Quinnipiac poll: 50% of Virginia voters favor same-sex “marriage”

Pew Research: Worldwide, many see belief in God as essential to morality

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Majority of Scots support the legalization of assisted suicide

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One-third of Americans reject evolution, poll shows

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3 of 4 Belgians Support Child Euthanasia With No Age Limit

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For Obamacare, a Vexing Gallup Poll

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51% Oppose Health Law’s Contraceptive Mandate | Rasmussen

New Poll: 59 Percent Oppose Obamacare’s HHS Abortion-Birth Control Mandate | Life News

25% Still Haven’t Heard of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius | Rasmussen

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Supreme Court accepts Pa. Mennonite cabinetmakers’ challenge to abortion pill mandate | Alliance Defending Freedom

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“Sixth Graders Polled On Gay Marriage, Abortion And Gun Control”

Female photographer sued for refusing to take pictures at lesbian couple’s commitment ceremony takes her battle for religious freedom to the Supreme Court | Daily Mail

Alliance Defending Freedom | Red State

“Anti-religious rhetoric” putting off religious couples from adopting

Supremes asked to overturn “compelled” support of lesbian “marriage” | Northern Colo. Gazette

CBS Poll: 84% Of Democrats Want Obamacare Changed Or Repealed

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“The Gayest Place”: 10% of D.C. is LGBT | NY Times

Rasmussen: 55% see government as threat to rights

Polls find women support the so-called ‘war on women’

Weighing Free Speech in Refusal to Photograph Lesbian Couple’s Ceremony | Adam Liptak at NYT

“Photographers Ask High Court to Reverse Gay Discrimination Ruling” | Jacob Gershman at WSJ

Up to 90% of Italian gynecologists refuse to abort babies as abortion rate continues to drop

US: Legal group defends photographers who refused same-sex wedding on basis of ‘artistic freedom’ | Pink News

How People Lie About Gay Sex and Homophobia | Cass R. Sunstein at Bloomberg

Christian Photographer Who Refused Gay Wedding Gig Pays ‘Price of Citizenship’ | Charisma News

55% Favor Repeal of Obamacare

Same-sex Marriage, Religious Liberty Collide In Case Presented To Supreme Court | Ken Klukowski at Breitbart

    Ken Klukowski at Breitbart: On Friday, the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), representing Elane Photography, filed a petition for certiorari at the Supreme Court of the United States, asking SCOTUS to reverse the New Mexico court. ADF specifically challenges the New Mexico ruling for violating the Huguenins’ First Amendment right of free speech, since it compels Elane and Jonathan to convey a message approving of gay marriage which is contrary to the Huguenins’ beliefs. The petition begins by quoting a recent U.S. Supreme Court case where the justices wrote, “At the heart of the First Amendment lies the principle that each person should decide for himself or herself the ideas and beliefs deserving of expression.” . . . Jordan Lorence is ADF’s lead counsel on this case. The New Mexico court found that Elane Photography is a “public accommodation,” like a restaurant or restroom that could not turn away a black or Hispanic person. Reacting to that declaration, Lorence told Breitbart News in an exclusive statement, “The First Amendment protects all Americans from government coercion forcing them to promote ideas they don’t support. Those in power should not misuse public-accommodation laws to punish those who decline to affirm the prevailing liberal orthodoxy on marriage.”

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