Obama’s ‘Gay Rights’ Agenda on Collision Course With Religious Liberty

Obama NLRB Recess Appointments Unlawful, D.C. Circuit Says

Chairman of Joint Chiefs: Sex assault, combat ban on women linked

“Gay Rights Groups Seek Order On Employer Bias” | AP

Panetta Says Women In Combat Is A Strength

The Reality That Awaits Women in Combat | Ryan Smith at WSJ

Ex-SEAL Zinke: ‘Nearly Certain’ Women in Combat Will Cost Lives

“Despite Obama’s Divisive Speech, Gays and Lesbians Are ‘Treated Like Anyone Under The Law’” | Brian Brown at CNSNews

    Brian Brown at CNSNews: Sadly, the President squandered this opportunity when he chose to proclaim that our journey as a people would not be complete until gay and lesbian people are “treated like anyone under the law,” a not-so-veiled reference to his politically-motivated decision to endorse the radical movement to redefine marriage, one of our most sacred institutions. First of all, gay and lesbian people are already treated equally under the law. They have the same civil rights as everyone else. They’re free to live as they choose and love whom they wish. What they don’t have is the right to redefine marriage for society.

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“Gay Activists Laud Obama Speech, Now Want Action” | AP

Obama ‘will not oppose’ House GOP plan to suspent debt limit until May

“Gay-Marriage Supporters See President Obama’s Inaugural Address as ‘Clarion Call’” | USA Today

Why Obama Gave Hollywood a Pass | Bill Donohue

Tolerance Tyrants Strike Again: Louie Giglio, the Inaugural Uproar, and a Marketplace of Ideas |

Obama Starts Inauguration Day With Visit To Church

Planned Parenthood Prez Joins Obama at Inaugural Church Service

Obama Declares “Religious Freedom Day” As His Admin Denies It

“Default” Is a Red Herring in Debt Ceiling Debate

Shuns of Anarchy: The Public Inauguration of a New Moral McCarthyism

Louie Giglio, the Intolerant Left and the Irreducible Offense of the Gospel | Jordan Lorence

Senate Dems: We’ll back Obama if he raises debt limit unilaterally

“Conservative pastor drops out of Obama’s inauguration because of 1990s anti-gay sermon”

Muzzling Military Chaplains

White House petitioned to label Catholic Church a ‘hate group’

The Stealth Tax Hike: Why the new $450,000 income threshold is a political fiction.

The Education of John Boehner

Obama Rejects ‘Ill-Advised’ Conscience Protections for Military Chaplains

Chaplain Alliance calls on Obama administration to honor chaplain protections passed by Congress

Obama endorses Illinois bill to redefine marriage

Obama to fill four positions in 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

Obama to nominate Sen. John Kerry for Secretary of State

Possible Hagel Pick Raises Concerns In Senate GOP

Blasphemy and Islam: Our fundamental rights are under attack.

Obama looks for women to fill cabinet

Obama Will Not Go After States Where Pot Is Legal

White House, nonprofit groups battle over charitable deductions

Steny Hoyer: The Debt Limit ‘Is Not Real’

Senate GOP Leader Calls On Dems To Spell Out Cuts

Reid blocks Senate vote on Obama’s deficit-reduction plan

Court casts doubt on Obama recess appointments

Court showdown over recess appointments

Senator Blasts ‘Secret’ Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

Senate Dems Rally For Rice Against GOP Opposition

Obama nominates lesbian Latina judge to Pa. court

Democrats push to redeploy Obama’s voter database

‘Unskewed Polls’ founder claims Obama stole election

Despite President Obama’s Win, Pro-Life Victories “are in the works,” says AULA’s Dr. Charmaine Yoest

4th Circuit shedding conservative reputation

Obama Speaks In Burma About Religious Freedom

S.D. Fla.: “Obama Nominates Out Gay Black Judge To Federal Bench”

Planned Parenthood takes credit for Obama reelection

White House ‘secede’ petitions reach 675,000 signatures, 50-state participation

Obama Secession: Citizens From 18 States Ask President to Secede From the Union

“Gay-rights groups push Obama for executive order on discrimination”

If Holder goes, contentious fight looms over Obama’s next attorney general

ACLU Calls on President to Keep Promise and Close Gitmo

Exit Polling Data Shows Pro-Lifers Failed to Vote Pro-Life

President Barack Obama’s victory is good news for two judicial nominees in Oklahoma

Obama Wins The Way His Campaign Predicted | AP

Juan Williams: Obama’s Daunting Demographic Message for the GOP

    Juan Williams at Wall Street Journal: The critical political message from President Obama’s re-election victory Tuesday is that he cemented a new coalition of Democrats, led by the Latino vote, which threatens to reduce Republicans to an afterthought in future national elections. Yes, Mr. Obama won with the same group of voters—Hispanics, blacks, Asians, young people and educated women—that brought him to power in 2008 . . . Demography is political destiny and today Democrats have the numbers to prove it.

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Obama Victory Could Spell End Of Conservative Supreme Court

WH Undermining Successful Voucher Program

On Cuss Words, Character and Confucius | Piero Tozzi at the Bell Towers

    Piero Tozzi at the Bell Towers: Restoring dignity to the Office of President is not something to be taken lightly – character matters, and the President should be a role model. Integrity radiates from the top: as Confucius noted, the virtuous ruler is like the pole star, setting the standard for those around him. When those in high office act virtuously, people are inspired to virtue. And when that happens, young lads stop cussin’ around the house… Actually Confucius did not say that last bit, but of this much I am confident: there will be no more upending the ottoman in an effort to reach the remote in order to hit the mute button and prevent an assault on tender ears when a President Romney or his minions speak.

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Obama Voters at Biden Rally Vandalize Pro-Life Signs

Reid: ‘Laughable’ for Romney to think Dems will pass his agenda

Biden: Transgender discrimination is “the civil rights issue of our time”

“Obama offers support to gay marriage in Maine”

President Obama’s voice featured in new same-sex marriage radio ad in Maryland