Colorado governor endorses redefinition of marriage

Western U.S. Republicans to urge 10th Circuit to redefine marriage

“Compossibility” and religious liberty

NYC mayor marches in “gay-friendly” St. Pat’s parade, will skip March 17th

Big-money donors demand larger say in campaign strategy

SB 1062 stirred alarm in GOP

Peggy Noonan: America and the aggressive Left

NFL could pull Super Bowl if Arizona religious rights bill passes

Senate Republicans mum on Arizona religious liberty bill

CPAC un-invites American Atheists

Conservative Political Action Conference welcomes GOProud

Senator declares Kansas marriage bill dead

Manufacturing consent on same-sex “marriage”

Some Kansas GOP lawmakers would rather religious freedom bill would go away

Va. marriage ruling prompts little reaction from Cuccinelli

HHS won’t say if Sebelius is fundraising for Obamacare

Gov. Jerry Brown puts deep imprint on California judiciary

Steve Forbes on President Obama’s brazen approach to the law

Wendy Davis backs redefinition of marriage

Reno: Marriage, sex, and politics

    R.R. Reno at First Things: “Gay rights and sexual liberation more broadly are relatively cost-free commitments for today’s Democratic Party. . . . No rhetoric is too extreme, because it’s not in the slightest degree politically dangerous. The sorts of people who don’t want gay marriage are already on the other side. The Selma Analogy is an easy applause line in the current Democratic Party coalition. . . . Prosecuting a culture war that powerful business interests either agree with or think irrelevant provides a point of unity and feel-good commitment that helps party leaders avoid divisive issues. That’s why same-sex marriage and all it represents has become so important in domestic politics today, or at least a significant part of the reason why.”

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Ranking Oregon House Republican supports redefinition of marriage

Minnesota: Supporting redefinition of marriage brings in campaign cash

Planned Parenthood to honor Pelosi at gala

Ross Douthat: Social liberalism as class warfare

    Ross Douthat at the New York Times: “Is it just a coincidence that this self-interested elite holds the nearly-uniformly liberal views on social issues that it does? Is it just random that the one idea binding the post-1970s upper class together — uniting Wall Street’s Randians and Harvard’s academic socialists, a left-leaning media and a right-leaning corporate sector, the libertarians of Silicon Valley and the liberal rich of the Upper West Side — is a hostility to any kind of social conservatism, any kind of morals legislation, any kind of paternalism on issues of sex and marriage and family? Is the upper class’s social liberalism the lone case, the rare exception, where our self-segregated, self-interested elites really do have the greater good at heart?”

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Tunisia approves new constitution, appoints new government

Prince William clerk part of same-sex “marriage” case | Prince William Times

Virginia AG won’t defend state’s marriage protection amendment | West Hawaii Today

VA: Prince William court clerk joins suit defending marriage | Inside NOVA

Formation of parliament standing committees for religious minorities proposed in Pakistan

Conservatives react to Herring’s stance against protecting marriage

Barone: Abortion defines the political parties

Alaska senator: Same-sex “marriage” inevitable

Republicans slam Virginia AG Herring’s decision to attack marriage protection amendment

Political fundraising ad in church newsletter was not an endorsement, pastor says | Christian Post

Attorney general wants court to strike down Virginia marriage protection amendment | Washington Post

Casey Mattox: Cuomo’s banishment of pro-lifers shows abortion is on its deathbed | The Bell Tower

Dear Governor Cuomo: A letter from pro-life New Yorkers

The one conservative group in Hollywood is under IRS investigation

Democrats ‘hiding’ Real Obamacare Numbers

Tunisia’s Islamist Prime Minister Resigns

Pro-Life Virginians Rally Against New Pro-Abortion Administration

    NC Register: “We don’t want this pro-abortion executive team to think it is their job to dismantle the protective laws that have been put in place by the pro-life elected representatives of Virginia — who were also put there by solid pro-life voters,” explained Olivia Gans Turner, president of the Virginia Society for Human Life. She said the fear among pro-life leaders is that McAuliffe will target the state’s crisis-pregnancy centers in retaliation for regulations that force the state’s abortion businesses to conform to codes for ambulatory surgical centers.

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Increased IRS political role hits agency funding

Republicans set to deliver big statement on abortion

Liz Cheney Quitting Bid To Unseat Wyoming’s Enzi

CA: Judge Flushes ‘bathroom Bill’ Election Trick

The price of political ignorance: More government | George F. Will

Five Senate races to watch

GOP poll: Cochran in trouble in Mississippi

Conservative Group Endorses Kansas Challenger

Teachers Challenge Compulsory Union Dues

Obama IRS Tightening Noose On Tea Party Groups

The Marriage Gap: Think again, men

Social conservatives defect after GOP candidate for Mass. Lt. Gov. flip-flops on gay ‘marriage’

“GOP Committee Financially Backs 2 Pro-Abortion, Proponents Gay Marriage Candidates”

Boehner lashes at conservative groups: ‘They’ve lost all credibility’

“GOP will keep supporting gay candidates despite congressman’s complaints”

    Washington Examiner: One congressman’s beef with the National Republican Congressional Committee over its support for gay candidates will likely have little effect on the committee’s operations or fundraising. Rep. Randy Forbes, R-Va., has tried to persuade other lawmakers and the committee not to support the campaigns of gay candidates, Politico first reported.

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Evangelical Retreat? | Russell D. Moore at First Things

Rising Riches: 1 In 5 In Us Reaches Affluence

GOP Suffers from Feud Poisoning: Core Principles

    FRC Washington Update (12/6/2013): The tension started earlier this year, when House leadership started throwing its weight — and significant money — behind two activist homosexual candidates. Understandably, that bothered conservatives like Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Va.), who refused to give his party a pass. “GOP leaders can do whatever they want to do” in donating to gay Republicans, he said, but they shouldn’t force other members to contribute through the funding arms like the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC). While Forbes has been blasted for his comments, he knows — as well as we do — that this debate is about a lot more than someone’s sexual preference.

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Dems’ Power Grab Will Cost Them The War Over The Constitution In Court | Ken Klukowski at Breitbart

Bobby Jindal: Birth control should be over the counter

Conservatives Love ‘merry Christmas.’ Liberals Don’t Care. | Washington Post

The DeMint–McConnell Feud: A History

Polls Show Obamacare Wave Building Against Senate Democrats

Democrats Face Battles in South to Hold the Senate

‘Tories losing support over issues like gay marriage’

9th Circuit upholds ban on political, other ads on public TV

“IRS Pushes To Rein In Tax-exempt Political Groups”

Experts: ‘Dark money’ here to stay

Christian conservative Vander Plaats’ new book calls for twice-daily prayer

“Sixth Graders Polled On Gay Marriage, Abortion And Gun Control”

Eastern Michigan University Will Stop Discriminating Against Pro-Life Group | LifeNews

Liz Cheney’s campaign challenge, family strife ‘bruising’ Wyoming Republicans

Left emboldened by nuclear move