If You Really Care About Ending Poverty, Stop Talking About Inequality | W. Bradford Wilcox at the Atlantic

Democrats ‘hiding’ Real Obamacare Numbers

Soros media group reaches deep into taxpayers’ pockets

    One News Now: The Media Research Center reports that Internews, a global non-profit media organization founded in 1982 by self-described Marxist and anti-war protester Soros, has received more than $364 million from the State Department and USAID since 2002 (see breakdown below). That accounts for 80 percent of the organization’s funding, primarily in the form of federal grants.

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Small Businesses Weigh Sending Sick Workers to ObamaCare Exchanges

Why is Socialism on the Rise? | Ben Shapiro at Townhall

    Ben Shapiro at Townhall: Conservatives talk results when discussing the shortcomings of socialism. They’re right: Socialism is ineffective, destructive and stunting to the human spirit. But they’re wrong to abandon the field of morality when discussing the contrast between freedom and control. And it’s this abandonment — this perverse laziness — that has led to socialism’s comeback, even though within living memory, we have seen continental economies collapse and millions slaughtered in the name of this false god.

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Conn. Requiring Health Insurers To Cover Gender Transition

Adding A Baby To Obamacare Health Plan Not Easy

Matriarchy and Polygamy – a Regression to Primitivism

Gallup: Record high fear ‘big government’

Media And Politicians Want To Impose Same-sex “marriage” – But Citizens Fight Back. The Case Of Estonia

GOP senator calls for ObamaCare alternative

Taxpayers to pay for “gender reassignment”? Medicare under examination

Reince Priebus: Obamacare Intended to Burden the Young

Washington Has Enrolled Almost Nine Times as Many People in Medicaid as in Private Plans

Latest small-business delay another blow to O-Care rollout

Obamacare online enrollment for small businesses delayed a year

‘Non-partisan’ group paid $1 million to produce positive Obamacare stories

Masking Totalitarianism | Walter Williams at CNSNews

Almost 80 million with employer health care plans could have coverage canceled, experts predict

Heritage Action targets Yellen vote

Broken Families Dragging Down Growth | Michael Barone at Human Events

    Michael Barone at Human Events: As Utah Senator Mike Lee noted in speeches at the Heritage Foundation, “the problem of poverty is linked to family breakdown and the erosion of marriage among low-income families and communities.” Lee is careful not to cast opprobrium on single or divorced parents. But he insists on pointing to the uncomfortable but undeniable fact that economic outcomes for their children have been far worse than those for children raised in two-parent families. That produces many personal tragedies. And in cold economic terms, it means that society is losing gross domestic product because of less than optimal development of human capital.

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Obama Honors Gay Socialist, Lesbian Astronaut with Presidential Medal of Freedom

27 Democratic Senators Who Promised You Could Keep Your Health Coverage

    Human Events: How many Democrats made the promise? There’s no comprehensive list of all of them, but Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office has compiled a list of 27 Democratic senators who pledged that Americans could keep their coverage under Obamacare. The list includes the entire Democratic leadership in the Senate as well as Democrats facing tough re-election races in 2014, like Mary Landrieu, Mark Begich, and Kay Hagan. Here is that list, compiled by McConnell’s office . . .

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How ObamaCare Rips Off the Young

Obamacare Bombshell: Department of Justice Brief from AFLC Litigation Exposes Obama’s Lie: “You Can Keep Your Plan if You Like It”

Marco Rubio: No Bailouts for ObamaCare | WSJ

Seattle elects socialist candidate to city council

Obama announces change to address health insurance cancellations

Washington insurance commissioner won’t allow canceled health plans

Businesses cut full-time workers to meet Obamacare mandate, study says (+video)

Why Didn’t Va. Expand Medicaid? Don’t Trust Federal Promises, Governor Says

Socialist Candidate Takes Lead In Seattle Race

Only 1% Of Massachusetts Cancellations Have Enrolled For Obamacare

    Breitbart: There are too many rolling and coming catastrophes caused by ObamaCare to keep track of. Just wait until the employer market is hit late next year. But within a few weeks, a humanitarian crisis is about to hit millions who could find themselves without health insurance. Millions who had their insurance policies cancelled are now unable to re-insure themselves on the broken ObamaCare websites. In liberal Massachusetts alone, only 1% of those cancellations have re-enrolled.

