TSA unionization may open floodgates

Holder Confronts Fallout From DOMA Decision

Traditional marriage: Is it really indefensible?

    Charles A. Donovan writes at the Bellingham Herald: “However, the decision to openly switch sides comes midstream in the judicial process. That creates real uncertainty about who will represent the Congress of the United States and the law before the courts. Our judicial system depends completely on a genuine adversarial process. The courts do not accept controversies unless they are just that: important legal matters about which the contending parties deeply disagree. This holds for criminal cases as well as for issues of statutory and constitutional law. When one side of a case is actively helping the other, or putting up a token defense, the courts and the people of the United States suffer a grave disservice. Even more offensive is the fact that, while serving up this legal surrender, the president and his team are slandering millions of Americans who clearly disagree with redefining marriage.”

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Holder Right There Obama, FRC’s Got a Question: Unethical collusion in Prop 8 litigation?

Paul Benjamin Linton legal analysis: President overlooked Supreme Court ruling, Baker v. Nelson, in refusing to defend DOMA

Obama Admin Appeals Judge’s Ruling on Pro-Abortion Obamacare

Is DOMA really dead?

“U.S. resists gay DOMA claim”

Charles G. Koch: Why Koch Industries Is Speaking Out

Obama Offers Flexibility to Implement Single Payer Faster

    Heritage Foundation: President Barack Obama knows all of this, which is why he told the visiting National Governors Association at the White House yesterday that he supports changing the date that states can begin applying for waivers from some Obamacare mandates from 2017 up to 2014. Specifically, the President endorsed legislation by Senators Ron Wyden (D–OR) and Scott Brown (R–MA), claiming: “It will give you flexibility more quickly while still guaranteeing the American people reform.” President Obama is at least half right here. Wyden–Brown would give states some flexibility—but only the flexibility to implement a government take over of health care faster.

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Obama, DOMA, and Constitutional Responsibility

Cantor Says House Will Defend Marriage Act

Lungren criticizes ‘Defense of Marriage’ decision, warns of oversight

Obama’s ‘risky move’ in Florida

Obama backtracks on health mandate, allows opt-out from start

David French: “Presidents and Constitutionality: Thinking Through the DOMA Decision”

Pro-family groups: Obama disregarding duty to defend federal law

ADF statement in response to Defense of Marriage Act

Chuck Colson: Obama and DOMA

    Chuck Colson writes at the Christian Post: . . . you can get the link to it at our website, breakpoint.org. You can also get at breakpoint.org a link to the Alliance Defense Fund, which is doing some heroic work in this area and has produced a brilliant and insightful paper. Holder’s decision is but the latest in a series of steps intended to intimidate us, to shut off debate, and to keep us out on moral issues: first the California case, then the huge corporation Apple taking down the Manhattan Declaration app from its iTunes store, and now this decision by Holder. The ACLU has hailed Holder’s decision as “the tipping point in the gay rights movement.” Sadly, that may well be the case unless we speak out loudly and quickly. Do not be intimidated.

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Gerard V. Bradley: Obama’s Unreasonable Abandonment of DOMA

    Law Professor Gerard V. Bradley writes at Public Discourse: Most tellingly, the Attorney General advanced no argument—“professionally responsible” or otherwise—for the Department’s rejection of (what he called) “procreational responsibility” as a justification for traditional marriage. He said curtly that “the Department has disavowed already” this justification as “unreasonable.” Maybe so. But to “disavow” an argument is not to refute it. And no one in the Obama Administration (or anywhere else, for that matter) has successfully refuted the claim that marriage is intrinsically connected to procreation, such that only opposite-sex couples may marry.

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3M chief warns Obama over business regulation

    FT.com: Mr Buckley, who has run the diversified manufacturer since 2005, said: “There is a sense among companies that this is a difficult place to do business. It is about regulation, taxation, seemingly anti-business policies in Washington, attitudes towards science.”

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It’s Time To Fight – Alliance Defense Fund speaks out on USDOJ refusal to protect law.

Shift in DOMA Policy Prompts Questions from Judge in Lambda Legal’s Golinski v. OPM

Attorney General Mark Levin: Won’t Enforce Roe v. Wade

Duplicity revealed in DOMA decision?

ABC: “First Openly-Gay Man Chosen as the New White House Social Secretary”

Heritage Foundation: Next step in Congress’ fight for marriage

World Magazine: “Optional: a president who upholds the law”

“Gay marriage a 2012 US election issue”

Conservatives: Obama Disregarded His Duty with DOMA

Coalition of black churches blast Obama abandonment of DOMA

Do Presidents Have a Duty to Defend the Constitutionality of Laws they Believe to be Unconstitutional?

