School voucher program gets fresh look in Louisiana Although charter schools continue to dwarf vouchers in terms of overall growth, voucher programs have rebounded on the national political and educational scene in the past year. In 2011, more than 30 states introduced bills that would use taxpayer dollars to send children to privately run schools, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. That’s up more than 300% from the previous year, when only nine voucher bills were introduced.

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Judge upholds Ind. school voucher law, rejects claims it unconstitutionally supports religion

AG says Pocono Mountain Charter School violated state law – entanglement with church

Virginia Governor Unveils 2012 Education Reform Agenda

Court ruling aids ‘dumbing down’

CA: Parent activists vs. unions over school law

Suit Challenges Denial of Charter School Application By Minister

Let’s hope Supreme Court hears Bible case (take poll at right)

Family of ‘state-napped’ child beats social services | WND

ADF seeks review of ruling on NCA Bible use | Idaho Press-Tribune

Idaho school asks Supreme Court to hear Bible case | Idaho Press Tribune (AP)

Benjamin Bull: Peace on Earth

FL: Bondi Revises Ballot Language for ‘Religious Freedom’ Amendment

Hawaii Charter School System Slammed in Audit

Family of State-napped Swedish Child Savors Small Victory | HSLDA

HSLDA Oppose S. 1877, Federal Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Legislation — bill has stalled

States making way for school choice (

Florida judge removes ‘religious freedom’ amendment from the ballot

Poll Finds 62% of New Mexico Voters Support Private School Choice

NE: Homeschool Families Face Criminal Charges

Thousands Rally to Demand School Choice at NJ Legislature

Madison Prep v. Freedom From Religion Foundation

FFRF contests tax exempt status of church property to be used as charter school

Martin Cothran: A Response to Rush Limbaugh on Classical Education

Justices pave way for possible showdown between Los Altos school district and Bullis Charter

Switzerland: Top court rules against schooling at home via webcam

Bishop Braxton on Belleville Diocese’s Catholic Charities: Time to reassess dependence on government funding, implications for school choice

Louisiana Federation for Children

Why 2011 Is the Year of the School Voucher

    NCPA Policy Digest: Over the last decade, the expansion of school voucher programs, which let some students use taxpayer dollars to pay tuition at private schools of their choice, slowed considerably. Losses in statewide referenda and in state Supreme Courts made vouchers an even tougher political sell than they had been in the past. However, this trend took a drastic reversal in 2011. . .

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Sweden Tries to End Homeschool Parents’ Rights | Baptist Press

Georgia Scholarship Tax Credit Program Set to Help Record Number of Children in 2012

Group criticizes Ark agency for not specifying rules for grant to school that teaches religion | The Republic (AP)

Arkansas Will Beef Up Inspection of State-Subsidized Pre-Schools On Church-State Issues

Germany: Authorities to Homeschool Parents: Take Your Kids to School or Else We Will!

Charter school bill makes progress in Wisc.

Deaths Put Focus on Pastor’s Advocacy of Spanking

Students leave 182 Indiana districts under voucher program

Arkansas: Lawmakers defend religious instruction in state-funded schools 

Ark. agency investigating whether legislator’s state funds promote religion at his preschool | The Republic

Wisconsin: Governor Walker Signs Bipartisan School Choice Legislation

Indiana Claims Title of Nation’s Biggest First-Year Voucher Program Ever

School Choice in Texas

Controversial charter school bill OK’d by Michigan Senate

US launches probe of state’s charter school approval process

Two Miami-Dade charter schools lose funding

Pennsylvania Senate Passes Sweeping School Choice Expansion

Cardinal Zen fears government takeover of Hong Kong’s Catholic schools

AFC Calls on Pennsylvania Senate to Pass Comprehensive School Choice Plan

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett Unveils Major School Choice Expansions

MN: ACLU presses ahead with charter school lawsuit

Blaine Is Alive and Well: Colorado voucher ruling

Ohio: Bill would expand private school vouchers to families making less than $95k

Micheal Flaherty: The Latest Crime Wave—Sending Your Child to a Better School

    Michael Flaherty at In case you needed further proof of the American education system’s failings, especially in poor and minority communities, consider the latest crime to spread across the country: educational theft. That’s the charge that has landed several parents, such as Ohio’s Kelley Williams-Bolar, in jail this year.

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Utah breaking down school’s ‘four-walls model’

Special Interests Sue to Remove Arizona Children with Special Needs From Private Schools

Idaho Schools Board: FOX News Gets Story Wrong

John Stossel: Exciting Schools

    John Stossel at Townhall: Those kids attend one of those new charter schools. Charters let them escape the bureaucracy of regular schools, including, often, teachers union rules. These schools compete for kids because parents can always choose another school. That makes them better. Not every charter school is good, but the beauty of competition is that bad ones go out of business, while good ones expand.

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Greg Baylor: Voucher Program in Colorado Would Advance Liberty

Texas: Unions Blocking Meaningful Education Reform

Taking Liberties: Bible School Or History Class?

Court Drops Charges Against Homeschoolers in Spain

Rod Dreher: Entrepreneurial homeschooling co-ops

Greg Baylor: Parental Choice in Education Debate at U Colorado Law School

Homeschool victory in Spain

Canada: Is home-schooling a better option than public school?

Bluegrass Policy Blog: NOT doing charter schools right

Report Surveys Indiana’s School Choice Programs

Oklahoma School Districts Sue To Challenge Voucher Program

Fighting ‘dumbing down’ of public schools

Former Nampa charter school officials ask federal judges to reconsider lawsuit against state

School-choice advocates want law enforced

Censorship: A new way to educate?