The prospects for polygamy

Green Party of England leader ‘open’ to polyamorous marriage

Marriage law shouldn’t permit ‘poisonous’ polygamy, says ex-FLDS member

South Dakotans believe FLDS polygamist group wants to expand

Catholic church sacks woman for being too ‘polyamorous’

Australian court says polyamory is not “sexual orientation” under Sex Discrimination Act

Government rule barring 2nd marriage not violative of Article 25: Supreme Court

Pandora’s argument: Why justified same-sex marriage justifies anything

‘Widespread’ polygamy among Muslims, says new report

Same-self marriage

Stop calling it marriage equality

Polygamy: Coming to America?

Body-building Christian couple spread the word about religion via their wife-swapping network

Utah to appeal polygamy ruling in ‘Sister Wives’ case

Questions remain about polygamy law as charges laid against men from B.C. sect

Don’t fall for these six myths about monogamy

Polyamorists come out of the closet

Polygamy and human dignity

Arguments for same-sex marriage also apply to the “throuple”

Texas seizes polygamist group’s secluded ranch

Ex-FLDS man wins child custody case involving Warren Jeffs

Kenyan Christian leaders oppose polygamy bill

Jury sides with family in polygamist sect lawsuit

Cooke attorneys question cop’s testimony in polygamous town civil rights trial

The Atlantic: “The real polygamous, feminist wives of Salt Lake City”

Polygamy bill yanked from the Utah legislature

Has the IRS Legalized Polygamy? | North Carolina Law Review

Polygamy bill held up pending Utah legal case

Polygamy and the future of religious liberty

Mohler: The end of morality laws? Not exactly

‘Gays’ move over – here come polygamists

Polygamy as Lifestyle Choice, and a Reality TV Brand | NY Times

“Iowa’s ban on polygamy won’t be debated in 2014 session, say Branstad, top legislative leaders”

Matriarchy and Polygamy – a Regression to Primitivism

Marriage died in 2013 | Keith Ablow at Fox News

Judge Softens Utah’s Anti-Polygamy Law To Mixed Reactions | NPR

On Ruling on Utah Bigamy Law | Ed Whelan at NRO

The Strange Politics of Polygamy

Less rationale for Bestiality prohibitions in wake of Utah polygamy ruling?

Federal court strikes down parts of Utah polygamy law (roundup)

Utah Gov. Expresses Concern Over Polygamy Ruling

Polyamory: When three isn’t a crowd

Scottish MSP: No logical reason to exclude polygamy if same sex “marriage” enacted

Kenya: Polygamy and Polyandry

“Polygamist Special ‘My Five Wives’ Explores Faith and Marriage: ‘It’s About Love and Commitment’”

Obama’s Brother Linked To Muslim Brotherhood

Redefining Marriage: Where Are We Going? | Nathan Cherry at Engage Family Minute

Will polyamory follow same-sex marriage?

    Michael Cook at When the Supreme Court struck down section 3 in the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in US v Windsor in June, same-sex marriage was not the only beneficiary. The decision seems to have given fresh impetus to polyamory as well. This is not news that “marriage equality” fans welcome. They look upon legalised polyamory as a dangerous foe because it confuses the message of their own campaign. “Marriage should be extended to people who can’t get married, not those unable to marry six people,” says Jonathan Rauch, author of Gay Marriage: Why It is Good for Gays, Good for Straights, and Good for America.

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Unconventional marriages may be legal next | Chicago Tribune

“State Dept. Will Recognize Foreign Same-Sex Marriages—But Not Polygamous Ones”

Kenyan Men Panic Over Rights for Women in Marriage Bill | AllAfrica (Reuters)

The Slippery Slope to Polygamy and Incest | Kent Greenfield at the American Prospect

Polygamy, exploitation charges considered in Bountiful case

Rep. Gohmert: What’s Next – Legalized Polygamy?

Polyamorists want legal recognition in Canada

“Polyamory Advocate: Gay Marriage ‘Blazing the Marriage Equality Trail’”

Australia’s “Bernardi: I was right on gay marriage and polygamy”

Myanmar: Mass rally in Sittwe supports polygamy ban

Author tells personal story, seeks to help others leave polygamous lifestyle

Mormon Fundamentalists Seek to Start National Debate on Polygamy Decriminalization

Loveless Marriage And The Spectre Of Engineered “Singularity”

We hate to say we told you so: same sex marriage & polygamy

Scarred By Polygamy, Victims Confront ‘sister Wives’

Turkish minister to sue opposition deputy over polygamy remarks

Group seeking support for legal recognition of polyamorous ‘marriage’ in New Zealand

Slate: ‘Marriage Equality’ Includes Polygamy | Ken Klukowski at Breitbart

“Legalize Polygamy!” | Slate

A Candid Case for Polygamy | Ed Whelan at NRO

Justice Sotomayor and the Path to Polygamy | Carson Halloway at Public Discourse

“Moderate Path on Gay Marriage Could Be Disaster” | Noah Feldman at Bloomberg

“Ted Olson: Polygamy Ban Is ‘Prohibiting Conduct,’ Banning Gay Marriage Denies Rights”

“Gay marriage, then group marriage?” | Robert P. George and Sherif Girgis and Ryan T. Anderson at CNN

    Robert P. George and Sherif Girgis and Ryan T. Anderson at CNN: But marriage is far more than your emotional bond with “your Number One person,” to quote same-sex marriage proponent John Corvino. Just as the act that makes marital love also makes new life, so marriage itself is a multilevel — bodily as well as emotional — union that would be fulfilled by procreation and family life. That is what justifies its distinctive norms — monogamy, exclusivity, permanence — and the concept of marital consummation by conjugal intercourse.

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Group marriage is next, admits Dutch ‘father’ of gay ‘marriage’

Australia: Polyamorists set up lobby group

“Taking same-sex marriage step by step”; multiple partners on the horizon