Obama Willing to Pursue Solo Syria Strikes, Aides Say

British lawmakers reject measure on military action in Syria, in setback for Obama administration

116 House members say Obama needs approval from Congress on Syria

Full Churches in Damascus as Melkite Patriarch Pleads Against Strikes Against Syria

22 House lawmakers demand say in approving Syria military strike

Syrian Chaldean Catholic bishop: Military intervention in Syria ‘could spark world war’

Moscow Patriarchate: acting as “international executioners,” the US is sacrificing Muslims and Christians in Syria

A Veteran Saudi Power Player Works To Build Support to Topple Assad

    Wall Street Journal: Prince Bandar—for two decades one of the most influential deal makers in Washington as Saudi ambassador but who had largely disappeared from public view—is now reprising his role as a geopolitical operator. This time it is to advance the Saudi kingdom’s top foreign-policy goal, defeating Syrian President Assad and his Iranian and Hezbollah allies . . . The conflict there has become a proxy war for Middle East factions, and Saudi Arabia’s efforts in Syria are just one sign of its broader effort to expand its regional influence. The Saudis also have been outspoken supporters of the Egyptian military in its drive to squelch the Muslim Brotherhood, backing that up with big chunks of cash.

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Syria accuses Kerry of lying, disregarding UN

Coptic Christians March on Washington: ‘We Support the Egyptian Army’

Obama Says Law School Should Be 2 Years, Not 3

Obama: Cutting Egypt Aid May Not Reverse Actions

US Coptic Christians chant ‘Obama, don’t you care? Christian blood is everywhere’

White House to hold closed-door session on bisexual issues next month

Christians, Other Egyptians Protest Perceived Pro-Muslim Brotherhood Bias of White House, Media, CAIR

Did Bush-Obama Policies Begin the End of Christianity in Arab Lands?

Egypt: Attacking the ‘Enemies of Islam’ | Andrew McCarthy at NRO

Obama’s Brother Linked To Muslim Brotherhood

Top 2 Myths About Defunding Obamacare | Heritage Foundation Video

Could the D.C. Circuit Become the Second Most Dangerous Court?

Abortion coverage for Congress under health law?

Calls for Obama to freeze Egypt’s military aid come from left, right

GOP lawmaker: House has votes to impeach Obama ‘tomorrow’

Egyptians Enraged by U.S. Outreach to Muslim Brotherhood

McCain and Graham Meet With the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

Statement by the President on the Occasion of Eid al-Fitr

The White House keeps changing Obamacare. Is that legal?

Federal Faith-Based Partnership Reforms Grind Slowly Ahead With New OMB Memo

President intervened personally to save Congressional staff from Obamacare

Calif v. Idaho Turf War Over Judge Seat Still On

GOP senators demand answers from White House on ObamaCare promotion

G.O.P. Governors Warn Party Members in Congress Not to Shut Government

Senate and White House Move On Nominations

Obama taps more fundraisers for ambassadorships

Obama’s Creeping Authoritarianism | Daniel Henninger at WSJ

White House vows veto of bill carving IRS out of ObamaCare rollout

Rubio: Defund Obamacare, fund rest of gov’t; any shutdown is on Obama

“No Gay Diplomats: U.S. and British Promotion of LGBT Rights Abroad Sparks Backlash”

Crackdown in Egypt Fans U.S. Fears

Missouri College GOP Chairman: Group Turned Away at Obama Speech for ‘Security Reasons’

Obama celebrates Ramadan: ‘Islam has contributed to the character’ of US

Franklin Graham: Why is Obama Silent as Iran Tortures American Pastor?

Who made call to delay ObamaCare mandate? Republicans want names

Obama Judicial Pick Cornelia Pillard: Abortion Needed to “Free Women From Maternity” | Tony Perkins at LifeNews

When the White House loses cases 9-0, the president is going too far.

44% Rate Obama Administration’s IRS Response As Poor

ObamaCare fate is in hands of GOP, plan looms to defund it

Mich. Judge Will Keep Obama Informed, Says Detroit Bankruptcy ‘Not Honoring’ President

Judicial Picks Loom as Next Battle

Bombshell in the IRS Scandal | Peggy Noonan at WSJ

    Peggy Noonan at WSJ: The IRS scandal was connected this week not just to the Washington office—that had been established—but to the office of the chief counsel. That is a bombshell—such a big one that it managed to emerge in spite of an unfocused, frequently off-point congressional hearing in which some members seemed to have accidentally woken up in the middle of a committee room, some seemed unaware of the implications of what their investigators had uncovered, one pretended that the investigation should end if IRS workers couldn’t say the president had personally called and told them to harass his foes, and one seemed to be holding a filibuster on Pakistan.

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Obama’s Pants On Fire In White House Obamacare Speech | Ken Klukowski at Breitbart

4th Circuit Invalidates NLRB Appointments

Obama hands out plum ambassador posts to big campaign donors

Democratic Leader Heads To Senate Rule Showdown

Dominican Republic ‘Black Monday’ protest against Obama’s homosexual-activist ambassador

Magistrate Judge Nominated for D.C. Superior Court Seat

Vouching for Tolerance at Religious Schools | Jay Greenburg at WSJ

“Dominicans Freak Out Over Obama’s Gay Ambassador Pick”

Above the Law | Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

USCIRF Calls On Administration To Raise Religious Persecution Concerns With Chinese Officials

President Sends Ramadan Greetings To Muslims In U.S. and Around the World

Obama Suspends the Law Like King James II | Mike McConnell at WSJ

Islam’s great challenge to Christian evangelism | Albert Mohler, Jr. at Baptist Press

    Albert Mohler, Jr. at Baptist Press: I criticize President Obama not for stating that America is not at war with Islam but for failing to be honest in clarifying that we do face a great civilizational challenge in Islam. Islam is, in effect, the single most vital competitor to Western ideals of civilization on the world scene. The logic of Islam is to bring every square inch of this planet under submission to the rule of the Quran. Classical Islam divides the world into the “World of Islam” and the “World of War.” In this latter world the struggle to bring society under submission to the Quran is still ongoing.

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No Cutoff In Us Aid To Egyptian Military _ For Now

Obama to Use Google and Campaign Model to Make Gov’t Smarter

Law requires Obama administration to cut off Egyptian aid

The Utter Chaos of the Obama Administration’s Egypt Policy | David French at NRO

“Video: Kenyan deputy president strongly rebuffs Obama on gay ‘marriage’: ‘We believe in God’”

Obama Asks Holder Implement DOMA Ruling Swiftly

House Panel Challenges IRS Worker Who Took Fifth