Is sexual orientation a social construct?

Plaintiff describes conspiracy to bring down gay therapy group

SPLC campaign would ‘ban help for gay people’

Gay-conversion therapy ban to be introduced in House

Oregon Governor to sign law banning sexual orientation change therapy for gay minors


What the White House’s opposition to “conversion therapy” means

‘Gay conversion therapy’ conference: speakers claim religious freedom is under attack

Obama’s transgender therapy ban: A travesty of compassion

New Jersey reparative therapy ban is upheld over boy’s challenge

Third Circuit again rejects challenge to New Jersey reparative therapy ban

Obama calls for laws banning conversion therapy

Obama calls for end to ‘conversion’ therapies

Obama calls for end to ‘conversion’ therapy for youths

Colorado Senate kills bill to ban conversion therapy for minors

Media reports wrong on decision in NJ same-sex attraction counseling case

    Via Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund: Contrary to several media reports, a New Jersey court has not ruled that a counseling referral service that provides help to people with unwanted same-sex attraction has violated the state’s Consumer Fraud Act or that faith-based counselors violate the act when they express their views. The court did not make any findings of fact and preserved the First Amendment defenses of JONAH, the counseling referral service sued by the Southern Poverty Law Center in Ferguson v. JONAH.

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Virginia, Illinois again consider bans on reparative therapy for minors

Group planning legal action against DC for banning conversion therapy for same-sex attracted youth

Nation’s capital bans conversion therapy

Ex-gay therapist responds to SBC’s ‘reparative therapy’ stance

    The Christian Post: By now you’ve likely heard RNS News report that Dr. Russell Moore has supposedly “denounced reparative therapy” for same-sex attracted individuals who wish to change their sexual attractions and join the ex-gay community. But if you read all of Moore’s statements, you cannot find him downright rejecting sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE). Instead, he’s putting therapy in its place on the hierarchy of healing, as I explained over at The Christian Post while rejecting that notion that the solution is ultimately change.

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Did Russell Moore denounce reparative therapy for same-sex attraction?

New documentaries tell stories of former homosexuals and their faith

Court upholds New Jersey’s reparative therapy ban for second time

Majority of states are blocking bills that seek to ban conversion therapy for youth

Campuses in Virginia are refusing to help those who seek to deal with unwanted same-sex attraction

Illinois House “kills effort to ban conversion therapy for gay kids”

“Gay conversion therapy should have no place in NHS,” says health minister

Christian counselors forced to choose faith or job | WND

UK: High Court judge wants more evidence from Boris Johnson over ex-gay bus ad ban

More states likely to ban sexual-orientation change therapy

Liberty Counsel petitions Supreme Court on life change counseling ban

9th Circuit puts hold on California’s life change counseling ban

VA: “Bill banning gay conversion therapy fails in House”

9th Circuit won’t revisit California “gay conversion therapy” ban

VA: “Bill cracks down on conversion therapy for gay minors”

UK Christians oppose ban on ex-gay therapy

1st Amendment at issue in ban on gay-conversion therapy for minors

Should Christian Counselors Have the Right to Discuss ‘Reparative Therapy’ With Christian Teens? | Nathan Kellum at Christian Post

Reparative therapy defenders remain active

9th Circuit upholds California Ban on Change Therapy

“Exodus Int’l President to the Gay Community: ‘We’re Sorry’”

The First Amendment and the ‘Reparative’ Therapy Cases

“Congressman’s Gay Son Touts Benefit From Reparative Therapy”

Christie spokesman says Gov. believes ‘people’s sexual orientation is determined at birth’

‘Conversion Therapy’ May Hinge on Pot Precedent

Liberty Counsel Files Emergency Appeal to Block California’s Change Therapy Law

“Judges at odds over new law that bans gay conversion therapy for teens”

“Judge Temporarily Blocks Calif. Gay Therapy Law”

The Battle Over Reparative Therapy Has Two Sides | Nathan Cherry at Engage Family Minute

“Gay Cure” Bans: Free to Choose, but Only One Choice Allowed?

Banning Reparative Therapies | Penna Dexter at Baptist Press

NJ Lawmaker Announces Effort To Ban Controversial Practice Of “Conversion Therapy” For Minors

UK: MEP condemned for asking why sex change operations are ok, but reparative therapy isn’t

Christine O’Donnell a staunch supporter of “ex-gay ministries”

Minneapolis settles suit with fired psychologist for $210,000

Exodus Ministries denied charitable status in New Zealand

The APA’s biased paper on same-sex attraction and therapy

British Medical Association condemns counseling homosexuals

Exodus Applauds Study Showing Change to be Possible & Sustainable

Has APA given nod to “gay” change therapy?

APA Sexual Orientation and Therapy Task Force Report: An Analysis

“ACLU Sues To Stop Tennessee Schools From Censoring Gay Educational Web Sites”

    ACLU: “The American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Tennessee sued two Tennessee school districts in federal court today, charging the schools are unconstitutionally blocking students from accessing online information about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues. Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, Knox County Schools and as many as 105 other school districts in Tennessee use Internet filtering software to block Web sites containing pro-LGBT speech, but not Web sites touting so-called ‘reparative therapy’ and ‘ex-gay’ ministries . . . More information about the case, including the ACLU’s complaint and a video featuring one of the student plaintiffs, is available online

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Protesters shout obscenities at particants in London Reparative Thereapy conference

    David W. Virtue writes at Virtue Online:

    I am huddled inside the doorway of Emmanuel Center, a church near Westminster Abbey, as hundreds of gay protesters yell and shout obscenities at a conference where speakers are offering healing for the homosexual through reparative therapy. Anglican Mainstream sponsors the event.

    Chanting “2,4,6,8 there is no cure only hate,” protesters, including heavily made up Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, angry gay activists wave placards reading “only prejudice needs a cure”, “there is no cure for love”, “positive alternative to bigotry”, “even Jesus loves gays” and “inside lies obfuscation and despair”.

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“Gays can change. Reparative Therapy works.”

    David W. Virtue interviews Dr. Joseph Nicolosi at Virtue Online: “I spoke with Dr. Nicolosi, a California therapist who employs seven therapists who deal exclusively in sexual addictions and same sex attractions. He heads an organization called NARTH – the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality. NARTH is a professional, scientific organization that offers hope to those who struggle with unwanted homosexuality. As an organization, they disseminate educational information, conduct and collect scientific research, promote effective therapeutic treatment, and provide referrals to those who seek their assistance. NARTH upholds the rights of individuals with unwanted homosexual attraction to receive effective psychological care and the right of professionals to offer that care. I spoke at length with Dr. Nicolosi about the issues and problems he faces.”

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Exodus International & Alliance Defense Fund Team Up For Day of Truth Event

Is There Freedom from Homosexuality?

Paper reports Obama Faith Based office won’t fund groups supporting reparative therapy

Day of Truth to be spearheaded by Exodus International

Sinner” from the “Sin”: Religious Orientation and Prejudiced Behavior Toward Sexual Orientation and Promiscuous Sex

In reparative therapy debate, APA Leaders Respond with One Voice: “Inclusion”

    NARTH has posted this report on its website: In a Town Hall Meeting sponsored by the American Psychological Association (APA), President Alan Kazdin, President-Elect James Bray and APA’s Executive Officer Norman Anderson responded to questions from APA members about the …

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Reports of adverse reactions to abortion: How should mental health professional groups respond?