Federalist Society Podcast on the Government’s Duty to Defend the Law — And A Few More Thoughts on the Decision Not to Defend DOMA

San Francisco Chronicle: “Same-sex marriage: Courts expected to heed Obama move”

Justice Department to stop defending DOMA, [homosexual] groups respond

Obama, Holder contend homosexuality ‘immutable’

World Mag: No more defense

Blog of the Legal Times: DOJ won’t defend Defense of Marriage Act

GLAD Lawyer Expects Members Of Congress To Defend DOMA In Court

Obama Fails to Defend Traditional Marriage

Q&A: What Obama’s DOMA decision means & why it is significant

Government will no longer defend DOMA

“Not going to defend marriage”

Better DOMA defense to come

U.S. will no longer defend Defense of Marriage Act in court

Biden defends unions against conservative ‘social agenda’

States: Judge clearly meant to halt work on Obamacare

AP: “Analysis: Obama shifts stance on gay marriage”

Marriage policy change: Questions and answers

Liberty Counsel: Obama Betrays America By Refusing to Defend the Defense of Marriage Act

    Liberty Counsel: “Today President Barack Obama instructed the U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, and the Department of Justice to cease defending the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). “This is outrageous and unthinkable that the President would abandon the defense of marriage,” said Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “President Obama has betrayed the American people by his refusal to defend the federal law that affirms what many courts upheld as constitutional, namely, that marriage is between one man and one woman,” said Staver.”

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Obama Administration declares part of Federal DOMA unconstitutional, won’t defend

ADF statement in response to DOJ letter on Defense of Marriage Act

Rebecca Hagelin: Culture Challenge of the Week: Stifling the Voice of Conscience

Virginia Dems see president as best chance to coax Kaine into Senate bid

White House closely aligned and in constant contact with Union bosses

    Washington Examiner: “But even the claim that AFSCME, the AFL-CIO, or even the SEIU, are representative of some kind of grassroots movement denies everything we know about unions. First is their political access: Then-SEIU president Andy Stern not only served on the president’s deficit commission, he was also the top visitor to the White House in 2009, the first year Obama was in office. Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO’s head boss, is on tape saying that he talks to someone at the White House every day. There’s a word for this, and it’s not “grassroots.”

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How many bureaucrats to implement Obamacare?

Weakened protections: The Obama administration strikes elements of conscience protections for pro-life medical providers

Supreme Court revisiting Obama eligibility case; recusal sought for Obama appointees

    WorldNetDaily: The court has confirmed that it has distributed a petition for rehearing in the case brought by attorney John Hemenway on behalf of retired Col. Gregory Hollister and it will be the subject of a conference on March 4. It was in January that the court denied, without comment, a request for a hearing on the arguments. But the attorney at the time had submitted a motion for Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, who were given their jobs by Obama, to recuse. Should Obama ultimately be shown to have been ineligible for the office, his actions, including his appointments, at least would be open to challenge and question. At the time, the Supreme Court acknowledged the “motion for recusal” but it changed it on official docketing pages to a “request.” And it reportedly failed to respond to the motion . . . He also argued that if court members continue to “avoid” the dispute they effectively will “destroy the constitutional rule of law basis of our legal system.”

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House budget would cut Title X entirely, block funds for health law: Obama vows veto

John Fund: What’s at Stake in Wisconsin’s Budget Battle

Obama Distances Himself From Planned Parenthood Sex Trafficking Scandal

Professor Vischer on New Conscience Regs

House votes to block funding for Obamacare

Obama Admin Weakens Protections for Pro-Life Medical Workers

Heritage Foundation: The American People Can’t Afford to Lose Wisconsin Union Showdown

Wis. Gov. to Obama: We’re focused on balancing the budget, maybe Washington ought to do the same

    The Hill: Walker said demonstrators who filled the state capitol building in Madison and the boycott by state Senate Democrats — some of whom fled the state in protest — have steeled the resolve of members of his party . . . Walker also fired back at President Obama, who sided with the public employees, saying on Fox News Friday, “We are focused on balancing our budget. It would be wise for the government and others in Washington to focus on balancing their budgets, which they are a long way off from doing.”

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Four states granted ObamaCare waivers: FL, NJ, OH, TN

Taxpayers v. Public Teacher Unions: Wisconsin battle may have long term national implications

GOP escalates showdown with Obama over funding measure