Fox News: Supreme Court Upholds Arizona School Vouchers

Interview with Joe Infranco: Court ruling forces a homeschooled child into public school

NCPA Policy Digest: Parents Deserve Voice in Child’s Education

Ken Blackwell: Blocking a UN Threat – Convention on the Rights of the Child

    Ken Blackwell writes at Townhall: Do elections matter? You bet they do! Until last November, there was a real threat that the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) would be ratified by a liberal U.S. Senate majority. And we’re still not out of the woods on this one. But thanks to timely action by Sen. Jim DeMint, effective action is being taken to blunt this threat. Sen. DeMint (R-S.C.) has introduced S. Res 99 to prevent the Senate from ratifying the CRC . . .

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MN: Inver Grove Heights, Blaine charter school TiZA and ACLU tussle over trial

Louisiana: Parents protest Bishop’s revocation of corporal punishment at Catholic School

Schools Under Pressure to Spare the Rod Forever

    NY Times: “While the image of the high school principal patrolling the halls with paddle in hand is largely of the past, corporal punishment is still alive in 20 states, according to the Center for Effective Discipline, a group that tracks its use in schools around the country and advocates for its end. Most of those states are in the South, where paddling remains engrained in the social and family fabric of some communities.”

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Germany Jails Christian Parents Over Sex Education Row

Incarcerated parents’ treatment ‘appalling’

Brazil law gives grandparents visitation rights

UK: Fury at equality watchdog after it calls for teachers to ask 11-year-olds if they are gay

ACLU Demands That Schools Stop Filtering LGBT Web Content

Brazilian pastor condemned to prison for spanking children, loses mind

Teachers Barred From Talking to Parents Without Permission in NYC

Germany Jails Christian Parents Over Sex Education Row

Germany Jails Christian Parents Over Sex Education Row

Colorado Supreme Court on Parents’ Getting Back Custody of Children After Voluntarily Appointing Temporary Guardians

ACLU sues Michigan DHS over father’s custody loss

Appeals seek to stop 2nd prison term for father who kept kids out of sex-ed

What went wrong with Gardasil sales?

Church Leaders, Parents Charged With Child Abuse In “Biblical Punishment” of Their Children

State Department Promises Move Toward UN Convention Rights of the Child Ratification

Homeschooled Christian Girl Court-Ordered to Public School

Canada: Free sperm donor model faces hurdles

Appeals court rules N.J. woman must adopt boy conceived through in vitro to be considered mother

German mother jailed for refusing government sex ed appeals to human rights court

Anti-homeschool decision upheld by court

Legal Periodical: Introduction to ‘Who Owns the Soul of the Child?: Religious Parenting Rights and the Enfranchisement of the Child’

AUL Says New Hampshire HB 329-FN Protects Minors & Parental Rights

NH court affirms ruling ordering girl to attend public school, says case not about religion

NH Supreme Court sidesteps critical religious liberty issue in homeschooler case

NH House passes parental notification for teen abortions

Ohio Bill to Strengthen Parental Consent on Abortion Passes

Teaching Christian morality gets parents jailed: Mom, 2 fathers latest to serve 6-week terms for opposing explicit sex e

UK: Babies with 3 parents proposed using IVF technique

Baby Joseph Maraachli Rescued from Canadian Hospita

German Mother Jailed over Children Skipping Sex Ed Class

European court asked to intervene after German mother jailed in sex ed row

Christian parents jailed

Parents Under Siege in Global Battle Against State Control of Children

German mother in prison over sex ed issue

ADF moves to have mother released from jail for keeping children from permissive German ‘sex education’ programs

Parent Jailed for Denying Kids ‘Sex Ed’ Classes

Pennsylvania court reviewing teen’s abortion case

MT: Bill would add parental control to sex education

Want to Opt-Out of Vaccinations Requirements? Explain your religion; 2 states consider legislation

SF May Ban Infant Circumcision

Parents sue Helena school district over sex indoctrination

Pharma company seeks over-the-counter Plan B access for minors

PG, other news organizations seek to unseal abortion case

PA: Teen “rights” to abortion in dispute

‘Death panels’: Canadian court rules baby’s life support removed against parents’ wishes

Taxpayers v. Public Teacher Unions: Wisconsin battle may have long term national implications

Ohio bill limits public employee unions

UK court mulls sterilizing mentally disabled woman

Shared parent rights challenged in Ohio top court

MT: Planned Parenthood Attacks the Parental Rights Amendment

Maryland to issue birth certificates naming lesbian partner as mom

Pro-family group puts pressure on European Court over notorious homeschooling case

Sweden: Social services snatch 2 girls from music class: ‘Psychological’ issues claimed while mother levels child trafficking accusation

OH: Lambda Legal argues former lesbian partner should have parental rights

Planned Parenthood’s Incoherent Response to Sex Trafficking Sting Video

Pennsylvania Supreme Court to review parental consent law after challenge

Canada: Parents of dying one-year-old fight hospital, courts to bring son home

Custody Dispute to be Decided by the New Hampshire Supreme Court

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Weighing Parental Consent Abortion Law

Legal Periodical: Naming Baby: The Constitutional Dimensions of Parental Naming Rights

    Larson, Carlton F. W., Naming Baby: The Constitutional Dimensions of Parental Naming Rights (January 25, 2011). UC Davis Legal Studies Research Paper No. 241. Available at SSRN:

    his Article provides the first comprehensive legal analysis of parents’ rights to name their own children. Currently, state laws restrict parental naming rights in a number of ways, from restrictions on particular surnames to restrictions on diacritical marks to prohibitions on obscenities, numerals, and pictograms. Yet state laws do not prohibit seemingly horrific names like “Adolf Hitler,” the name recently given to a New Jersey boy.

    This Article argues that state laws restricting parental naming rights are subject to strict scrutiny under both the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment. This Article concludes that although many restrictions are constitutional, prohibitions on diacritical marks, such as that employed by the state of California, are unconstitutional. If parents wish to name their child Lucía or José, they have a constitutional right to do so. Similarly, current laws restricting parental choice of surnames fail strict scrutiny. This Article also considers the constitutionality and desirability of statutory reforms that would address certain harmful names not prohibited by current law.

    Along the way, readers will encounter heavy metal bands with unusual umlauts, boys named Sue, the history of birth certificates, false implications of paternity, and dozens of truly awful, but very real, names given by parents to their children.

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TN: Parents, community leaders against Planned Parenthood in Knox County Schools

Monroe County, NY wants condoms in high schools