Quinnipiac Poll: “Catholics Back Same-Sex Marriage” | ABC

Quinnipiac Poll: “Plurality of Americans supports same sex marriage, 47-43″

Minnesota poll: Most don’t want to redefine marriage

Ask the author: Linda Greenhouse on “Before (and After) Roe v. Wade: New Questions About Backlash”

“Fox News poll: Americans deeply divided over approval of same-sex marriage”

Media May Be Distorting Public Support for Abortion Read

“Poll: At least half of Delaware’s voters would support same-sex marriage”

Brown U. “Poll: 60% in favor of same-sex marriage in RI”

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Marist Poll: Little Change in Abortion Attitudes

Same-sex marriage gets 61% backing in poll | San Francisco Chronicle

Field “Poll: Calif. Support Of Gay Marriage At 61 Percent” | AP

Why America’s abortion debate is murkier and more complex than ever

“Poll: Majority of Americans now support same-sex marriage” | Seattle Times

Abortion group hires Obama-linked consulting firm to grill pro-lifers at home

Poll: Do You Believe Homosexual Behavior is a Sin?

Irish Rank Religion Dead Last in Terms of Importance, Poll Suggests

Rasmussen: 59% Favor Full Combat Roles for Women

Lesbian wife named Fort Bragg ‘spouse of the year’

WV Poll: Republican Capito has wide lead over possible challengers

NBC Poll Claiming Americans Favor Roe is Grossly Misleading

44% Say It’s Too Hard to Adopt A Child in the U.S.

“As ‘Roe v. Wade’ turns 40, most oppose reversing abortion ruling” | Reuters

“Republicans Divided on How to Address Gay Marriage”

“Study: Catholic, Protestant Support for In-School Prayer Falls: Evangelical Support of the Practice Remains Strong” | U.S. News and World Report

Govt faces defeat over ‘insult’ law, according to new poll

Gallup: 50% Believe America’s Best Years Are Behind Us

“Florida poll takes pulse on tuition, gay marriage”

Gallup: 52% Say Boy Scouts Should Not Allow Homosexual Scout Leaders

Number of Orthodox Church members shrinking in Russia, Islam on the rise – poll

“Poll suggests Ohio voters not likely to back gay marriage” | Toledo Blade

Not Dead Yet

    Ryan T. Anderson and Andrew T. Walker at National Review: Regardless of what Will might imagine, support for marriage isn’t a relic of the past. A careful look at the polls reveals complex and dynamic trends. But how those polls change over time will depend on human choice, not blind historical forces. The right question is not what will happen, but what we should do. Would George Will give up market economies if polls showed an “emerging consensus” in favor of socialism? We think not.

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Gallup: 53 Percent of Democrats Have ‘Positive Image’ of Socialism

New poll: Illinois may be ready for same-sex marriage

“Poll: Attitudes toward gays changing fast” | USA Today

Rasmussen: 46% Favor Allowing Religious Exemption for Contraceptive Mandate, 41% Oppose

Poll: Marriage downgrade in society concerns public

“Illinois poll of Hispanics finds agreement with GOP on guns, gays, abortion”

Rasmussen: 7 of 10 Americans prefer ‘Merry Christmas’ over ‘Happy Holidays’

UK: Marriage breakdown is key cause of social decline

UK: “Majority in favour of referendum on same-sex marriage”

The Future of Marriage: Why “The Inevitable” Is Not Inevitable

Why One Poll Says 45% Would Rather Skip Christmas

    CNBC: Some 45 percent of those polled said the holiday season brings so much financial pressure, they would prefer to skip it altogether. Almost half said their level of stress related to holiday expenses is high or extremely high. That’s probably because nearly the same amount — some 45 percent — say they do not expect to have enough money set aside to cover holiday expenses.

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Abortion support rising? If so, thank the GOP for aiding and abetting | Jill Stanek at LifeSiteNews

‘Pollster raps PM over claims public supports gay marriage”

Rasmussen: 54% Are Pro-Choice, 38% Pro-Life

Poll: 60% of voters back traditional marriage

Nearly half of Britons want EU exit – poll

Exit Polling Data Shows Pro-Lifers Failed to Vote Pro-Life

Youth Vote: Obama 60%, Romney 37%

Poll: 29% of pastors discuss candidates in pulpit

“Polls: Md., Wash. could overturn gay marriage” | Baptist Press

Churches Impacting Poll Numbers in Maryland Same Sex Marriage Vote

Updated polls in 10 key U.S. Senate races

Maryland polls swinging dramatically toward the historic definition of marriage

Romney Early Voting Lead Could Portend Election Victory

Poll: Oklahomans oppose abortion pill in mandate

Religions largely oppose abortion

Support for Marriage Surging in Washington State | Maggie Gallagher at National Review

    Maggie Gallagher at National Review: So far, $11 million has been spent on the campaign, with the “bulk of it spent by gay marriage supporters” according to the Associated Press. Supporters of Referendum 74 have raised nearly $11 million, more than five times as much as opponents of gay marriage. The pro-gay marriage advantages don’t stop there. Major corporations just pooled their resources to take out a full-page ad announcing support for gay marriage . . . Support for R-74 is now up only 49 to 45 percent among likely voters, a statistical dead heat and huge swing from the 14-point advantage gay marriage held in September, when 53 percent of Washington voters told the pollster they would support R-74.

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Washington: “New poll points to tightening race on gay marriage”

EU: Bogus Poll Says “young People Support Same-sex Marriage”… Yet Another Gay Myth Exposed.

“Gallup survey: 3.4 percent of US adults are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender”

Pew: “More than half of U.S. Latinos favor same-sex marriage: survey”

Maine Pollster: Question 1 support may be inflated

Rasmussen: 71% Favor Requiring Voter ID at the Polls

Survey: Half of Chinese like US ideas on democracy

“At 0-32, gay-marriage forces seek 1st win at polls”

Poll shows Akin surging ahead

Maine inflated voters poll: 55% back same-sex marriage

CBS Poll shows Romney rapidly narrowing the gap vs. Obama in California

“Polls in Fla., Ohio and Va. see same-sex marriage support” | Washington Post

Study: One-Third Of Adults Under 30 Have No Religious Affiliation

McCaskill surges in polls as Akin’s abortion comments draw fire

Networks, AP cancel exit polls in 19 states