Ireland: Over two-thirds of GPs favor contraception for teens

Law Review: The Constitutionality of Teacher Certification Requirements for Home-Schooling Parents

    The Constitutionality of Teacher Certification Requirements for Home-Schooling Parents: Why the Original Rachel L. Decision was Valid
    Haley J. Conard, 2 Drexel L. Rev. 206 (2009)

    “This Note argues that, had the Court of Appeal retained its original interpretation, a requirement that parents must be certified by the state to teach their children at home would, in most circumstances, withstand a constitutional challenge. The Note first presents the two decisions of the California Court of Appeal and the reasoning behind each. The Note then examines the origins and development of parental rights over education stemming from Meyer v. Nebraska and Pierce v. Society of Sisters, arguing that these precedents grant parents less than an absolute, fundamental right to direct all aspects of their children’s education, both in traditional and home-school contexts. Further, the Note argues that challenges to certification requirements for home-schooling parents would withstand rational basis review, as the requirements are rationally related to legitimate state interests in education.”

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Maryland: “Students, ACLU Demand Harford County Schools Stop Censoring Educational Web Sites On LGBT Issues”

Home ed registration “not a good use of public money”

Oregon Jury Convicts Parents In Faith Healing Death

“German homeschoolers’ political asylum in America exposes the EU Gulag”

Judge Gives Miller 30 Days to Transfer Daughter to Former Lesbian Lover or Face Arrest

Rifqa Bary’s Parents Seek to Withdraw Settlement Consent Entered Last Week

Senate Passes “Unhealthy Youth Act” to detriment of WI youth

Eugene Volokh: Asylum in the U.S. for German Homeschoolers?

UK: “Lessons fight anti-gay prejudice in Cornwall”

Baby Isaiah Granted Another Three Weeks for Medical Assessment

Canada: “Saving Isaiah: Couple Fights Hospital for Baby’s Life

German Homeschooling Family Granted Political Asylum

Alaskans call for vote on parental consent

Florida bill would ban adoption agencies from asking about gun ownership

UK: “Schools to screen film about homophobic bullying”

GBLT community weighs in on same-sex case

Surrogate twins won’t get German visas

Runaway Christian Convert to Remain Free of Parents, Judge Rules

Alaska pro-life group submits signatures for parental notification on abortion

Law Review: Same-Sex Relationships and the Full Faith and Credit Clause

    Same-Sex Relationships and the Full Faith and Credit Clause: Reducing America to the Lowest Common Denominator
    Rena M. Lindevaldsen, 16 Wm. & Mary J. Women & L. 29 (2009)

    “This Article examines the legal and policy implications that arise when a state that expressly prohibits recognition or enforcement of any rights arising from a same-sex relationship is confronted with a request to register and enforce a child custody order issued by another state that gives custody or visitation rights to a biological mother’s former same-sex partner. As more states confer marital rights to same-sex couples, this issue will occur with increasing frequency.”

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Law Review: The Child Welfare System’s Disregard for the Constitutional Rights of Non-Offending Parents

    Vivek S. Sankaran, Parens Patriae Run Amuck: The Child Welfare System’s Disregard for the Constitutional Rights of Non-Offending Parents (October 31, 2008). Temple Law Review, Forthcoming. Available at SSRN:

    “Yet, despite these advances, juvenile courts continue to disregard the constitutional rights of nonoffending parents, individuals against whom the state has made no allegations. Nearly every state permits juvenile courts to deprive nonoffending parents of rights to their children based solely on findings or admissions of child maltreatment by the other parent. Such actions not only raise many constitutional questions, but also jeopardize children’s safety and well-being by increasing the likelihood that they will unnecessarily enter foster care and that their parents will disengage with the process. This Article proposes a policy solution that reflects the correct balance between safeguarding the constitutional rights of the nonoffending parent and preserving the flexibility of juvenile court judges to issue orders ensuring that the child’s needs are met.”

