Court says parents who lost custody have only limited control over child’s religious upbringing

Alaska Supreme Court to consider whether parents need to know when child seeks abortion

Belgium passes ‘right to die’ euthanasia law for children | Christian Post

What Belgium’s child euthanasia law means for America and the Constitution

Louisiana: “Same-sex couple clear adoption hurdle”

Belgian lawmakers extend euthanasia to children

Belgium to allow children to kill themselves

Della Wolf is British Columbia’s 1st child with 3 parents on birth certificate

Belgian lawmakers clash over “child euthanasia” bill

“Idaho Supreme Court sides with Boise lesbian couple in adoption case”

AZ: Legislation would add hurdle for divorced parents who have custody of their kids to move

Oregon: Abortion notification bill clears committee

Ontario court orders children from Jewish sect back to foster care

Second Circuit to hear same-sex custody case in Conn.

Muslim couple arrested in Sweden for “smacking son when he refused to pray”

Judge rules Kansas sperm donor owes child support to same-sex couple

Ultrasounds, surrogacy on Kan. legislative committee’s agenda

Chile: Parental notification required for distribution of morning-after abortion pill

ADF to 3rd Circuit: Counseling is protected free speech

Rabbis to court: Mother refusing to circumcise son will cause him ‘serious psychological damage’

Congressional Leaders Continue To Show Support For Educational Choice

Hawaii Supreme Court: Parents Have Right to Attorney in Child Welfare Cases

TX: Judge Removes Children Illegally

How Judicial Bypass Illegitimizes Abortion’s Parental Consent Laws

Hospital Releases Jahi McMath to Family After Threatening to Remove Her Life Support

UK: Smacking should be banned, says Children’s Commissioner

2013 Favs: The War on Girls: Sterilize Your Teen-Aged Daughter for Free (and without your consent) | Patheos

NY: The Latest Assault on Liberty: Counselor Coercion

“Lesbian couple in New Orleans celebrate Christmas as the parents of quintuplets”

NPR Poll Shows Americans Don’t Want Teens Buying Morning After Poll

Pro-abortion Congresswoman introduces resolution urging states to ban sexual orientation therapy | Life Site News

Ohio Democrat: Investigate Every Homeschool Parent

Atty. Hopes Ohio Amish Family Can Return Home Soon

Planned Parenthood Tries to Keep Montana Parents in the Dark on Their Daughter’s Abortion

Scientist create ‘robotic sperm’ to help with fertilisation and drug delivery

Guardian For Amish Girl’s Medical Decisions Seeking To Withdraw

“Congresswoman Speier Calls Again for End to LGBT Conversion Quackery”

What’s Love Got To Do With It? | Kellie Fiedorek at Alliance Defending Freedom

Grandparent visitation case appealed to ND Supreme Court

UK: Child taken from womb by social services

Israeli State Rabbinical Court Fines Mother For Refusing To Have Son Circumcised

“Sixth Graders Polled On Gay Marriage, Abortion And Gun Control”

Pathways: Thanksgiving events, ‘Surviving the Holidays’ and more | News-Sentinel

Parents make good school choices, study says

When Government Keeps Teens from Seeing the Therapist | Robert Carle at Public Discourse

Are We Entering “A Brave New World”? | Nathan Cherry at Engage Family Minute

Conservative parents, left wing children | Dennis Prager at Human Events

Liberty Counsel Files Suit on Behalf of Family Against New Jersey Change Therapy Ban

Former IVF baby warns of “three parent” IVF dangers

UN Freedom Of Religion Official Recommends Controversial Sex Ed

Mesa boy’s parents sue state to allow him to be medicated with cannabis oil drops

Lawsuit challenges Wisconsin’s ‘cocaine mom’ law

Breastfeeding Mo. Mother Charged With Contempt

Scotland: School allows boy to dress as a girl – against mum’s wishes

Should We Be Allowed to Choose the Sexual Orientation of Our Children?

    Pacific Standard: In a New York magazine piece, “The Science of Gaydar,” writer David France looks at the growing scientific evidence for innate differences between gay and straight people. France ends by gazing toward the future, and asks the question, “What if prenatal tests were able to show a predisposition to gayness?” Well, France reports, “[Northwestern University psychological professor] Michael Bailey, for one, isn’t troubled by the moral implications any more than he would oppose fetal screens for potential birth defects, though he quickly adds his personal belief that homosexuality is ‘a good’ on par with heterosexuality.”

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Neglecting a Child in the Name of Children | Ken Connelly at Christian Post

Bishops’ Pro-Life Expert: Reg Would Force Parents to Pay For Daughters to Get Sterilization-Contraception-Abortifacient Counselling

Kids in California can now legally have three parents

GM babies plan is ‘eugenics’, say European politicians

Cal. Appeals Court: Spanking improperly labeled child abuse

When the bizarre is commonplace | Robert Knight at Washington Times

Jerry Brown signs California bill allowing more than two parents

Ohio hospital can force Amish girl to resume chemotherapy, court rules

Nebraska High Court: 16 Year Old Too Immature To Consent To Abortion, Despite Fear of Religious Foster Parents’ Reaction

Surrogate mother can argue for parental rights, Nevada Supreme Court rules

The Brave New World of Three-Parent Babies

Scotland: “Call for right to remove kids from gay marriage lessons”

German homeschooling family reunited – as long as they promise to attend state schools

Prosecutor Wants Jail For Homeschooling Parents | WND

France moves to ban child beauty pageants

State-Sponsored Kidnapping and Jail for Homeschoolers in Germany | HSLDA

    Donnelly said that a dozen lawyers from all over Europe gathered in Frankfurt to discuss other means for bringing attention to the problems faced by homeschoolers. Roger Kiska, Alliance Defending Freedom’s senior European counsel was among the attorneys gathered.

    HSLDA: “The right of parents to homeschool should be respected and ADF is committed to working along with HSLDA and others to protect this important freedom from being marginalized. We have a variety of international tribunals we can look to besides the European Court of Human Rights which has been very antagonistic to homeschoolers and parental rights in general,” he said. “The act of these local authorities to take the Wunderlich children is unconscionable and those responsible must be held to account.” Donnelly was encouraged by the growing group of supporters for homeschooling freedom in Germany, including attorneys and family advocates from all over Europe, such as Andrea Williams from Christian Concern of the United Kingdom, Viktor Kostov of Bulgaria, and Vasillios Tsirmpas of Greece, both attorneys affiliated with Alliance Defending Freedom.

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Tenn. Judge: Parents Can Name Their Baby ‘Messiah’