Judge dismisses Florida school vouchers lawsuit

Florida House approves expansion of voucher program

Georgia parents sue state over private school scholarship program

David Harsanyi: Vouchers are not about Creationism

AZ Supreme Court: State funds for private schools legal

    AZ Daily Sun: “Arizona’s controversial voucher-like system of using state funds to send children to private and parochial schools is legal, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled Friday. Without comment, the high court refused to disturb a Court of Appeals decision which said the program, officially dubbed ‘empowerment scholarship accounts,’ does not run afoul of a state constitutional provision that bars public funds from being used to subsidize private and parochial schools.”

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Colorado court to hear school voucher appeal

Florida may allow expansion of private school vouchers

Sasha Volokh: North Carolina judge strikes down vouchers

NC: Judge blocks law allowing use of tax money for tuition at private or religious schools

North Carolina judge allows lawsuits on private school grants

AZ: Push to expand school vouchers for private, parochial schools moves forward in House

Jindal: DOJ ‘More Interested In Skin Color’ Than Education

NC Groups Sue State Over ‘Unconstitutional’ Private School Vouchers

Lawsuit planned to challenge NC vouchers

Louisiana Education Voucher Program Brings Greater Integration

Vouchers Can Help Kids and Big-City Politicians

Arizona Appeals Court Upholds School Voucher Program

Justice Department vs. Louisiana Voucher Kids | Clint Bolick at WSJ

Louisiana School Voucher Dispute May Be Ending

Strong Demand For Educational Choice Across The Country

School choice expands in the states

North Carolina Legislature Passes Educational Choice Program

Vouching for Tolerance at Religious Schools | Jay Greenburg at WSJ

Ohio governor signs statewide voucher expansion for low-income students

U.S. Senate Committee Votes Down ‘School Choice’ Amendment, Americans United for Sep. of Church and State celebrates

Wisconsin slated to improve voucher funding but provide little expansion to school choice program

Indiana expands school voucher program | Patheos

Indiana expands school voucher program | DFW Catholic

Louisiana Supreme Court Invalidates State School Voucher Program

ACLU petitions Colorado Supreme Court to overturn Douglas County school voucher decision

The Ongoing Fight For Schoolchildren’s Religious Freedom | Alan Sears

Indiana voucher victory: Unions lose another challenge to school reform for the poor.

Louisiana Voucher Plan Forces Taxpayers To Subsidize Religious Instruction, Says Americans United

Families Win Legal Victory In Alabama Supreme Court School Choice Case

State Court Says Louisiana Voucher Program Violates State Constitution

Indiana School Voucher Program On Trial

Are Charters Enough Choice? School Choice and the Future of Catholic Schools | Nicole Stelle Garnett, Notre Dame Legal Studies Paper

    Garnett, Nicole Stelle, Are Charters Enough Choice? School Choice and the Future of Catholic Schools (January 19, 2012). Notre Dame Law Review, 2012; Notre Dame Legal Studies Paper No. 12-50. Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1988467

    This contribution to a Notre Dame Law Review symposium on “Law and Educational Innovation” critiques the oft-repeated assertion that private-school-choice programs, such as tuition vouchers or tax credits, are unnecessary because charter schools provide sufficient educational choices. Arguing that policy makers have failed to come to terms with the profound, unfortunate consequences of Catholic schools’ rapid disappearance from urban neighborhoods, the essay builds a case for a shift in education policy that embraces both charter schools and private-school-choice mechanisms.

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Indiana State Supreme Court Considers School Vouchers

Oklahoma High Court Dismisses Challenge To Voucher Program On Standing Grounds

WH Undermining Successful Voucher Program

Study: African American School Voucher Recipients 24% More Likely to Enroll in College

Indiana’s ED Voucher System Doubles, Public Schools Fight Back With Billboard Ad Campaign

In many states, voucher programs are helping Christian families, schools turn corners

    Baptist Press: As Indiana’s path-breaking voucher program charts its second year, the Griffin children are among thousands of Hoosier students using state dollars to attend private schools. About 300 private, largely Christian schools in the state are accepting voucher students — and gaining a financial boost as they arrive. The boost once was rare, but the school choice movement is surging, thanks to Republican statehouse efforts with occasional Democratic support. The impact in Indiana could predict how Christian schools will benefit from new school choice programs in states such as Louisiana.

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La. school boards sue to block vouchers

D.C. School Vouchers To Continue For Another Year Under Agreement Between Administration and Congressional Backers

Broad Coalition Celebrates Ten-year Anniversary Of Landmark Supreme Court Decision On Cleveland Voucher Program

NYT: Vouchers Unspoken, Romney Hails School Choice

Vouchers Breathe New Life Into Shrinking Catholic Schools

Religious freedom in school choice

School choice a win-win

ADF: Religious discrimination isn’t religious freedom, says brief defending Colo. vouchers

“School vouchers and the religious subversion of church-state separation” | The Guardian

School Vouchers Gain Ground

New Orleans Voucher Program Boasts High Parental Satisfaction Rate

AZ State Trial Court Upholds School Voucher Program