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Online threats pose risk to Rifqa

Prop 8 trial, Day 5 summary: prof says children don’t need mom, dad

“Personal focus as same-sex-marriage trial opens in California”

Surrogacy battles expose uneven legal landscape

Law Review: A Child’s Right to Compel Disclosure of His Biological Father’s Identity

Alaska: Signatures sufficient for abortion notification initiative, group says

Children key in Prop 8 trial

UK party leader says faith schools must teach homosexuality is “normal and harmless”

Dale Schowengerdt: ADF comments on first day of Federal Prop. 8 trial

“Gay couples testify as marriage case starts”

“Day 1 of high profile marriage equality trial”

Couples tell of toll from state “gay marriage” ban as Prop. 8 trial begins

“Historic Prop 8 trial opens with emotional testimony from gay couples”

Prop. 8 trial Day 1: Live coverage from the courtroom

Jennifer Lopez Down on In Vitro – So Why is IVF Contrary to Pro-Life Values

Surrogacy threatens family, sanctity of life, and the dignity of women as NJ case demonstrates

“UW Law School may assist in prayer case”

“Ex-gay” mother disappears with daughter

NY: Parents arrested for failing to register home-schooled kids

ACLU: “Miller v. Jenkins – About the Case”

Spanking makes kids perform better in school, helps them become more successful: study

New York archdiocese sued for excluding unvaccinated pre-schooler

Christian Mother Fails to Transfer Daughter to Former Lesbian Partner by Deadline

Japan: Panel eyes law for limiting parental rights to curb child abuses+

Vt. judge won’t delay transfer of child from mother to former lesbian partner

Religious Exemptions from the Duty to Provide Medical Treatment for Children

    Government Endorsement of Living on a Prayer: Religious Exemptions from the Duty to Provide Medical Treatment for Children
    Ashley Dose, 30 J. Legal Med. 515 (2009)

    “Religious exemptions from the parental duty to provide medical care implicate a wide variety of legal issues, but this article focuses exclusively on the Religion Clauses of the First Amendment. First, the exemptions are not mandated by the Free Exercise Clause because the Supreme Court has stated that the free exercise of religion does not include a right to martyr one’s children. Second, the exemptions are not a permissible accommodation of religion under the Establishment Clause. The statutes are divided into two categories for purposes of the Establishment Clause analysis: those that grant an exemption only to recognized religions and those that treat all religions uniformly. The statutes that prefer recognized religions over nonrecognized religions clearly violate the Establishment Clause under the Supreme Court’s holding in Larson v. Valente. The statutes that treat all religions uniformly are a much closer call, and could go either way depending on which standard of analysis is employed.”

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U.S. Supreme Court asks TX Solicitor General to weigh in on parental rights case

Can Unwed Fathers Block Adoptions? Navigating a Tricky Legal Terrain

    Joanna L. Grossman writes at Findlaw: “Unwed fathers in most states do not have the same rights as unwed mothers vis-à-vis their children. Their parental rights turn not just on biology, but also on whether they have carried out the obligations of fatherhood and, in some situations, whether they have complied with technical legal requirements necessary to establish their status. The Nebraska case, In re Corbin J., reveals the limitations of this approach to determining legal fatherhood.”

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Home school parents face losing son to state

Court endorses “kidnapping” of 7-year-old

Feminist Fundamentalism on the Frontier Between Government and Family Responsibility for Children

Study: “Teens understand emergency-contraception labels”

Ireland: Contraception proposal for teens sparks controversy

“Rifqa Bary in contempt of court?”

Texas to destroy baby blood taken without consent

Swedish government seizes child from home-schooling family

Iowa: Grandparents fight for rights

SC: Court Refuses To Dismiss Challenge To Graded Released Time Religious Course

Ohio: Child Support Fight Over Home Schooling and Catholic Beliefs Back In Appeals Court

“School District Seeks Gag Order to Limit Media Access in Pregnancy Test Case”

Rifqa Bary’s Parents Ask Court to Order Bary’s Lawyers Not To Give Her Messages from Third Parties

Protecting the Children, But at What Cost? Emergency Removal and Religious Communities–Putting Eldorado on the Map

Custody Battle Between Lesbian-Turned-Christian, Ex-Partner Reaches Va. Appeals Court

Uncertain laws on surrogates leave custody at issue

Germany Jails Eight Christian Fathers for Removing Children from Sex-Ed Class

PA: House bills attacking your children’s education

Spanish gov’t to change abortion bill

Spain: Bishops call for respect parents’ rights to educate children

Milwaukee School Board proposal to offer free condoms to students

Illinois: Babysitter’s Custody Win May Be Short-Lived

New Hampshire Supreme Court agrees to hear homeschool case of 10 year old ordered to public school