Grandparent visitation case appealed to ND Supreme Court

UK: Child taken from womb by social services

Israeli State Rabbinical Court Fines Mother For Refusing To Have Son Circumcised

“Sixth Graders Polled On Gay Marriage, Abortion And Gun Control”

Pathways: Thanksgiving events, ‘Surviving the Holidays’ and more | News-Sentinel

Parents make good school choices, study says

When Government Keeps Teens from Seeing the Therapist | Robert Carle at Public Discourse

Are We Entering “A Brave New World”? | Nathan Cherry at Engage Family Minute

Conservative parents, left wing children | Dennis Prager at Human Events

Liberty Counsel Files Suit on Behalf of Family Against New Jersey Change Therapy Ban

Former IVF baby warns of “three parent” IVF dangers

UN Freedom Of Religion Official Recommends Controversial Sex Ed

Mesa boy’s parents sue state to allow him to be medicated with cannabis oil drops

Lawsuit challenges Wisconsin’s ‘cocaine mom’ law

Breastfeeding Mo. Mother Charged With Contempt

Scotland: School allows boy to dress as a girl – against mum’s wishes

Should We Be Allowed to Choose the Sexual Orientation of Our Children?

    Pacific Standard: In a New York magazine piece, “The Science of Gaydar,” writer David France looks at the growing scientific evidence for innate differences between gay and straight people. France ends by gazing toward the future, and asks the question, “What if prenatal tests were able to show a predisposition to gayness?” Well, France reports, “[Northwestern University psychological professor] Michael Bailey, for one, isn’t troubled by the moral implications any more than he would oppose fetal screens for potential birth defects, though he quickly adds his personal belief that homosexuality is ‘a good’ on par with heterosexuality.”

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Bishops’ Pro-Life Expert: Reg Would Force Parents to Pay For Daughters to Get Sterilization-Contraception-Abortifacient Counselling

Kids in California can now legally have three parents

GM babies plan is ‘eugenics’, say European politicians

Cal. Appeals Court: Spanking improperly labeled child abuse

When the bizarre is commonplace | Robert Knight at Washington Times

Jerry Brown signs California bill allowing more than two parents

Ohio hospital can force Amish girl to resume chemotherapy, court rules

Nebraska High Court: 16 Year Old Too Immature To Consent To Abortion, Despite Fear of Religious Foster Parents’ Reaction

Surrogate mother can argue for parental rights, Nevada Supreme Court rules

The Brave New World of Three-Parent Babies

Scotland: “Call for right to remove kids from gay marriage lessons”

German homeschooling family reunited – as long as they promise to attend state schools

Prosecutor Wants Jail For Homeschooling Parents | WND

France moves to ban child beauty pageants

State-Sponsored Kidnapping and Jail for Homeschoolers in Germany | HSLDA

Tenn. Judge: Parents Can Name Their Baby ‘Messiah’

“Pa. Lawmakers To Target Gay ‘Conversion’ Therapy”

UK Decision to Allow Creation of Three-Parent Human Embryos is Problematic

“Alabama Supreme Court ruling isolates grandparents, deals blow to children’s rights”

German Christian sect raided and children put in care for spanking

Swedish family hit with huge fine for homeschooling their child

Germany: Homeschooled children seized in shocking raid

OH: Guardian For Medical Decisions of Amish Child Can Be Appointed Even If Parents Are Not Unfit

Court Sides With Ohio Hospital On Amish Girl Care

“Gay couples to sue Neb. to become foster parents”

ND grandparents sue to visit their grandchildren

Pa. Supreme Court to take on kindergarten attendance case

Gov. Chris Christie Torpedoes Future Presidential Bid And Harms Children To Boot | Liberty Counsel

‘Gay’ lawmaker to Christians: ‘We’ll take your children’

Via Surrogacy, Some Men Opt To Become Single Dads

3 NYS Dems Want to Follow NJ GOP Gov. Chris Christie In Banning Conversion Therapy

To Oklahoma’s American Indian tribes, Veronica is a battle cry for cultures

Gov. Christie Harms New Jersey Children By Signing Change Therapy Ban. Liberty Counsel Will File Suit.

WI: Complaint Filed On Judge Who Changed Baby’s Name, Cited Jesus

Judges OK 75% of Waivers for Arizona Teens to Get Abortions Without Parental Consent

‘Sinister’ state guardian plan for every Scots child

Lesbian couple must recognise biological father’s rights, French court says

What Are the Rights of Donor-Conceived People?

Malaysia court quashes Hindu kids’ conversion to Islam

Public schools can be fixed by ending compulsory attendance law

NY: Ready Access to Plan B Pills in City Schools without Parental Consent

Parenting Columnist Targeted By Ky. Board Sues

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rejects “Mature Minor” Doctrine For Religious Objections To Medical Treatment

Is a Sperm Donor Ever a Dad? Time-Honored Answer in Jeopardy in California

    Harvard Law Bill of Health Blog: hould a man who donates his sperm to a woman so that she can have a child through medically assisted reproduction later be able to claim parental rights to any resulting child? Would your answer change if the man and woman had an on-again off-again romantic relationship in which they tried for years to conceive “the old-fashion way” before turning to assisted reproductive technologies (ART)? How about if the couple briefly reconciled after the child was born during which time the man grew increasingly attached to his biological son? These are the questions now wending their way through the California judicial and legislative systems.

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UK government backs three-person IVF

Children, parents, families & tribes: SCOTUS and the troubling state of the nation | Richard Garnett at Mirror of Justice

Michigan Cmte OKs Bill to Help Stop Secret Abortions on Teen Girls

Is Forced Fatherhood Fair? | Laurie Shrage at NYT

Constitutional Amendment Introduced to Protect Children, Parents

Court Behavior In Homeschool Fight ‘unconscionable’ | World Net Daily

Planned Parenthood: ‘probably won’t’ have to report 14-year-old pregnant by 21-year-old boyfriend

Emergency contraception and discrimination – does it exist? | Kristi Burton Brown at LiveActionNews

    Kristi Burton Brown at LiveActionNews: Obviously, with the wake of the Obama administration’s new position on emergency contraception, Weintraub would probably find her complaints satisfied. However, it’s worth discussing – and debunking – a few of her arguments, as they will continue to be made against anyone else who opposes emergency contraception being made freely available to our kids . . . Kristi Burton Brown is a pro-life attorney, volunteering for Life Legal Defense Foundation and also as an allied attorney for Alliance Defending Freedom. She enjoys being a stay-at-home mom, and is married to the amazing David Brown. Together, they have the cutest two kiddos in the world! Kristi loves her Savior, Jesus Christ, speaking out for the truth, reading historical fiction, scrapbooking, politics, and cooking.

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Swedish Supremes Unmoved by Unprecedented Contact in Homeschool Case | HSLDA