U.S.T.A. faces suit over Sabbath schedule

Jewish praise of Truett Cathy: Chick-fil-A founder and Sabbath observer

UK: Court of Appeal Recognizes in Law Sunday as Christian Rest Day

NM: Cuba dad files religious discrimination complaint

UK: Christian woman to sue for right not to work on Sundays

Seventh Day Adventist Required To Work On Saturdays May Proceed On Breach of Contract Claim

Hotel Settles EEOC Suit Charging Failure To Accommodate Seventh Day Adventist Employee

EEOC Sues Over Failure To Accommodate Seventh Day Adventist

Israel’s Supreme Court Says Large Grocery Chains Must Close On Saturdays

Louisiana School Need Not Accommodate Teacher’s Tuesday Sabbath

5th Circuit: Factual Issues Require Trial In Bus Driver’s Religious Accommodation Claim

Accommodating Store Manager’s Sabbatarian Beliefs Would Impose Undue Hardship

UK: High Court Rules No Right for Christians to Decline Sunday Work

EEOC Wins Settlement In Religious Sabbath Accommodation Suit

UK: Relaxation of Sunday trading will upset churchgoers, family campaigners and a good number of Tory MPs

UK: ‘Trojan’ bid to make longer Sunday trading permanent

6th Circuit: Undue Hardship Showing In Title VII Case Refers to Hardship On Employer, Not Employees

UK: Sunday trading laws suspended for Olympics

Reasonable Accomodation? Use vacation time if your religion forbids working on Sunday

UK: Victory as employer respects Christian conscience over Sunday working

SC: Christian Employee’s Title VII Claim May Proceed

EEOC Sues Jewish Nursing Home For Refusing Sabbath Off For 7th Day Adventist

Keep the Ten Commandments, Lose Your Job: Macy’s Sued for Religious Discrimination

Kenyan Seventh Day Adventist University Students Protest Saturday Exams

8th Circuit: Title VII Does Not Require Saturdays Off For Postal Worker

Court Agrees University Could Not Reasonably Accommodate Program Coordinator’s Sabbath Needs

Refusal To Delay Civil Trail For Plaintiff’s Religious Observance Was Abuse of Discretion

Title VII Claim By Seventh Day Adventist Against Police Department Rejected

Adventists Protest Scheduled Saturday Elections In Nigeria

NYC settles religious discrimination case

Woman sues Milan inn, claims religious discrimination

NY: Rabbi forced to violate Sabbath

PA: Catholic worker sues Home Depot claiming religious discrimination

MS: Pastors contest lifting Sunday liquor bans

NC: Construction firm settles religious discrimination case

EEOC sues alleging religious discrimination lawsuit against NC company over Saturday work

New York’s ban on Sunday service of process only applies if service interrupts person’s Sabbath

Adventists monitoring possible Sunday business-closing law in Europe

NY: Employee Loses Sabbath Accommodation Claim

Lawsuit settled over religious discrimination at Mesaba Airlines

    Minnesota Public Radio: “A federal judge has approved a settlement in a discrimination lawsuit involving Mesaba Airlines. U.S. District Judge Donovan Frank ruled Tuesday that $130,000 can be distributed to five people the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said were victims of discrimination. The lawsuit, which was filed in September 2008, claimed that Mesaba violated the Civil Rights Act when the company terminated customer service agent Laura Vallejos because she refused to work on the Jewish Sabbath.”

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