Malaysia, Thailand keep refugees at bay

When perfection kills

Buying sex won’t be outlawed in Scots’ human trafficking Bill

Senate passes legislation targeting sex trafficking after lengthy delay

Explainer: What you should know about the human trafficking bill

    Acton Institute: The recent human trafficking bill, officially known as theJustice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015, was originally introduced in in the Senate on January 2015 by Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX). The bill had 34 cosponsors in the Senate, 13 Democrats and 21 Republicans (Sen. Barbara Boxer initially signed on as a cosponsor but withdrew her support a day later.) However, after initially supporting the bill, Democrats launched a filibuster because of language in the bill related to abortion.

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Senate passes trafficking bill 99-0, ending long abortion fight

Nigeria’s Boko Haram abducted 2,000 women and girls: report

ISIS and human traffickers: Prey on the vulnerable, recruit with lies

Senate Democrat’s office: Aide knew of abortion provision

Democrats block bill to help sex trafficking victims a third time to push abortion funding

Reid blocks bill to help sex-trafficking victims because it doesn’t fund elective abortions

Groups call for Senate to pass pro-life anti-trafficking bill

Russell Moore comments on U.S. Senate’s decision to block anti-human trafficking

Make purchase of sex illegal, urges Church of Scotland

Bill criminalising purchase of sex passes final stage in NI

Nearly two-thirds of human trafficking victims are from Asia

Report: Islamic State sells Yazidi girls for $1,000, Yazidi boys forced to train to become ISIS militants

Exclusive: Up close & personal, 5 days with the girls of Chibok

September sees surge in sex trafficking arraignments, sentencing

Shock study: 55% of sex-trafficking victims become pregnant, forced into abortions

How a Nigerian school girl escaped Boko Haram: Is Washington still concerned?

After kidnapping schoolgirls, Boko Haram takes aim at churches in northeast Nigeria

Modern bondage: Slavery is very much alive today

    Aleteia: As anyone who has studied history knows, the man-made evils the world faces today – war, terrorism, abortion, poverty, and the rest – share an ancient provenance. Technology can increase or diminish the scale of these evils, and in some cases it can even introduce novel expressions of them, but on a fundamental level we moderns wrestle with the same moral pathologies, both personal and social, as our ancestors. Truly, “What has been, that will be; what has been done, that will be done. Nothing is new under the sun!” (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

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ISIS selling Christian women as sex slaves

Church, State, and human trafficking

Global Freedom Network founded by Catholics, Anglicans, Muslims to end trafficking

House Republicans eye sex-trafficking legislation

FBI: Kids forced into prostitution for Super Bowl

Is “sex worker” a legitimate phrase?

Nobel Prize-winning economist makes the case for a market for organs

China gives doctor death sentence for baby trafficking

Chinese Doctor Admits Selling Patients’ Newborns

Where Do (Modern) Babies Come From? | Alan S. Newman at Public Discourse

Prostitution: France Wants To Punish Clients

Nigerian doctor laments growing plague of human trafficking

Girl smuggled into Britain to have her ‘organs harvested’

Bodies Double as Cash Machines With U.S. Income Lagging: Economy

Revealed: India is home to nearly half of world’s 30 million modern-day slaves

Trafficking Case Against Saudi Princess Dismissed

10th Circuit: Utah sexual solicitation statute doesn’t violate First Amendment

Egypt: Christians Killed for Ransom

Who’s A Victim Of Human Sex Trafficking?

Organ trafficker gouges out Chinese boy’s eyes for corneas to sell on black market

2013 State Ratings on Human Trafficking Laws

Judge Blocks NJ State Law On Online Sex Ads

Russia: Surgeons Questioned About Involvement In Trade In Human Body Parts

‘Some girls have been married 60 times by the time they turn 18′

In Afghanistan, Fathers Barter Daughters to Settle Drug Debts

Pastor’s Daughter in Nigeria Allegedly Kidnapped, Forced to Convert to Islam

Christian Girls Being Snatched by Islamist Traffickers

Ice Arrests 255 People In Child Exploitation Cases

Egypt: Christian families tell of losing their daughters

California: Saudi Princess free on $5 million bail; charged with trafficking

Tortured in the Sinai: ‘I Was Hanged for Days’

Web groups sue to block NJ law on underage sex ads

State Department releases 2013 human trafficking report

‘Prostitution pledge’ ruling splits conservatives

When May the Government Require Groups to Endorse Certain Views in Order to Get Government Benefits?

Obama administration slaps Russia, China on sex slavery, trafficking

Bangladesh: Christian children still missing, enslaved

Unlikely coalition of liberals and conservatives is shifting the way we view – and treat – people who sell sex | Salon

    Salon: And now, with eight states handing down felony charges for prostitution — where non-violent, mostly female prostitution offenders are serving in state prison – a battle to lessen criminal penalties has been joined by an unlikely ally. Conservative lawmakers, looking at price tags, are also receptive to changing the way we see – and treat– people working in prostitution.

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Prostitution issue reaches Canadian Supreme Court

British schoolgirl ‘murdered for her organs’ in India, family claim

Supreme Court to hear arguments on ‘prostitution pledge’

Does requiring groups fighting HIV/AIDS to oppose prostitution violate the right to free speech?

Scientists Pressure Women to Sell Eggs for $50,000 or More

European Union Report Details Growth Of Human Trafficking

Abductions of Christian Girls Increased in Egypt Since Regime Change

What We Want Is The Head Of The Friar | New Yorker

President’s Faith-Based Advisory Council Issues Report On Combating Human Trafficking

We can’t ignore slavery in the bid to lift millions out of poverty

UK Government Approves Genetically Engineered “Three-Parent” Embryos

“Half Of Girls In South Sudan Forced To Marry” | AP

We don’t buy and sell people | Bruce J. Clemenger of Evangelical Fellowship of Canada