Irish Children’s Rights Referendum passes with massive support from government, leftist groups

A Little Girl Called ‘M.C.’: The Collateral Damage from Same-Sex Marriage | Jennifer Roback Morse at the Ruth Institute

    Jennifer Roback Morse at the Ruth Institute: The policy proposal known as “same-sex marriage” is actually a proposal to redefine marriage. Instead of being a gender-based institution oriented toward the procreation of children and the good of the spouses, what is called “same-sex marriage” makes marriage into a genderless institution, oriented toward the good of adults only. Any possible negative consequences for children, according to this way of thinking, are not worth considering. We, and the children themselves, must simply accept any negative outcomes as collateral damage on the road to the nirvana of “marriage equality.”

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NV: Judge Rules Against Forcing Mentally Disabled Woman’s Abortion

ACLU sues Davis School District over removal of book about family with same-sex parents

‘End this pregnancy and tie her tubes,’ says doctor in forced abortion trial: transcript

NJ Supreme Court: Infertile men, women not treated same

Irish Referendum On More State Control Over Children Appears To Pass

What’s Next For Marriage After Tuesday’s Vote? | Ken Klukowski at Breitbart

Ireland voters approve children’s rights amendment

Ireland poised to surrender parental rights

Leading Canadian newspaper calls for HPV vaccinations at Catholic schools

Nevada Supreme Court Allows Hearings In Abortion Case

MT voters approve parental consent law | Alliance Defending Freedom

Montana Approves Measure for Parental Notification on Abortion

N.Y. Court Denies Parents’ Request to Change Last Name of Children

Ballot Votes to Watch

UK Catholic Care loses five-year legal battle over homosexual adoption

NV: Court Will Hear Emergency Appeal to Stop Potential Forced Abortion

NV State Supreme Court must decide, ‘Who’s your Mama?’

Nevada Judge Seeks Go-ahead In Abortion Case

Report on Intolerance Against Christians Submitted to UN Human Rights Commission

Court May Force Mentally Disabled Nevada Woman to Have Abortion

Iowa man charged with felony for biting stepchild to stop her from biting

Germany: Crack Appears In Opposition To Homeschoolers

UK: Schoolgirls, 13, given birth control jabs during lunch

NJ Supreme Court: A woman with no genetic connection to baby is not the mother unless she adopts

Agencies Work To Unite Foster, Biological Parents

Free to choose but liable for the consequences: should non-vaccinators be penalized for the harm they do? | J. Law Med. Ethics

    Caplan AL, Hoke D, Diamond NJ, Karshenboyem V., J Law Med Ethics. 2012 Sep;40(3):606-11. doi: 10.1111/j.1748-720X.2012.00693.x.

    Can parents who choose not to vaccinate their children be held legally liable for any harm that results? The state of laboratory and epidemiological understanding of a disease such as measles makes it likely that a persuasive causal link can be established between a decision to not vaccinate, a failure to take appropriate precautions to isolate a non-vaccinated child who may have been exposed to measles from highly vulnerable persons, and a death. This paper argues that, even if a parent chooses to not vaccinate a child under a state law permitting exemptions, that decision does not create complete protection against liability for the adverse consequences of that choice.

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Pro-Lifers: Pay Attention to These Key Ballot Measures

CA: Parents fear school yoga program teaching religion, consider legal action

9th Circuit: Sentencing restrictions on contact with one’s children require enhanced procedural review

Swedish Appeals Court Permits Home Schooling Of Chabad Children

Irish ‘Children’s Rights’ referendum poses major threat to families/parents, say critics

Scotland: Girls, 13, given morning-after pill without parents’ knowledge

2nd Circuit Upholds Denial of Vaccination Exemption

Lots Of Children, But No Fathers Or Mothers | Alan Sears at Townhall

Alaska Parental Notice Upheld, Minors Protected After 15-Year Fight

SC couple appeals custody case to US Supreme Court

Former lesbian partner awarded custody accuses Christians of rackateering, kidnapping

Calif. Gov. Vetoes Unconventional Multi-Parent Bill

German Judge: Homeschooling “Damages” Kids; Parents Lose Custody of Children for Sake of “Integration”

Billboard Campaign Exposes How Abortion Replaces Fathers

Liberty Counsel to File Suit Against California’s Ban on Change Therapy

Lesbian custody dispute gets messy in wake of novel Florida rulings

Sneak Attempt To Pass UN Treaty Thwarted

Delaware outlaws spanking by parents

Wales considers forced registration for home schoolers

Obamacare “tramples parental rights” | Acton Institute

Column Claims Sex-Selection Abortion is a “Parental Right”

Parents not told NYC schools dispensing morning-after pill

Thomas More Society at Illinois Supreme Court: Seeking to Intervene in ACLU Lawsuit Attempting to Declare Illinois Parental Notice of Abortion Act of 1995 Unconstitutional

Kansas Board of Education Leaves Homeschool Regulation off Its Agenda

    HSLDA: Despite an earlier threat to discuss new legislation to create homeschool regulations, we are happy to report that the Kansas State Board of Education’s agenda for its coming September 18–19 meeting contains no reference whatsoever to homeschooling or private schools. This saga began on Tuesday, August 14. The Lawrence Journal-World reported Board Chairman David Dennis as saying that perhaps the board should propose legislation to increase state reporting requirements for homeschoolers to ensure that children are being taught. The board agreed to discuss the issue further at its September meeting.

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UK: Scientists Moving Forward With Making Three-Parent Embryos

The Frivolity Of The European Human Rights Court

Bishop stands firm against STD vaccine in Catholic schools despite lawsuit threat

Ontario: Christian dad fighting for parental rights smeared in local press

Push to Add Charter Schools Hangs Over Chicago Teachers’ Strike

Parents Liable for Not Vaccinating Children?

    Deanne Katz at Findlaw: More parents than ever are not vaccinating their children against common childhood diseases, citing both religious and medical reasons. But that choice not to vaccinate could make those parents liable if their unvaccinated child makes someone else sick. This may sound like a remote possibility but there is already a relevant law on the books.

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Ben Bull: Children’s “Rights” That End the Lives of Children

Why California’s Three-Parent Law Was Inevitable | Jennifer Roback Morse

Private School Vaccine Opt-outs Rise

    AP: Parents cite a variety of reasons for not immunizing their children, among them: religious values, concerns the shots themselves could cause illness and a belief that allowing children to get sick helps them to build a stronger immune system. Likewise, there’s no single explanation that accounts for why so many more parents who send their children to private schools apparently share a suspicion of immunizations.

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Surrogacy: Motherhood Now on Trial | Harold Cassidy

“For lesbian couples, deciding who bears the children is complicated” | Detroit Free Press

Canadian Medical Association calls for spanking ban

NJ Lawmaker Announces Effort To Ban Controversial Practice Of “Conversion Therapy” For Minors

Liberty Counsel promises suit over Cal. Reparative Therapy Ban

New Mexico Clarifies Vaccination Exemption Covers Only Religious, Not Philosophical, Objections

Minn. Coach’s Child Porn Case Tests Investigators

Mom fights Texas hospital’s removal of food and water from 12-year-old son