“Hagel, Obama Advisor Salute Gay, Lesbian Military Community” | U.S. Department of Defense

“First openly gay US Ambassador for Australia nominated”

“Eric Fanning, Out Gay Man, Takes Over As Acting Secretary Of The Air Force”

Pelosi says ENDA doesn’t have the votes to pass, Frank opposes Exec. Order

Obama promotes homosexual agenda in Africa

Were Obama recess appointments constitutional? Supreme Court takes case

High Court To Hear Obama Recess Appointments Case

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GOP Leader Warns Of Attacks On Free Speech

Catholics Fire Back At Obama Over School Comments: ‘anti-faith, Secular Agenda Shamelessly On Full Display’

Equality and the Redefinition of Marriage | Ryan Anderson at the Heritage Foundation

Obama administration slaps Russia, China on sex slavery, trafficking

Obama Admin. Says It ‘Strongly’ Opposes Religious Freedom In Military

Obama: ‘If Catholics Have Their Schools and Buildings and Protestants Have Theirs … That Encourages Division’

Social Security Administration: “gender change” merely requires letter from a doctor

Increasing number of Americans believe IRS scandal leads to White House | CNN Poll

Obama Threatens to Veto Bill Banning Abortions After 20 Weeks

Wanted: More homosexual money bundlers who want to be an ambassador

White House Announces Strong Opposition to Religious Freedom in Military | David Bohon at the New American

Obama Threatens to Veto Bill Protecting Soldiers’ Conscience Rights | NC Register

    NC Register: Joseph La Rue, an attorney with the public advocacy firm Alliance Defending Freedom, told the Register that ADF is investigating the extent of violations of Christian religious liberty and how far up the chain of command they go. “I think there is definitely a reason to be concerned,” he said. “Are we dealing with isolated incidents that were mistakes or are we dealing with something bigger than that? Right now, frankly, we don’t know.” However, he said a number of incidents involve Christians who have articulated their views on homosexuality. ADF is a consultant on one such case involving a U.S. Army master sergeant who bought Chick-fil-A — the fast-food chain targeted by homosexual-rights supporters after its president expressed support for traditional marriage — to celebrate his promotion and vocalize his support for DOMA. “There’s a tension between religious freedom on one hand and full acceptance of homosexual members of the military on the other hand,” La Rue said. [more]

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