“If Your Child Is Gay? Senator Portman’s ‘change of heart’ raises many questions.” | Dennis Prager at NRO

“Huckabee: Evangelicals Will Walk if GOP Backs Gay Marriage” | Newsmax

    Newsmax: “They might. And if they do, they’re going to lose a large part of their base because evangelicals will take a walk,” he responds. “And it’s not because there’s an anti-homosexual mood, and nobody’s homophobic that I know of, but many of us, and I consider myself included, base our standards not on the latest Washington Post poll, but on an objective standard, not a subjective standard.

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After Controversy, Rand Paul Clarifies He’s 100% Pro-Life on Abortion

Eastern Michigan U. sued over exhibit funding | 9and10news (AP)

Is the GOP Caving on Defense of Marriage? The Media Narrative

EMU sued over denial of funds for anti-abortion display | Desert Sun

GOP Divided on Social Conservatism: Can the party remain viable? | David Limbaugh at Newsmax

University Calls Pro-Life Display Too Controversial, Faces Lawsuit | LifeNews

“Conservatives Don’t Just Oppose Gay ‘Marriage,’ They Strongly Oppose It” | Tony Perkins at CNSNews

“Boehner: Gay marriage is not marriage”

Pro-life display too ‘controversial’ for EMU | Alliance Defending Freedom

Abandoning marriage would create a real ‘autopsy’ report, GOP pro-family leaders say

“Gay marriage fraught with danger for 2016 Republican presidential field”

No more Stephanopoulos? RNC wants role in picking 2016 primary debate moderators

Senator Portman’s Homosexual Descent

Virginia: Dems blast comparison of slavery, abortion

Islamist plot to assassinate far-right German politician foiled

Susan B. Anthony List Criticizes RNC Reboot

“Gay Marriage Gains Ground: Support for same-sex marriage crosses party lines.” | Michael Barone at NRO

Hillary Clinton Announces Support For Marriage Redefinition

RNC rolls out controversial roadmap, firestorm brewing on marriage and other issues . . .

    AP on Google: “The idea that a major political party must accept the practice of homosexuality as normal so as to remain relevant will prove the contrary and lead to disaster,” said John Horvat II, a Catholic scholar. And Jenny Beth Martin, national coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots, faulted Washington GOP establishment leaders for the November losses, saying they strayed from the conservative message. “Americans and those in the tea party movement don’t need an ‘autopsy’ report from RNC to know they failed to promote our principles and lost because of it,” she said.

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The GOP’s Loser Caucus supports endorses gay ‘marriage’ | Ben Johnson at LifeSiteNews

McConnell Vows To Repeal Obama Health Care Law

A History Lesson From Clarence Thomas: Correcting a liberal smear about the conservative Supreme Court justice.

SCOTUS Argument preview: Election integrity, or voter suppression?

Ohio GOP Senator Rob Portman supports marriage redefinition, but still opposes judicial redefinition

“Republicans for Gay Marriage? One GOP pollster thinks it’s all but inevitable.” | Daniel Foster at NRO

Republicans grapple over how to deal with healthcare reform

The states with the highest and lowest turnout in 2012, in 2 charts

    Washington Post: Which is why we were very excited to see a new and comprehensive study from Nonprofit Vote, a nonpartisan origination that works with nonprofits to encourage voter participation. The study, which you can read in its entirety on the group’s Web site, includes a breakdown of 2012 turnout rates in all 50 states and the District. The percentages were calculated by dividing the number of ballots cast by the voting eligible population.

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Belgium proposes limiting influence of Islamic political party

“CPAC sponsor to host pro-gay panel”

Obama’s Judicial Payback: Republicans adopt filibuster tactics that Democrats pioneered

FLASHBACK: Changing demographics in Colorado contributes to Democrats win

UK: Membership falls 35% at local Tory group over effort to redefine marriage

Germany: “Rogue Conservatives Mull Pro-Gay Petition”

Obama’s support for same-sex marriage is on the wrong side of history | Frank Kacer at Washington Tiems

Phyllis Schlafly urges RNC to reaffirm opposition to marriage redefinition

Quinnipiac Poll: “Plurality of Americans supports same sex marriage, 47-43″

On abortion, Democrats have left the big tent

    Luis Viera at Miami Herald: For many, this was part of Gov. Cuomo’s move to appeal to more Democratic primary voters for a 2016 presidential run. The question must arise: If this is what a Democrat in 2013 must do to appeal to the base, what does this say about the state of the Democratic Party on abortion? Indeed, in the last few years, there has been a troubling Democratic leftward shift on abortion. As early as 2004, Democrats realized that a far-left position on abortion alienated voters. In 2000, the platform acknowledged the diversity of Democratic opinion on abortion. After his disappointing 2004 presidential loss, Sen. John Kerry, a Roman Catholic, acknowledged that his perceived liberal position on abortion undermined his standing with voters.

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Mass. Democrats Fault GOP’s Sullivan On Marriage

It’s time to overturn DOMA | Bill Clinton at Washington Post

Justice Kennedy Notes Power Shift To High Court

The Pastor, the Pulpit, and Politics | Faith and Liberty Talkshow at Ohio Christian U.

Widdecombe: PM must listen to party over marriage

Obama’s acrobatics on homosexual ‘marriage’ | Peter Sprigg at Washington Times

Israel May Have Coalition Government That Dramatically Changes Current Religion-State Arrangements

Marriage fight brewing inside GOP

Chicago: ‘Our values being attacked’ — audience questions bill to redefine marriage

Germany: Conservatives reconsider stance on marriage

“‘Crisis’ for Cameron as gay marriage row aids Tory defeat”

Has the Bell Begun to Toll for China? | Pat Buchanan at Townhall

Texas Judges Must Face Voters Without Heeding Politics

Five candidates qualify for Massachusetts Senate primaries

“‘No mandate’: More Tories quit over gay marriage”

Clint Eastwood signs brief supporting marriage redefinition

Democrats complain about presence of debt clock on Capitol Hill [VIDEO]

Party leader’s rebellion over marriage definition rocks Illinois GOP

UK: “Top lawyer: politicians scared to say marriage is important”

Jindal reaffirms traditional marriage position

Fmr. Congressman appeals lawsuit blaming pro-life group for election defeat

PM’s local Tory chairman quits over push to redefine marriage

MN: Marriage group will ‘take out’ GOPers who support same-sex unions

NY: All the Governor’s priorities

Colorado Springs Evangelicals | PBS

Why America’s abortion debate is murkier and more complex than ever

GOP Minnesota legislator preparing to co-sponsor bill to redefine marriage

Human Brain Scans Can Predict Your Political Ideology

    Discovery.com: The study, which examined the brain activity of 35 men and 47 women registered as either Democrat or Republican, found no difference in the amount of risk people of each political persuasion were willing to take on during a gambling game. But the way the brain processed risk worked differently between the groups, with Republicans showing more activity in an area linked with reward, fear and risky decisions and Democrats showing more activity in a spot related to processing emotion and internal body cues.

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Supreme Court to hear case on campaign donation limits

American Federation For Children Executive Counsel Kevin P. Chavous Responds To President Obama’s Decatur, Georgia Speech

Cuomo: Abortion bill inseparable from women’s rights package

Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Attacks Cuccinelli in Virginia

Iowa GOP lawmakers say marriage not priority given Gronstal Senate blockade

Iowa Senate race sets up GOP establishment vs. grassroots test

    The HIll: Iowa’s 2014 Senate race is fast becoming an early battleground in the Republican family feud over recruiting “electable” candidates, with an early GOP front-runner scoffing Tuesday at suggestions he wouldn’t survive a general election.

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