Party leader’s rebellion over marriage definition rocks Illinois GOP

UK: “Top lawyer: politicians scared to say marriage is important”

Jindal reaffirms traditional marriage position

Fmr. Congressman appeals lawsuit blaming pro-life group for election defeat

PM’s local Tory chairman quits over push to redefine marriage

MN: Marriage group will ‘take out’ GOPers who support same-sex unions

NY: All the Governor’s priorities

Colorado Springs Evangelicals | PBS

Why America’s abortion debate is murkier and more complex than ever

GOP Minnesota legislator preparing to co-sponsor bill to redefine marriage

Human Brain Scans Can Predict Your Political Ideology The study, which examined the brain activity of 35 men and 47 women registered as either Democrat or Republican, found no difference in the amount of risk people of each political persuasion were willing to take on during a gambling game. But the way the brain processed risk worked differently between the groups, with Republicans showing more activity in an area linked with reward, fear and risky decisions and Democrats showing more activity in a spot related to processing emotion and internal body cues.

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Supreme Court to hear case on campaign donation limits

American Federation For Children Executive Counsel Kevin P. Chavous Responds To President Obama’s Decatur, Georgia Speech

Cuomo: Abortion bill inseparable from women’s rights package

Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Attacks Cuccinelli in Virginia

Iowa GOP lawmakers say marriage not priority given Gronstal Senate blockade

Iowa Senate race sets up GOP establishment vs. grassroots test

    The HIll: Iowa’s 2014 Senate race is fast becoming an early battleground in the Republican family feud over recruiting “electable” candidates, with an early GOP front-runner scoffing Tuesday at suggestions he wouldn’t survive a general election.

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GOP to back “openly gay”, pro-abortion candidate for LA mayor

UK: Panicked Response to ‘Conservative Grassroots’ Show Efforts to Redefine Marriage Tearing Party Apart

Top Donors to Republicans Seek More Say in Senate Races, Thwarting of Tea Party

“Will Republicans Move to the Middle on Gay Rights?” | National Journal

Former RNC Boss: GOP Risks ‘Permanent Minority’

    National Review: “The world has changed beneath us,” Gilmore says. “Shrillness and extreme language are driving away the voters who could help us build a majority. We’re not speaking to them as reasonable conservatives. Republicans have to decide if they want to govern or play ideological parlor games.” “Young people today have a more tolerant, hands-off perspective,” he says. “Their libertarian philosophy, for example, has to be taken into consideration. Yet we keep projecting anger at the gay community and the Hispanic community, even though they’re open to many of our ideas.”

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LGBT Groups Ask Unions, Civil Rights Groups For Marriage Campaign Help

OH Federal Court: Pro-Life Group Not Guilty in Defamation Suit

Embracing Marriage and the Purpose of Politics | Bob Vander Plaats at the Family Leader

Republican Party Backs De-Funding Planned Parenthood

Republicans hit obstacles to altering electoral college

Harkin won’t seek another term in Senate

Georgia Gop Sen. Chambliss Won’t Seek Re-election

WV Poll: Republican Capito has wide lead over possible challengers

Illinois: “Will gay marriage stance cost GOP chairman his job?”

    Daily Herald: A newly elected suburban state senator is rounding up fellow Illinois Republican officials to try to oust the chair of the beleaguered party over his support for legalizing same-sex marriage. Sugar Grove dairy magnate and state Sen. Jim Oberweis emailed several fellow state central committeemen several days ago about organizing a special meeting to remove Illinois GOP chairman Pat Brady of St. Charles, the Daily Herald has learned.

