NC Senate advances bills for student prayer

AR: Grade school graduation canceled following prayer controversy

Supreme Court may hear upstate lawsuit over town board prayers

Top U.S. court to decide whether to hear Greece prayer case | Democrat and Chronicle

GA: Can High School Students Pray Instead Of Going To Class?

North Carolina School Board Member Resigns Over Litigation Risk From Proposal To Open Meetings With Prayer

Federal appeals court mulls arguments in Hamilton County Commission prayer lawsuit

Activists target National Day of Prayer leader for opposing marriage redefinition

Florida: Lawmaker offended by morning prayers in Weatherford’s House

    Miami Herald: Friday’s morning House Session opened as it usually does. A religious leader invited by a House member offers a prayer for guidance to the lawmakers. And as usually happens, the reverend, invited on Friday by Rep. Richard Corcoran, R-Land O’Lakes, concluded “we ask these things in the name, and through the merits of Jesus Christ, thy son and savior, amen.” But that final invocation of Jesus Christ is a growing concern for Jewish members, according to Rep. Jim Waldman, D-Coconut Creek.

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Florida: Liberty Counsel Successfully Defends National Day of Prayer Event

NC: Attorney joins Rowan’s defense on prayer issue

Jerusalem court upholds women’s prayer rights at Western Wall

Florida: Chaplain offers $1K scholarship for St. Johns students to pray at graduation

Mayor Dupree says prayer breakfast will go on as planned

Atheists Protest Pennsylvania Prayer and Fasting Proposals

Pennsylvania City Council to Defy Atheist Demands to End Prayer at Monthly Meetings

Atheists Pressuring Mississippi Mayor to Put a Fork in Hattiesburg Prayer Breakfast | Christian News Network

Atheists Hungry to End Prayer Breakfast Tradition in Miss. | Charisma News

Rapid City Says the Best Policy is No Policy At All | Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty

Atheists hungry to end prayer breakfast tradition in Miss. | Alliance Defending Freedom

South Dakota City Opts For No Formal Prayer Policy In Face Of Challenge

MN: Rules on Senate prayer cause dust up over religious freedom, exclusion

NC: When is student-led school prayer permitted?

Maryland: Rock Hall amends town prayer resolution

Council considers six options for prayer policy | Rapid City Journal

Who Said That?: A Simple Question That May Change the Way Courts View Legislative Prayer | Brett Harvey and Joel Oster at Fed Soc

PA: Prayer meeting Council rejects petition to end invocation

MS: FFRF contests mayoral prayer breakfast

Rowlett City Council invocations summoning prayer and debate

Rowan Commissioners meet legal team fighting ACLU over prayer

Western Wall plan unveiled to resolve 24-year-old prayer rights dispute

St. John’s Co., Fla.: Lawsuit threat sways school prayer action

NE: School board removes prayer from meetings

MS: New school prayer law raises concerns

SC: Panel rejects further change in Pickens board prayer policy

ACLU wants Pittsylvania County to pay $60K for failed meeting prayer fight

Proposal would allow state religion in North Carolina

Salisbury church buys billboards to back prayer at Rowan meetings

Prayer at town meetings — SUPCO asked to weigh in | One News Now

Attorney: Commission has right, duty to defend itself against lawsuit

    Salisbury Post: . . . How much longer will citizens across this country duck their heads in the sand when faced with ACLU lawsuits that threaten to erode the rights given to us by the U.S. Constitution? It’s natural to have fear. But I imagine many of the Rowan citizens have faced fear in their lives and did not surrender to those fears. There is no guarantee what the outcome will be in your case. But one thing is for sure — if you give up, then the battle is already lost. The ACLU is not always right. Sometimes doing the right thing involves pain and sacrifice. I never wade into litigation lightly. Your county is being sued. You have a right to defend against the lawsuit. The commissioners are charged with the duty to do just that. They are fulfilling that duty. Bryce D. Neier is a Fayetteville attorney and volunteer with the Alliance Defending Freedom. He notes the article above is “my private response and comment. It is not endorsed by any particular attorney involved in this case nor any county official. I am responsible for its contents.”

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Pickens schools eliminate student prayers at board meetings

VA: Council to decide on prayer at meetings

VA: Prayer ruling irks Pittsylvania supervisors

ACLU: Prayers before Davie commissioners meeting unconstitutional

VA: Judge stops Pittsylvania board’s meeting prayer

Commissioners select defense attorney in prayer battle

USCCB calls for fasting/prayer in March for Marriage – March 22

Clark Co., Washington: Mielke, Madore vote in favor of prayer at county meetings

NC: Americans United sends school board another letter, records request

TX: Atheists Challenge Rowlett City Council Prayer Policy Before Meetings

Rowan Co. prayer: A fight few people want? Poll shows 82% support commissioners’ move

    Salisbury Post: A fight few people want
    Fayetteville attorney Bryce Neier with Alliance Defending Freedom told commissioners what they wanted to hear. The alliance helped Forsyth County fight a similar suit — unsuccessfully — and he seemed to urge Rowan to fight, too, saying it would be a tough case to litigate but not a hopeless one. No surprise there, either. Private organizations stepped forward to pay the legal bills for Forsyth’s five-year fight. Beyond that, the court decision also required the county to pay the plaintiff’s court bill, which was more than $248,000. But this is not about money, even though it’s objectionable for commissioners to use county money to fight their personal religious battles. The suit is about recognizing that we are a community of many denominations, faiths and creeds. | WSCOCTV: Rowan Co. Commissioners vote to hire attorney
    Includes video and poll currently shows 82% support the move.

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NC: Commissioners respond to lawsuit with prayer, vote to seek legal defense | Salisbury Post (AP)

Despite lawsuit, Rowan County Commissioners open meeting with prayer |

“2nd VIEW: Group urges prayer for gay marriage cases” | Baptist Press

NC: Pastor pledges $10,000 to fight ACLU over prayer issue

MS: Gov. Bryant Signs Bill Allowing Student-led Prayer

SC: Prayer issue up for final vote in Pickens County

NC: Rowan commissioners meet with attorney over prayer suit

The Foresight of Justice Kennedy | Brett Harvey at Townhall

VA: Staunton mulls silence or prayer

ACLU could sue over Mississippi’s new school prayer law

“Group urges prayer for gay marriage cases” | Baptist Press at Townhall

Mississippi Legislature Passes Bill Allowing Student-Led Prayer in Schools

Oklahoma: Bill Would Allow Prayer at Public Schools Assemblies

Moment of Contemplation – Still No Prayer in the Hawaii Senate

    Hawaii Reporter: The Hawaii State Senate in 2010, after a lawsuit and threat of additional actions, discontinued its voluntary daily prayer prior to the start of each Legislative Session as had been the tradition since Territorial days of Hawaii. In January, 2013, the Senate announced it was reinstating voluntary prayer, but with new “guidelines.” In February, the prayer gave way to a strict “Moment of Contemplation,” limited to 90 seconds prior to the start of the Senate Session. Not all Senators have participated. Republican State Senator Sam Slom (9th-Oahu), who has taken it upon himself to deliver a closing daily session prayer since 2010, including “God,” had his turn today to deliver the “Contemplation.” Here is his “moment” for his Senate colleagues and the public . . .

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NC: ACLU Files Lawsuit to End Prayers at Rowan County Meetings

Gov’t Doesn’t Appeal Lindh Prison Prayer Ruling

Federal appeals court to hear Hamilton County prayer case

Swaziland: Another Prayer Meeting Banned

Mississippi governor expected to sign bill allowing prayer in schools, at events