Four questions about surrogacy for conservatives who support gay marriage

Stop Surrogacy Now: Why we must unite

The shady world of surrogacy exposed in Italy

The surrogate who changed her mind

Surrogacy: The twenty-first century’s new baby-making

The new focus on children’s rights

Parents abandon surrogate baby boy because they already had a girl

The happy surrogate families

Another surrogate-produced product returned

Surrogacy couple wanted abortion, refund

Thai surrogacy clinic violated regulations by selling child to pedophile? Investigation launched

Parent consumers, baby commodities

    Breakpoint: Last year, an Australian couple offered a financially-strapped woman in Thailand the equivalent of $11,000 to act as a surrogate to bear their baby. Hundreds of Australians make similar arrangements with Thai women each year, because it’s much cheaper than hiring an Australian woman as a surrogate. In fact, this type of “medical tourism,” or what you might call “bargain hunting for babies,” is common in many western countries.

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How surrogacy can create victims

Issue analysis: Surrogacy

Nine things you should know about surrogacy

Illegal surrogacy shouldn’t block adoption by same-sex spouse, NY court determines

Jennifer Lahl and Christopher White: Why gestational surrogacy is wrong

    National Review Online: “The current political landscape surrounding surrogacy indicates that as a nation we have failed to reconcile the undeniable realities of both motherhood and childbirth with our laws surrounding how these technologies enable collaborative reproduction and the building of modern families. Those who argue that this reflects merely a misunderstanding of surrogacy and a bias in favor of certain family models have yet to account for the medical and moral consequences of paying women to gestate babies for others. Until we have a serious public debate over commercial surrogacy, women and children remain exposed to exploitation at the hands of those entrusted with their protection.”

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La. lawmakers revive debate over surrogacy births

No automatic right to leave for moms in EU using surrogates

The hidden cost of surrogacy

The surrogacy industry treats women like disposable commodities

Surrogacy contracts and assisted reproduction regulation on legislative horizon

The Brave New World of same-sex “marriage”

Ultrasounds, surrogacy on Kan. legislative committee’s agenda

“65 surrogate babies born to Israeli gay couples stuck in Thailand”

Utah mom to give birth to daughter’s daughter

“Lesbian couple in New Orleans celebrate Christmas as the parents of quintuplets”

Scientist create ‘robotic sperm’ to help with fertilisation and drug delivery

Surrogacy industry sees boom in US

The Unregulated Sperm Industry

What’s Love Got To Do With It? | Kellie Fiedorek at Alliance Defending Freedom

Where Do (Modern) Babies Come From? | Alan S. Newman at Public Discourse

Beautiful Women Sell Their Eggs to the Highest Bidder, No Uglies Allowed

Fla. Supreme Court: Egg donor has parental rights in lesbian custody battle

Donor Egg Pregnancies On The Rise, Us Study Finds

‘She gave her eggs, I carried the baby’: ‘Two-mom’ IVF approach allows lesbian couples to share pregnancy role

Surrogate mother can argue for parental rights, Nevada Supreme Court rules

“GOP Sen. Rob Portman Backs Gay Adoption, Silent on Fate of IVF Human Embryos”

40 men sue hospital after accidental thaw destroyed sperm

Via Surrogacy, Some Men Opt To Become Single Dads

40 sperm donors sue Northwestern over destroyed specimens

Bill would allow sperm donors to sue for rights, inspired by actor

Culture Challenge of the Week: Anonymous Fatherhood | Rebecca Hagelin at Townhall

Lesbian couple must recognise biological father’s rights, French court says

What Are the Rights of Donor-Conceived People?

Is a Sperm Donor Ever a Dad? Time-Honored Answer in Jeopardy in California

    Harvard Law Bill of Health Blog: hould a man who donates his sperm to a woman so that she can have a child through medically assisted reproduction later be able to claim parental rights to any resulting child? Would your answer change if the man and woman had an on-again off-again romantic relationship in which they tried for years to conceive “the old-fashion way” before turning to assisted reproductive technologies (ART)? How about if the couple briefly reconciled after the child was born during which time the man grew increasingly attached to his biological son? These are the questions now wending their way through the California judicial and legislative systems.

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UK government backs three-person IVF

Gender Identity, Egg “Bounty” Bills Head to Senate Floor | Cal. Family Alliance

Mother In UK Forced 14-year-old To Get Pregnant

Topekan honors twins with tattoo: Current ‘sperm donor’ case drudges up memories for Daryl Hendrix

Scientists Pressure Women to Sell Eggs for $50,000 or More

Ca Legislation Would Require Insurance for Gay “Infertility”

Harvesting eggs from aborted babies to create IVF babies? Ten years later the story still horrifies

France Starts Tense Debate On Sex Life Of Disabled

UK: HFEA advises Government to permit creation of three-parent babies

Public Ok With Creating Babies From 3 People UK Gov’t Says

We don’t buy and sell people | Bruce J. Clemenger of Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

Australia parents face India surrogacy barriers: expert

Surrogate Mom Given $10K to Abort “Imperfect Baby,” Rejects Offer

Why and how we should tackle the sperm-sale industry | John Smoot at LifeSiteNews

Kansas sperm donor case: Former same-sex partner seeks involvement

Why and How We Should Tackle the Sperm-Sale Industry

Kan. Case Reveals Risks With Assisted Reproduction

“Wanted: ‘Adventurous woman’ to give birth to Neanderthal man – Harvard professor seeks mother for cloned cave baby”

“No surrogacy visa for gay foreigners”

Surrogacy: Renting Wombs in India Exploits the Powerless

Kansas sperm donor to lesbian couple ordered to pay child support prepares for battle

“Reproduction without sex, a liberating future” | Aarathi Prasad at CNN (includes video)

“Gay marriage opponents plan to fight paid surrogacy in 2013″

NJ Supreme Court: Infertile men, women not treated same

TX: “Surrogate Fights Gay Couple for Child Custody” | Wesley Smith at National Review

Making Babies, Just to Make Ends Meet

    Susan Straight at NY Times: Sometimes life is like a fun-house mirror, the glass and then the real thing. I had just watched the TV show “The New Normal,” a comedy about what used to be called untraditional families, for the first time, and the same day I read about Mitt Romney’s son Tagg and his wife, Jennifer, having twins through a surrogate pregnancy, using the same surrogate mother they had back in 2009. A week later, a few choice remarks were made about single mothers in the presidential debate.

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