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Kansas’s Judicial Nominating Commission Under Fire

A Pro-Choice Surge : The Politics of Abortion Change | Ramesh Ponnuru at NRO

Why Obama Gave Hollywood a Pass | Bill Donohue

“Obama’s history-making use of the word ‘gay,’ and why it matters”

Cuomo’s extreme abortion bill creates a civil war with Democrats, Catholics

GOP weighs abortion and “gay rights” after elections

Black pro-life leaders developing new strategy to reach black community

Republicans versus the Constitution

America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution

“Republicans Divided on How to Address Gay Marriage”

Safe. Legal. Rare. Cardinal Dolan rightly challenges Gov. Cuomo to lower New York’s abortion rate | NY Daily News

Shuns of Anarchy: The Public Inauguration of a New Moral McCarthyism

Louie Giglio, the Intolerant Left and the Irreducible Offense of the Gospel | Jordan Lorence

Senate Dems: We’ll back Obama if he raises debt limit unilaterally

“Conservative pastor drops out of Obama’s inauguration because of 1990s anti-gay sermon”

Bloomberg wants to change the GOP

GOP ballot challenge request denied

If Judges Aren’t Politicians, What Are They? | Cass Sunstein at Bloomberg

The Language of Life | Gary Bauer at Human Events

    Gary Bauer at Human Events: More and more political analysts and weak-kneed politicians are advising the historically pro-life Republican Party to abandon its pro-life stance for political gain. My first response is that if you cannot trust a party on the value of defending human life, how can you trust it on issues like marginal tax rates. Still, consider this: A common but bogus attack on the GOP is that it rejects science. Notice I said bogus. Isn’t it ironic that just as science is proving the humanity of the unborn child some in the party of Lincoln are tempted to abandon the most defenseless Americans of all?

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Supreme Court refuses to hear pro-life’s group donor disclosure challenge

AZ: Secularist lobby group takes on Christian-based center

5 reasons why being Speaker of the House ain’t what it used to be

Boehner re-elected as Speaker; Nine Republicans defect in vote

Under pressure, Boehner is said to promise votes on hurricane Sandy relief

Illinois: “GOP chair urges support for same-sex marriage”

Report: $51 million spent on Montana senate race

    The Hill: Sen. Jon Tester was helped in his reelection bid by $10.2 million in spending from liberal outside groups, nearly twice as much as that spent by conservatives, according to a report from ProPublica. About $4.2 million of that was “dark money,” funds that come from organizations that are not required by law to disclose their donors.

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Will Boehner’s speakership survive until Plan C?

Bork Nomination Fight Altered Judicial Selection | AP

We’re Still Paying the Price for the Borking of Robert Bork | Jeffrey Rosen at the New Republic

“The Decline of Evangelical America” | John S. Dickerson at NYT

    John S. Dickerson at the NY Times: I believe the cultural backlash against evangelical Christianity has less to do with our views — many observant Muslims and Jews, for example, also view homosexual sex as wrong, while Catholics have been at the vanguard of the movement to protect the lives of the unborn — and more to do with our posture. The Scripture calls us “aliens and exiles” (1 Peter 2:11), but American evangelicals have not acted with the humility and homesickness of aliens. The proper response to our sexualized and hedonistic culture is not to chastise, but to “conduct yourselves honorably among the Gentiles, so that, though they malign you as evildoers, they may see your good deeds and glorify God” (1 Peter 2:12).

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Can the President Have a Marriage Agenda Without Talking About What Marriage Is?

Tim Scott to Be Named for Empty South Carolina Senate Seat, Republicans Say

The End of Birth-Control Politics: Over-the-counter sales of oral contraceptives will cut off a disingenuous attack line. | Bobby Jindal at WSJ

“Glenn Beck Pretending To Support Marriage Equality To Expand Republican Party”

GOP mute as Supreme Court tackles marriage

Teachers Unions Shut Down School Districts to Protest Right-To-Work Law

Republican Congressman Won’t Challenge Speaker John Boehner

    LifeNews: A conservative GOP congressman announced he will not challenge pro-life House Speaker John Boehner, squelching rumors that the top Republican in Washington will face a contest for his position. The office of Rep. Tom Price’s (R-GA), a pro-life lawmaker from Georgia, told conservative media outlets mid-day today that he will not seek the Speakership in an inter-party fight against Boehner.

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Kansas Rep. Huelskamp charges Boehner punished him and others for conservative votes

Conservative blog calls on GOP to depose Boehner

McConnell pushes back against super-PAC donor disclosure