Kirsten Powers is an antiabortion, antiwar evangelical liberal who works for Fox News. Got a problem with that?

Religion and politics: Do the ‘nones’ have it?

In overheard interview, Jeb Bush mocks Hillary Clinton, opposes gay marriage

In the real world, not Hollywood, the left is close-minded, and the right allows dissent

Dana Milbank is so dishonest, interviewees have to post their email correspondence to correct record

Red State Families: Better than we knew

GOP’s same-sex marriage trap

Cruz, Lee move to defend marriage and religious liberty

The thrill of political hating

Obama’s reformation: He urged–and then forced–a conversation about religion and democracy

    The Weekly Standard: Well, if a decade ago America lacked “serious debate” on how to reconcile faith with democracy (or, one might add, on how to reconcile democracy with faith), then Obama surely has spent the intervening years doing everything possible to force what he might call a “national conversation.” That conversation is not just about faith and democracy, but also about the non-democratic parts of our government, the administrative agencies promulgating new laws and the courts creating new civil rights, which in turn collide with religious freedom, raising questions our country is only beginning to grapple with.

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Gay-marriage conservatives?

Republican candidates who go wobbly on marriage deserve to lose

    The Stream: Public opinion on same-sex “marriage” has shifted so quickly that major Democratic candidates for president in 2008 still had to pretend to believe in man-woman marriage (that is, “marriage”). It was only after Joe Biden gave the game away that President Obama officially endorsed same-sex marriage as soon as he did — in May 2012. By that time, a majority of Americans were just starting to tell pollsters they agreed. Now, a mere three years later, only the most stout-hearted public figures can make the man-woman marriage argument that Barack Obama was still making in April 2012.

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Pro-abortion EMILY’s List announces top 2016 targets

I’m a liberal professor, and my liberal students terrify me

Rubio’s warning on faith wasn’t a gaffe

Justice Alito’s son quits Gibson Dunn for capitol hill job

Illinois Democrat Dan Lipinski stands for life, and his party one day soon may leave him standing alone

Religious groups waiting for action by De Blasio on use of empty schools

The power elite

National Review: For gay marriage and against Christian teaching

    Denny Burk: The National Review is a leading journal of conservative opinion. It should not be lost on us that many conservatives are eager to shed the albatross of traditional marriage. They view it as a political loser. Younger conservatives can hardly comprehend any reason to oppose gay marriage. At this point, the Republican party is divided on the issue with traditional social conservatives being the only ones holding the line. Those social conservatives have always been viewed as a key part of the Republican coalition. For the time being, they still are. But how long will that last? That a leading journal of conservative opinion would publish an article like this tells us something about the future of political conservatism in America.

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Ted Cruz courts conservative pastors at private gathering

Jeb Bush to Brody File: There is no Constitutional right to gay marriage

Jeb Bush takes tougher stance against same-sex marriage

Q+A: Talking to Jeb Bush about religious freedom at liberty

Hillary Clinton slams House for passing bill to protect babies from late-term abortions

Jeb Bush’s eloquent defense of Christianity

Report: Liberals dominate commencement speeches by 9-1 margin

Allegation of political campaigning by Plymouth Brethren Christian Church

Today in Politics: Jeb Bush heads to Liberty University to court a wary crowd

Candidates fight over abortion, but public has surprising level of harmony

Five faith facts about Mike Huckabee, Southern Baptist pastor-turned-politician

These thirteen Republicans case pro-abortion votes last night

UKIP states support for religious freedom

Will Clinton protect the 501(c)(3) status of religious groups?

    The Pulse: Last week, I wrote about Hillary Clinton’s disturbing assertion that her agenda for America and the world includes changing the “deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases” that stand in the way of “reproductive rights” (translation: abortion on demand). I suggested that Republican presidential candidates need to be asking Mrs. Clinton and her supporters to tell us exactly what actions they intend to take to change the religious beliefs of American people on this issue and others that conflict with her radical governing vision.

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What the White House’s opposition to “conversion therapy” means

Muting friends’ political views on Facebook is as easy as clicking ‘unfollow’

GOP candidates dial up evangelical fears at Iowa forum

The rules of tolerance: you must bake for same-sex weddings; you must not host a Ted Cruz event

No retreat, baby, no surrender

Are liberals finally rallying to save liberty?

The unborn have feet, lets … but no rights?

Cruz to pastors: ‘Uphold sacrament of marriage’

Tory candidate calls same-sex marriage opponents ‘bigots’

Bobby Jindal: I’m holding firm against same-sex marriage

Nigerian churches engage actively in national electoral process

To move beyond abortion stalemate, reporters must ask tough questions

Rubio: “Same-sex marriage is not a Constitutional right”

Republican candidates say whether they’d attend same-sex wedding ceremonies

    The Atlantic: For two other candidates, the question isn’t hypothetical. Scott Walker opposes same-sex marriage, but he attended the reception of a family member’s wedding—though not the ceremony. John Kasich also opposes marriage equality, but he has plans to attend one soon. The Ohio governor’s explanation is straightforward: “My friend knows how I feel about the issue, but I’m not here to have a war with him. I care about my friend, and so it’s pretty simple for me.”

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Fear and loathing in American politics

Cameron and Miliband back religious freedom

Guest Commentary: In defense of not hosting Log Cabin Republicans

In the wake of the Gosnell scandal, lawmakers have serious concerns about nominee

Abortion opponents go on offense

Five Democrat abortion policies more extreme than killing 7-pound babies

Same-sex weddings: What would Rick Santorum do?

“Conservative’ judicial activism for same-sex marriage: With amici like these, who needs enemies?

Democratic National Committee Chair avoids answering when she believes life begins and whether aborting a seven-pound baby is okay

Bill de Blasio – An unlikely ally of religion in New York City

Civil organizations condemn ‘ideological dictatorship’ against life and family at Panama summit

Sotomayor: Don’t blame the Justices for politicization of Supreme Court

The real religious freedom fight is about to begin — in Louisiana

Rand Paul turns the typical question on abortion exceptions around

    Life News: The media always pound pro-life Republican candidates like presidential hopeful Rand Paul with questions about exceptions in an attempt to make pro-life candidates appear as if they are unsympathetic about women victimized by rape because they don’ think killing the baby is the appropriate response. Reporters almost never ask pro-abortion Democrats hard-hitting questions about why they support late-term abortions, for example.

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Ohio insists it can censor pro-life campaign ads

Cyberbullying is wrong – but so is adultery

Iowa pastors play influential role in presidential race

Should religious organizations be allowed to worship in schools? NYC mayor reconsiders city’s policy

Church-state group wants IRS investigation of Cruz Liberty University speech

Any liberals for religious freedom?

Supreme Court refuses to hear case involving worship in NYC public schools