Presidential Proclamation Declared Last Weekend Days of Prayer and Remembrance For 9-11 Victims

AL: Madison County Commission expecting lawsuit from Freedom From Religion over prayer at meetings

ACLU joins fight against Kountze cheerleaders’ scripture banners

TN: Prayer before football game causes controversy

TN: Freedom From Religion Foundation targets prayers in South Pittsburg pre-game practice

Canadian Pro-Life Group Urges Day of Prayer to Oppose Euthanasia Bill

VA: Pittsylvania board to appeal meeting prayer ruling

Bedford, VA: Praying for government

TX: Complaint stops prayer at Pottsboro football games

Va. county told to pay tab for prayer fight: $53,229

AL: Atheist Group Calls For Elimination Of Prayer At Madison County Commission

Roped into prayer? Local chaplain offended by Christian content at Wild West show

Florida school board, asked to halt prayers, awaits Supreme Court decision

My Turn: Here’s our thinking on prayer at the high school | Christine Wrath at Concord Monitor

Major tests on religion shaping up | Lyle Denniston at SCOTUS Blog

How should the town’s lawyer answer “the Lemon/endorsement question” in Town of Greece v. Galloway?

Ending Public Prayer From California To New York | Kevin Theriot

Chico prayer tradition on solid legal and historical ground | One News Now

Atheists Demand Christians Stop Praying at Town Meetings | Charisma News

California City Under Fire From Atheists for Allowing Prayers Before Council Meetings | Christian News Network

Religious Freedom Lawyers Respond to Atheists Wanting Prayer at City Council Meetings Stopped | Christian Post

Atheist demands to end prayer at Calif. town’s meetings baseless | Alliance Defending Freedom

State lawmaker addresses school prayer

Rutherford County commissioner’s prayer at school dedication renews debate

Clay School Board keeps opening invocation | Florida Times Union

Praying mom now has legal representation | One News Now

Liberty Institute To Discuss The Constitutionality Of Public Prayer During League City City Council Meeting

Sen. Marco Rubio: Prayer in Congress proves freedom of religion

Mom’s School Prayers Stir Legal Fight in N.H. | Concord Monitor

    Concord Monitor: The Alliance Defending Freedom will provide legal services to Lizarda Urena of Concord to challenge the Concord School District’s decision to disallow her from praying on school property . . . Matthew Sharp, general counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom, said yesterday the group has not filed a lawsuit and is still determining how to move forward. The group provides all legal services pro bono.
    “We think the facts in this one really matter,” Sharp said. “She was (praying) passively. I think she was providing a great example there of just a mother that is passionate about wanting what’s best for her kids.” Sharp argues that Urena’s speech is protected under the First Amendment and that the Freedom from Religion Foundation’s assertion that her praying violates the separation of church and state is “blatantly false.” “It’s the private speech of a parent, not the endorsed speech of the school,” he said.

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New Hampshire district tells mom she can no longer pray on school’s steps | Fox News (AP)

School prayer pits mom against NH school district | Dayton Daily News (AP)

Obama administration, in court brief, supports prayer at public meetings | Baptist Press at Townhall

Arizona group to help NH mom fight to pray near school | KTAR

Alabama Governor Supports Cullman County School District Prayer Caravan

Congress, States, And Even Obama’s Doj Rally To Prayer-givers’ Defense | Ken Klukowski at Breitbart

Evansville Crosses, Freedom to pray and the Supreme Court | David Cortman and Chris Wischer on The World and Everything In It

“U.S. backs government prayer” | Lyle Denniston at SCOTUS Blog

CA: Attorneys give arguments in Eureka invocations, prayer breakfast case

Inhofe backs prayer measure

ERLC defends sectarian public prayers

VA: Magistrate recommends Pittsylvania pay $53K to ACLU for prayers

Texas Attorney General Abbott leads multi-state effort to protect the right of governmental bodies to begin meetings with prayer

Superintendent Fires Back at Freedom From Religion Foundation |

Chaplain Alliance files brief with U.S. Supreme Court in support of chaplains’ right to pray

23 US States Urge Supreme Court to Allow Prayer in Government Meetings | Christian Post

Members of Congress add voices to Greece prayer case | Democrat and Chronicle

NC: County Commissioners Pray In Another Room To Technically Comply With Court Order

High Court to Hear Landmark Case on Religious Expression | Mo. Family Policy Council

FRC, 85 Members of Congress File Brief in Biggest Religious Liberty Supreme Court Case In Last Half Century | PR Newswire

NH: Mother may sue for right to pray at daughter’s school

Indiana Joins 22 Other States In Legislative Prayer Case

Even If Your Prayers Aren’t Brief, This Brief Could Help Your Prayers | FRC Washington Update at Patriot Post

Indiana joins fight in support of legislative prayers

Mom Banned From Praying for Children’s Safety on School Grounds | The New American

Mom banned from campus for praying out loud | One News Now

Liberty Counsel Defends Religious Liberty in Supreme Court Amicus Brief

Christian Legal Group Fights ACLU’s Attempt to End Student Prayer at Public School Football Games

ACLU lawsuit against Franklin County Commission dismissed

A Principal Allowed Her to Deliver Bible Readings on School Property Every Morning This Past Spring

    Patheos: Of course, a Religious Right group is arguing that this is a violation of the mother’s rights: [Says Matthew Sharp, general counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom,] “The students know it’s the mother and her own speech — something that the First Amendment protects — and that it is not the school mandating this woman to do it.” . . . Sharp of the pro-prayer Alliance Defending Freedom says the group hasn’t decided whether to take up Urena’s cause. “What this mother is doing is carrying on one of the great American traditions,” he said. I reiterate my earlier point: If the mother were preaching any faith other than Christianity, I doubt Sharp would be defending her . . .

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Mom banned from praying outside high school | The New Age

UK: Prayers axed from council meetings in Plymouth