minn. abortion scheme

Pro-life Catholics sue over abortion fee mandate

Pro-life leader has health plan cancelled under Obamacare, now forced to pay for abortions

Obamacare forcing pro-life family to pay for other people’s abortions

Dobson to Obama: “I will not bow to your wicked regulations”

Contraception mandate turning into abortion mandate?

Nearly 7 in 10 Americans support mandated birth control coverage

ADF represents Colorado-based Fellowship of Catholic University Students

Blood money: abortion is a tax-deductible “medical expense”

The HHS mandate: It’s all or nothing | Townhall

James Dobson’s ministry granted injunction from HHS mandate | Cardinal Newman Society

Government “swings for the fences” in Obamacare hearings

James Dobson beats Obamacare mandates, at least for now | Charisma

Kennedy’s question: How will the court decide Hobby Lobby?

James Dobson’s Birthday Gift: Latest Court Victory Over Obamacare Contraception

James Dobson: Striking Obamacare mandate a “victory” | WND

James Dobson, “Family Talk” get birth control mandate reprieve | Christian Post

Court blocks Obama admin from enforcing HHS mandate against James Dobson | LifeNews

Court blocks enforcement of abortion pill mandate against ministry of Dr. James Dobson

The narrow (and proper) way for the court to rule in Hobby Lobby’s favor

Ed Whelan on Hobby Lobby: The “accommodation” as less restrictive means

Hobby Lobby and the ideology of discrimination | Juicy Ecumenism

Mark Movsesian and Marc DeGirolami podcast on Hobby Lobby

Rick Garnett analyzes Hobby Lobby case

Give me liberty or give me business?

Jim Geraghty: The Progressive Aristocracy and their separate set of rules

    Jim Geraghty at National Review: “What kind of a country do you get when political leaders are driven by a desire to feel that they are more enlightened, noble, tolerant, wise, sensitive, conscious, and smart than most other people? The evidence before us suggests progressives’ ideal society would be one where they enjoy great power to regulate the lives of others and impose restrictions and limitations they themselves would never accept in their own lives. Very few people object to an aristocracy with special rights and privileges as long as they’re in it.”

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