Opposition to same-sex ‘marriage’ rooted in charity

Marriage, self-government, and civility

Man-woman marriage laws do not infringe gays’ and lesbians’ liberty

ERLC calls for us to #PrayForMarriage

Why states should get to decide on whether to redefine marriage

Marriage supporters flood high court ahead of case

Does the Constitution require states to recognize same-sex marriage?

Judicially mandating same-sex marriage would put the US at odds with the Western world

Term incompatible with life is ‘cruel and heartless’

U.N. urges ISIS trial for suspected genocide

United Nations expert on religious freedom launches first official visit to Lebanon

Grimmark met UN rapporteur

ADF Intl to UN: Forcing nurses to perform abortions violates intl law

Europe’s ‘freedom of conscience’ debate gets U.N. hearing

Islamic State selling, crucifying, burying children alive in Iraq — U.N.

Holy See to UN: stop ignoring attacks on Christian women, girls

What can pro-lifers expect from the UN’s new development goals?

Beyond ‘The Interview’: UN votes to send North Korea to Intl Criminal Court for forced abortion, other atrocities

CSW welcomes UN General Assembly vote recommending North Korea referral to International Criminal Court

Over 15,000 jihadists from 80 countries flooding in to fight for ISIS, UN reveals

HeForShe: When are we going to get honest about gender issues?

Complete text of remarks by President Barack Obama to the United Nations General Assembly 2014

Rallying the United Nations in defense of Christians

Bhutanese pastor sentenced to prison for accepting funds for ministry activities

Coalition of interfaith charities support UN efforts to investigate atrocities committed by ISIS in Iraq

UN accuses ISIS militants of ‘barbaric’ sexual violence; says humanitarian crisis in Iraq has reached its highest level

Religious leader looks to west for help for Iraqi Christians

UN Committee demands Ireland change constitution to allow wider abortion

Kids should get help to kill themselves, say charities

UN Continues to push for abortion as a “right”

Maternal mortality and abortion advocacy

UN report drops charge that Catholic teaching on abortion is ‘torture’

Allow abortion–or you’re guilty of torture (so says the U.N.)

ADF to Bhutan: Respect religious freedom

Another UN committee plans to question Vatican officials on abuse

Lawyers warn of global push for “gender identity” language | Catholic News Agency

Kazakhstan urged to end mandatory registration of religious communities

UN Human Rights Council adopts resolution on religious freedom

    United Nations: “In a resolution (A/HRC/25/L.19) on freedom of religion or belief, adopted without a vote, the Council condemns all forms of violence, intolerance and discrimination in the name of religion or belief as well as any advocacy of religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence; also condemns violence and acts of terrorism, which are increasing in number; urges States to ensure that their constitutional and legislative systems provide adequate and effective guarantees of freedom of thought, conscience and religion or belief; to make use of the potential of education for the eradication of prejudices against and stereotypes of individuals on their religion or belief; and requests the Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief to report annually to the Human Rights Council and the General Assembly.”

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The Catholic Church and human trafficking

UN official: India’s “conversion” laws threaten religious liberty

Clinton at UN: Humanity cannot progress without “reproductive rights”

UN report: North Korea’s Kim Jong-un forced mothers to drown newborn babies

Vatican diplomat testifies before Congress, denounces persecution of Middle East’s Christians | CWN

UN defends report calling on Church to renounce its moral teachings on sexuality

The U.N. assault on the Catholic Church

The U.N.’s war on religious liberty

Elyssa Koren: UN committee attacks Catholic Church

UNESCO report promotes abortion and same-sex narrative

“UN Chief denounces attacks on LGBT people”

Marco Rubio: U.N. overreaches, tramples religious liberty

UN panel: Russia should annul homosexual “propaganda” law

UN denounces Vatican’s views on abortion, contraception, homosexual behavior

Report: China, India Among Nations With Worst Religious Freedom

Report: 8 countries on UN Human Rights Council restrict religious freedom

Abortion is losing at the UN | Austin Ruse at C-FAM

US Official Claims “Collective Understanding” of Pro-Abortion Language at UN

GOP balks at Obama’s human rights nominee

Obama Administration Snubs Catholic Church With Vatican Embassy Downgrade

U.N. Experts Call On Malaysia To Reverse Ban On Catholic Paper Using “Allah” To Refer To God

Vatican Under Fire From UN Committee on the Rights of the Child Print

Less than Half of the World’s Countries Support U.N. Resolution Criticizing Iran’s Human Rights Abuses

Woman Challenges Ireland’s Abortion Ban At UN

China, Russia in running for top UN human rights body

Abortion Advocates Vocally Frustrated at the UN

UN Committee Raises Stakes in International Tussle Over Abortion

    C-FAM: The committee that monitors the UN’s women’s treaty is famous for its extravagant opinions. Nowhere is its commitment to radical policies more explicit than when dealing with abortion. Even as the General Assembly is scrutinizing its work, the CEDAW committee, which monitors the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Violence Against Women, is promoting abortion in a controversial new general recommendation on women in situations of conflict.

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UN Freedom Of Religion Official Recommends Controversial Sex Ed

UN Rights Chief Criticizes Maldives’ Top Court

Blame Canada: A Donor State Faces Pressure To Fund Abortions Through Foreign Aid

Sexual Radicalism: Imperial Project, Global Goliath