“Sexual Orientation” Battle Returns to Human Rights Counci

Chile Wins U.N’s ‘Protect Life Award’

Chile Gets Pro-Life Award; Opposing Abortion, Helping Women

Chile presented with Int’l Protect Life Award by ADF, pro-life organizations at U.N.

Fears for Afghan Converts after India Denies Refuge

UN Women Celebrates Launch as Leading Player in Gender Equality

U.S. to rebuke Israel at the UN

U.S. taxpayer money to fund Rwanda campaign to sterilize 700,000 men

Obama admin argues for stronger UN

House rejects GOP-effort to make UN repay $179 million overpayment

How the U.N. Encourages Religious Murder

“Gays need more protection,” says UN chief

U.N. funding an early target for House Republicans

New commission may insert abortion in $40 billion UN program

UN refugee agency concerned over Sweden’s reported plan to deport Iraqis

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.: The Deadly Logic of Anti-Blasphemy Laws

U.N. refugee agency warns on Greek anti-migrant fence

New UN maternal health commission may promote abortion

U.S. twisted arms on UN sexual orientation vote

UN restores sexual orientation reference to violence measure

At U.S. insistence, sexual orientation language restored to UN resolution

“Gay rights” row breaks out over amended UN resolution

Homosexual advocates launch new guide to make homosexual “rights” a reality

UN vote will consider whether “gays” should be treated as minority

UN raps Sweden for deporting Iraqi Christians

UN mulls internet regulation options

Book Review: The Last Utopia: Human Rights in History

    In Democracy, Yehudah Mirsky reviews The Last Utopia: Human Rights in History By Samuel Moyn: “Two large questions dog the theory and practice of human rights in our time. Although many claim that these rights have a long ancestry in the history of human thought, why do they seem to have emerged in force only in recent decades? And why does the language of human rights lend itself so easily to abuse, malevolence, and near meaninglessness, to the point where we’ve nearly come to expect that UN human-rights bodies will be chaired by dictatorships?” [Via Instapundit]

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Phyllis Schlafly: US should halt funding for UN’s climate scam

U.S. to seek return of “gay” reference to U.N. measure

Kevin Theriot: Christian persecution in Europe – When Biblical beliefs collide with culture

Report Focuses on Discrimination Against Christians In Europe

Abortion causing huge gender imbalance in Vietnam, UN admits

UN and IPPF sponsor campaign to decriminalize willful HIV infection

UNICEF harms children by thwarting adoptions

‘Defamation’ proposal passes U.N. committee but faces declining support

China’s U.N. influence rising, West should be careful: institute

Home schoolers don’t want CEDAW

CEDAW should promote women, human rights, not abortion

UN General Assembly Committee passes new version of resolution urging nations to forbid defamation of religion

UN sees global AIDS epidemic starting to turn

Dangerous UN Women’s treaty looms on horizon

    Selwyn Duke writing at The New American: “While Americans are thinking about turkey and the TSA (and turkeys in the TSA), as is often the case, the most destructive governmental shenanigans are occurring behind the scenes. On Thursday, November 18, the Senate held hearings on the UN’s Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), a treaty that could be used to justify sweeping social engineering across the nation.”

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Senate Democrats hold hearing to advance feminist treaty

CEDAW report pressures nations on abortion as Congress holds hearing

Internationalist curriculum infiltrates U.S. schools

    C-FAM: “[O]ne American community has awakened to the International Baccalaureate, a study program quietly embraced by nearly 1,000 U.S. campuses and 139 countries worldwide. While found mostly in public high schools, the curriculum has touched middle and elementary schools, and even a number of Catholic schools . . . The IB comes from a non-profit educational foundation of the same name founded in Switzerland in 1968. Its early money came from the United Nations, as well as the 20th Century Fund and Ford Foundation.”

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UN urges “social” approach against female genital mutilation

Law Review: The Curious Persistence of Blasphemy

    Jeremy J. Patrick, The Curious Persistence of Blasphemy (November 17, 2010). Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1710446

    “Despite expectations to the contrary, blasphemy laws and their modern-day counterparts persist in a surprising number of jurisdictions around the globe. This article discusses four examples: the ‘defamation of religion’ movement at the United Nations, the surprising resurrection of blasphemy law in Ireland, the Australian trend toward enacting “religious vilification” laws, and the problem of formal illegality and private violence for blasphemous speech in Pakistan. Next, blasphemy is considered from three conceptual angles: the religious, the legal, and the secular/cultural. Last, the curious persistence of blasphemy is examined through an inquiry into why people blaspheme to begin with, and what harms (real or perceived) are caused by blasphemy. The conclusion here is that as long as societies hold something sacred – religiously or culturally – blasphemy will remain an operative concept and legal or social pressure to suppress blasphemous statements will continue to persist.”

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UN Committee debates the “right to sexual and reproductive health”

UN panel cuts “gay” reference from violence measure

Senate Committee to hold hearing on pro-abortion CEDAW treaty

UN approval of defamation resolution could be devastating for many Christians

UN human rights panel lectures US on pro-abortion CEDAW treaty

U.S. grilled on “human rights” by UN panel: Emphasizes homosexual rights efforts

UN condemns attack on Iraqi Christians

ACLU: UN Human Rights Council issues recommendations to U.S.

Catholic League: UN anti-blasphemy resolution is flawed

US rejects UN call to abolish death penalty

UN defamation resolution will legitimize persecution of Christians

    Canada Free Press: “As if the United Nations’ failure to address the persecution of Christians weren’t bad enough, that international body’s resolution called ‘Defamation of Religions’ will lay the legal ground work for a country to legalize persecution of their citizens if they believe in a different religion than the state. Such a resolution would be of great assistance to Muslim, communist and socialist nations who view the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible impediments to their political or theological goals.”

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Cuba, Iran blast U.S. human rights at U.N. forum

UN agency promotes sex ed from birth

Fate of Iraqi Christians will worsen, experts fear; UN rights chief comments

ACLU: “Holding America accountable at international human rights review”

Vatican envoy implores UN to recognize bias, threats against Christians

ACLU: “United States to undergo first-ever Universal Periodic Review before U.N. Human Rights Council Friday in Geneva”

    ACLU Press Release: “The U.S. will undergo the first-ever Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of its human rights record before the U.N. Human Rights Council (HRC) on Friday, November 5 in Geneva, Switzerland. The American Civil Liberties Union, which is in Geneva to observe the proceedings and participate in side events, welcomed the U.S. participation in the UPR process as an important step toward protecting and promoting human rights at home, and said there are still many areas that need significant improvement in the U.S. The ACLU called on the Obama administration to address existing human rights violations and urged policy reform in order to fully comply with U.S. human rights obligations.”

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Netanyahu raps U.N. body over religious sites’ ruling

Countries slam attempts to create new “right” to sexual education at UN

Holy site sparks row between Israel and UN

Turning Christian speech into “hate speech”

New UN special rapporteur on religion criticizes Chinese regime

USCIRF: 8 nations, including Russia, failing religious liberty pledge

C-FAM and ADF submit joint brief to UN committee

Fight looms over “religious defamation” measure at UN

Planned Parenthood admits defeat: No abortion as a human right in UN Summit document

National Review Online: What the Wilders trial means

Christian Groups Intensify Efforts Against U.N. Defamation Resolution

Will Islam conquer the Netherlands? The Wilders Trial Warning