School Choice Would Limit CTU Power and Free Children to Learn

Joel Klein: “A Water for Democrats and Unions: School Reform is No Longer a Partisan Issue”

Push to Add Charter Schools Hangs Over Chicago Teachers’ Strike

Obama’s Kids’ School: $34,268 a Year – Includes ‘Hot Lunch’

Federal Subsidies to Chicago Schools: $4 Billion in 4 Years; $10,540 Per Student

Public Strongly Supports School Vouchers, New Report Finds

Chicago teachers strike, but charter schools remain open

Parental Power Being Enhanced by School Reforms

CO: Proposal Seeks to Terminate Collective Bargaining of Teachers’ Unions

Study: African American School Voucher Recipients 24% More Likely to Enroll in College

Indiana’s ED Voucher System Doubles, Public Schools Fight Back With Billboard Ad Campaign

CA: Mojave Desert parents return to court over charter

ADF: Vouching Against Education

Disturbing Narrative Demeaning Parents’ Ability To Choose Best School For Their Child Continues

In many states, voucher programs are helping Christian families, schools turn corners

    Baptist Press: As Indiana’s path-breaking voucher program charts its second year, the Griffin children are among thousands of Hoosier students using state dollars to attend private schools. About 300 private, largely Christian schools in the state are accepting voucher students — and gaining a financial boost as they arrive. The boost once was rare, but the school choice movement is surging, thanks to Republican statehouse efforts with occasional Democratic support. The impact in Indiana could predict how Christian schools will benefit from new school choice programs in states such as Louisiana.

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NJ: Religion promoted at Jacqueline Harris Preparatory Academy, ACLU alleges

DeMint: U.N. Treat threatens homeschoolers

Interfaith Alliance opposes allowing parents to choose schools in Louisiana

Louisiana teachers union threatens to sue private schools over voucher program

UK: ‘Evangelicals are like totalitarian Muslims’, says Govt advisor

Moral Formation and School Choice | Acton Institute

Louisiana: Gov’t Unions threaten to sue participants in voucher program

GOPers approve UN disabilities pact despite abortion concerns

Enrollment Off in Big School Districts, Forcing Layoffs

A Parent Power Watershed: A judge lets parents pull the ‘trigger’ on a failing school.

Sweden: Homeschoolers take banishment protest to government

HSLDA: UN Treaty Markup Delayed—Keep Calling!

    HSLDA (embeds testimony by Mike Farris): Home School Legal Defense Association has been urging supporters to call their U.S. senators and ask them to oppose the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). And on Tuesday we reported that Patriot Voices chairman and former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum had joined the fight. Your calls are working! This morning a prominent D.C. publication, The Hill, reported that the treaty has been temporarily derailed from the fast track . . .

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Like Charter Schools, Britain’s Academies Aim High

Louisiana Statewide Voucher Program Receives More Than 10,300 Applications in First Year of Expansion

LAUSD fights court order to give more space to charter schools

UN Treaty Threatens Families — Senate Considers Dangerous United Nations Treaty Undermining Parental Rights

Pennsylvania approves 4 new cyber charter schools

USA’s top teachers union losing members – 18% drop in budget projected

Cal. Supreme Court Rejects Teachers Union Arbitration Request

NH overrides governor, approves school choice

Arizona: Expanded accountability for state’s innovative ESA program also strongly favored

La. school boards sue to block vouchers

Texas charter schools sue state over funding rules

School Choice Momentum Continues With New Programs In New Hampshire, Mississippi

Son of Scott Walker: In Idaho, as in Wisconsin, the teachers unions fight reforms.

Why Charter Schools Work

Ravitch: Will school choice kill public education?

D.C. School Vouchers To Continue For Another Year Under Agreement Between Administration and Congressional Backers

Controversy Continues Over Whether Texas Charter Schools Are Promoting Religion

White House agrees to continue funding DC private-school voucher program

Nightmare soon to end?: Court vindicates Swedish homeschooling parents in state kidnapping case | LifeSiteNews

Swedish home-schooler to be reunited with parents | One News Now

Parents of ‘State-Napped’ Boy Hopeful after Favorable Court Ruling

Louisiana teacher unions to sue over vouchers, charter schools and seek Jindal recall

Broad Coalition Celebrates Ten-year Anniversary Of Landmark Supreme Court Decision On Cleveland Voucher Program

NYT: Vouchers Unspoken, Romney Hails School Choice

Education Unions Losing Ground

Vouchers Breathe New Life Into Shrinking Catholic Schools

Federal Judge rules against Arkansas school choice law

Bulgarian Officials Persecute Pastor over Homeschooling

School Choice Champions Retain Seats In Historic Wisconsin Recall Elections

Bulgarian Officials Persecute Pastor Over Homeschooling

Romney: American kids get ‘third-world education’

Romney backs vouchers, more school choice

Huge waiting lists for charter schools in NY

Charter Sector Starts to Grow Its Own Leaders

NY Times publishes hit piece on highly successful state school choice scholarships

AZ: Governor Brewer Signs Education Savings Account Expansion

Arizona Expands Groundbreaking School Choice Program To Students Attending Failing Schools, Foster Care Children

Putting the Schools in Charge

    NCPA Policy Digest: Though calls for education reform have been a persistent staple of American politics for decades, the nation’s schools continue to fall in international competitiveness. This is largely because, whether it’s No Child Left Behind or Race to the Top, schools at the ground level change very little, says John Katzman, executive chairman of 2tor, Inc.

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Let the Dollars Follow the Child

Washington: A state that just says ‘no’ to charters, other reforms

Vatican to the UN: all parents have the right to homeschool

NC: Area charter schools sue school board for withholding funds

D.C. Board Approves Hebrew Language Charter School

Religious freedom in school choice

Tuscaloosa County Addresses Issue of “Local” Church

School choice a win-win