Forbes: “A Novel Tax Tactic In The Fight For School Choice”

Washington Times: Kagan’s government money grab

Arizona Voucher Bill Would Give Parents Control Over Account

Clint Bolick: “An outstanding week of success for school choice”, including new education savings accounts!

D.C. Vouchers In, Local Funding of Abortions Out, In Budget Bill; City Officials Protest

A Monumental Win for School Choice in D.C.

Half of Denver Students Embrace School Choice

SCOTUS Upholds Right Of Parents For School Choice

Arizona Expands Private School Tuition Tax Credits; Saves State Money

Rethinking school reform

    NCPA Policy Digest: In recent decades, many calls for transformative change in American schooling have advocated school choice. Yet these calls themselves have too often accepted the orthodoxies of the 19th century schoolhouse. Working with the Walton Family Foundation’s Bruno Manno, Frederick M. Hess, the director of education policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, offers a more promising vision for 21st century, choice-centered reform.

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US Supreme Court hands parents education victory

Citizen Link: “Dig Deeper: Why This Week’s Supreme Court Ruling Matters to Families”

Baptist Press: Supreme Court hands school choice big win

Huff Post: Supreme Court Pulls Another Brick From Church/State Wall

Christian Post: Supreme Court Rules to Protect Religious Scholarship Funds

Washington Examiner: High court school choice win linked to Obamacare

NY Sun: ‘A Huge Victory for Choice’

Leader-Telegram: Supreme Court backs religious school aid

Tucson Citizen: Tuition credits survive appeal

Livingston Daily: High court OKs tax breaks for private schools

Daily Caller: Supreme Court dismisses case challenging school choice groups

CNA: Supreme Court rules in favor of Ariz. religious schools

One News Now: ‘School choice’ wins a big one

SCOTUS BLOG: “Opinion recap: The near-end of ‘taxpayer standing’”

NYT: Supreme Court Allows Tax Credit for Religious Tuition

WSJ: “Supreme School Choice: A narrow decision averts a legal assault on private schools.”

ADF: Thousands of children’s educations saved at U.S. Supreme Court

U.S. Supreme Court upholds AZ school choice tax credit

ACLU: Supreme Court Rules Arizona Taxpayers Lack Standing To Challenge Tax Credit System Used To Fund Religious-Based Scholarships

David Cortman: School Choice Program Prevails. Kids & Parents Ultimately Win

Liberty Counsel: U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Tuition Tax Credits for Arizona Religious Schools

Center for AZ Policy: Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Tuition Tax Credit Program

Family Research Council Praises U.S. Supreme Court for Upholding Parents’ Rights, Religious Liberty in Education

Fox News: Supreme Court Upholds Arizona School Vouchers

NCPA Policy Digest: Parents Deserve Voice in Child’s Education

MN: Inver Grove Heights, Blaine charter school TiZA and ACLU tussle over trial

House passes DC school voucher bill

“Themed” Charter Schools in New Jersey Draw Criticism

Heritage Foundation: An Opportunity to Throw Kids A Lifeline

House passes D.C. school voucher bill

Homeschooling Grows in Italy

Obama opposes Boehner’s D.C. school choice bill, but does not threaten veto

Indiana GOP pushes ahead with big voucher program

Weingarten for the Union Defense

    Jason L. Riley writes at the Wall Street Journal: But the real strength of the AFT, NEA and their state and local affiliates lies in their ability to obstruct. They have been particularly effective at blocking poor people from leaving bad public schools. They offer financial and logistical support to political candidates sympathetic to their agenda of curbing educational options, and they punish elected officials who don’t stay the course. Teachers unions agitate for laws and regulations that ban means-tested voucher programs or cap the number of charter schools that can open in a state. To protect jobs for their members, they fight to keep the worst instructors from being fired and the worst schools from closing. All the while, they insist that their interests are aligned with those of the kids.

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Home schoolers looking to grow political power in Iowa

Homeschooled Christian Girl Court-Ordered to Public School

Anti-homeschool decision upheld by court

House Speaker Boehner promotes funding for D.C. school choice program

NH court affirms ruling ordering girl to attend public school, says case not about religion

NH Supreme Court sidesteps critical religious liberty issue in homeschooler case

Charter school bill approved by NC House panel

Next time, try reading the Constitution

Political earthquake? Social conservatives awaken to the public union menace

AFC Praises Passage of D.C. Scholarship Bill from Key Committee

DC parents plead for voucher program

Gov. Scott Walker: Why I’m Fighting in Wisconsin

NC: Bill on charter schools revised

Christian parents jailed

Islamic Schools and American Civic Culture

FFRF: Walker budget proposal would open voucher floodgates, destroy common schools

David Cortman: Saving Arizona’s tuition tax credit program

Time to Restore Voter Control: End the Government-Union Monopoly

    With Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker attempting to rein in the unbalanced power of government unions, and given the fierce stranglehold that union members have on their ever-increasing taxpayer-provided benefits, now is a crucial time for Americans to understand the difference between private-sector and public-sector unions. Collective bargaining in the private sphere—where companies face competition—is a world away from collective bargaining in government—which faces no competition, and where unions have a legal monopoly. Heritage Foundation labor expert James Sherk explains why it is time to restore voter control over elected government, and how it can be done.

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Beyond Collective Bargaining; Reigning in union influence over education