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One Million have health insurance cancelled in California

Fewer than 50,000 signed up on Obamacare site

55% Favor Repeal of Obamacare

In shift, GOP wants ObamaCare fix

Bill Clinton: ‘President Should Honor the Commitment’ and Let People Keep Their Insurance Plans

Delaware Spends $4 Million on Obamacare Enrollment, Signs Up Four People

Report: 4 ObamaCare sign-ups in Delaware

The Hidden Marriage Penalty in Obamacare

Mycancellation.com: Twitter nixes account of folks injured by Obamacare

Young Avoid New Health Plans

Vermont: Governor invokes ‘safety valve’ provision for health exchange

Obama orders government to prepare for impact of global warming

The Incredible Shrinking Workforce

CMS Spent More Than $1T in Less Than 1 Yr; More Than Entire Gov’t Spent When Medicaid-Medicare Enacted

White House Oks Limited Waiver On Health Penalty

Jindal: 41% of Louisiana Residents Would Be in an Expanded Medicaid Program

Marriage and abortion are economic issues | Star Parker

Obamacare Insurance Losses In Three States Exceed Signups In All Of U.s.

    Breitbart: In an extensive roundup of the numbers, Forbes’ Josh Archambault reveals that, upon close inspection, the number of people losing their insurance coverage in merely three states towers over that of people newly insured in all 50. He notes that over half a million Americans have received notices that they will lose their coverage in Florida, California, Philadelphia, in addition to numbers coming in from several other states. Comparatively, “only 476,000 applications have been ‘filed’ in an exchange.”

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HHS sets deadline of Nov. 30 for fixing ObamaCare site

Census Bureau: Means-Tested Gov’t Benefit Recipients Outnumber Full-Time Year-Round Workers

Report: State Exchange Enrollments Mostly Medicaid, Not Private Insurance Plans

Feds ask Blue Cross Blue Shield not to release exchange numbers

Obama Appeals To Allies To Stick With Health Law

Ohio: Vote expands Medicaid; opponents vow to sue

Has the Obamacare Insurance ‘Death Spiral’ Already Begun?

The ‘We Can’t Win’ Wimps Caucus | Patrick J. Buchanan at Human Events

House Republicans may sue over Kasich’s Medicaid expansion

Why Obamacare is a mess: The administration has to ‘fess up and promote changes | Chicago Tribune Editorial

UK: Proportion of babies born in wedlock falls to new low of just 53 per cent

“Transgender woman” denied mammogram at taxpayer expense sues

Obama ‘Crashing Health-care Site On Purpose’: Fear that public would be terrified if people knew true cost

5 Things To Know About China’s New Aged Care Law

Divorce Attorneys Will Love ObamaCare

Obamacare Marketplace: Personal Data Can Be Used For ‘Law Enforcement and Audit Activities’

UK: Home birth mother fears she could lose home if she appeals to Supreme Court

Transforming America’s Schools into Authoritarian Instruments of Compliance | John Whitehead at Rutherford Institute

    John Whitehead at Rutherford Institute: We are living in an era where every personal decision, such as where to work, where to shop, where to play, who to love, who to befriend, who to worship, what to believe, and what to say, is open to scrutiny by government officials and corporate managers. It’s a poisonous mentality for those hoping to preserve democracy, and it’s being foisted upon our children, whether in the form of bureaucrats fashioning one-size-fits-all educational standards, or police officers investigating innocent activities such as children playing in the street as possible crimes. This situation will only get worse as our children are taught to accept the police state as normal.

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Sebelius: Obamacare Is Success If 16.9% of Uninsured Enroll by End of March

Global Study: World Not Ready For Aging Population

Obamacare State Exchanges May Fund 111,500 Abortions a Year With Your Money

Let ObamaCare Collapse: Congress can’t kill the entitlement state. Only the American people can. | Daniel Henninger at WSJ

DC delays key pieces of ObamaCare exchange