U.S. government sues to block vouchers in some Louisiana school systems

S. Poverty Law Center challenges Ala. school choice law

Strong Demand For Educational Choice Across The Country

German homeschooling family closer to deportation: Would illegal status have been better option?

School choice expands in the states

Ala.: Education chief sends letter clarifying private school licensing

California’s Move To Eliminate Private Schools

Student’s home-schooling highlights debate over Virginia religious exemption law

School Choice Is Important in the Black Community

    NCPA Policy Digest: In March 2013, the Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO) commissioned a survey of Black voters in four Southern states to gauge attitudes and opinions within the Black community on education reform, charter schools and the need for parental choice in their community. The findings indicate strong support among this significant segment of the population for greater freedom in K-12 education, widespread recognition of the need for better quality schools, and openness to charter schools and publicly funded scholarships as reform vehicles.

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AZ: 200 charter schools plan to sue state over funding

North Carolina Legislature Passes Educational Choice Program

German home-schoolers to appeal to Supreme Court

Educational Choice Becomes Reality In North Carolina

Public schools can be fixed by ending compulsory attendance law

Vouching for Tolerance at Religious Schools | Jay Greenburg at WSJ

Ohio governor signs statewide voucher expansion for low-income students

Catholics Fire Back At Obama Over School Comments: ‘anti-faith, Secular Agenda Shamelessly On Full Display’

6th Circuit orders Justice Department to respond to Romeike appeal | HSLDA

Judge strikes down state education tax credit program, appeal expected | NH Union Leader

NH judge rules against school choice | Alliance Defending Freedom

Court Behavior In Homeschool Fight ‘unconscionable’ | World Net Daily

Truancy Laws in Texas Challenged by Students

North Carolina House Passes Educational Choice Program

U.S. Senate Committee Votes Down ‘School Choice’ Amendment, Americans United for Sep. of Church and State celebrates

Swedish Supremes Unmoved by Unprecedented Contact in Homeschool Case | HSLDA

NJ Ed Commissioner Denies Children Innovative Educational Options

Re: Asylum for Homeschoolers | Benjamin Brophy at American Spectator

Wisconsin slated to improve voucher funding but provide little expansion to school choice program

WI: Voucher expansion clear hurdles on way to final vote

IN: Court Says State Civil Rights Commission Has Jurisdiction Over Homeschooling Organization

Charter Schools: Modern Education at Its Finest | NCPA Policy Digest

GOP pressures Holder to grant asylum to Germans who want to homeschool kids

Authorities Detect Homeschoolers; Family Flees to Austria

Iowa’s School Choice Program Expands

“Family Denied Asylum In Us, They Should Have Said They Were Gay”

Asylum and Homeschoolers | Eugene Volokh

6th Circuit upholds denial of asylum for persecuted German homeschoolers

Indiana expands school voucher program | Patheos

ACLU seeks records tied to $11 million in state grants to religious schools

Indiana expands school voucher program | DFW Catholic

Federal Court Revives Mich. Law Barring Teachers’ Union Deductions

Swedish homeschooler persecution challenged | Baptist Press

Louisiana Supreme Court Invalidates State School Voucher Program

Louisiana Voucher Remains Legal, AFC Urges Legislature To Resolve Funding Issue

Another step in saga of Swedish home-schooling family | One News Now

Swedish court rejects homeschool family’s desperate appeal | LifeSiteNews

Charter Schools, the Establishment Clause, and the Neoliberal Turn in Public Education | Aaron J. Saiger at Fordham Law

Another appeal to Sweden re: home-schooling family | One News Now

Swedish Court Rejects Homeschool Family’s Desperate Appeal | HSLDA

La. Teachers’ Union President: School Choice ‘Taking Our Children From Us’

Some Republicans help defeat Florida school choice legislation in Senate

National Association of Evangelicals Supports Tax Credit for Businesses

TN: Charter schools win $91 million for facilities

Pennsylvania district may become first in the nation to switch to all charter schools

State officials keep boy “captive” for four years | MercatorNet

Homeschoolers’ request for asylum questioned by judges

U.S. Christians Rally Around Home-Schooling Romeiki Family Facing Deportation

Supreme Court of Sweden asked to free abducted homeschooled boy | Alliance Defending Freedom

Sweden: Homeschool Parents Have 1 Shot To See Son Again | WorldNetDaily

Teachers Unions Challenge Virtual Education | NCPA Policy Digest

    NCPA Policy Digest: In states where online education has been implemented, local and state teachers unions have challenged virtual education in court by seeking to limit enrollment in the charter schools that utilize the technology, by pushing for virtual schools to be closed and by seeking to limit enrollment to students who live “in district,” despite that defeating the benefits of the Internet.

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AZ Senate votes to expand school tax credits

Defending Christian Taxpayers And The Religious Freedom Of Families

TN: Proposed charter school panel would oversee Knox, 4 other counties

ACLU, AU attacks on NH school choice program rebutted | Alliance Defending Freedom

ACLU petitions Colorado Supreme Court to overturn Douglas County school voucher decision

School Choice as Social Justice | Kristina Johannes at The Catholic Thing

The Sound of Tyranny for German Home School Family | Robert Knight at Townhall

Focus on the Family Executive: Homeschool Asylum Case ‘Critical’

Maryland: ACLU protests state funding for private schools

The Ongoing Fight For Schoolchildren’s Religious Freedom | Alan Sears

Should Public Money Be Used for Private Schools? | PBS

Governor Deal, Georgia Legislature Strengthen And Expand Educational Choice Program For Families

Indiana voucher victory: Unions lose another challenge to school reform for the poor.