SBA List blasts Obama for saying Planned Parenthood provides mammograms

Video Exposing Planned Parenthood’s Botched Abortions Disappears on YouTube

Planned Parenthood Has Spent $12 Million to Re-Elect Obama

Obama Camp Seizes on Republican’s Abortion Comments

Trump Offers $5 Million If Obama Releases Records

Cantor accuses Obama of ignoring law on abortion, Jerusalem

Obama DOJ Decides Not To Support Religious Liberty in NYC

Letter Shows Michelle Obama Backing Partial-Birth Abortion

Inside the Beltway: Mammogram Mythology | Washington Times

    Jennifer Harper at Washington Times: “President Obama needs to get the facts straight. He touts Planned Parenthood as a leading health care provider but in truth it is America’s largest abortion business — and does not perform mammograms. This oft-repeated myth has been repeatedly debunked and it’s time the president stop misleading the American people in an effort to buoy his top political ally,” says Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, who says the most recent proof of it all came from Casey Mattox, senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom.
    “She pointed out that according to the Department of Health and Human Services, no Planned Parenthood clinic in the country is authorized to perform mammograms under the federal Mammogram Quality Standards Act,” Mrs. Dannenfelser says, also noting that Mr. Obama’s policies on abortion “fly in the face of mainstream Americans.”

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Obama public pension slated for $191K annually for life win or lose, Romney has no public pension

Obama: Women ‘Rely’ on Planned Parenthood for Mammograms; FDA: No They Don’t

Obama’s ‘war on women’ canard is not fooling women | Timothy P. Carney at Washington Examiner

10% of Obama and Dem Ads relate to Abortion

In Debate, Obama Accuses Planned Parenthood of Violating Women’s Health Law | Casey Mattox at Townhall

There he goes again: Obama repeats false claim that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms | Alliance Defending Freedom

Obama Falsely Says Planned Parenthood Performs Mammograms

Obama Urged to Cut Ties With Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Over ‘Jihad’ Statements

Romney White House Would Immediately Face Marriage Issue: Defend DOMA or Not

Obama’s Great Alaska Shutout: Interior bans drilling on 11.5 million acres of ‘petroleum reserve.’

Obama family busted in Shariah scheme: Foundation funding training for Kenyan Saudi-style government

Campaign Denies Obama Supports Abortion-on-Demand, But Can’t Name One Restriction He Supports

Obama’s ring: “There is no God except Allah”

CBS Poll shows Romney rapidly narrowing the gap vs. Obama in California

Black Faith Leaders Plan $1M anti-Obama Effort Over Same-Sex Marriage

President’s Documents Now Accessible On Smartphone

Group Warns of Foreign, Fraudulent Donors to Obama Campaign

    ABC: A conservative political watchdog group is raising the prospect of an “illegal-donor loophole” in the nation’s campaign finance system, and suggesting the grassroots-donor-heavy Obama Campaign may stand to benefit. In a 109-page report published at a new website, the Government Accountability Institute alleges the current online campaign contribution system lacks accountability and transparency, making it highly susceptible to foreign and fraudulent gifts.

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Columbia Classmate: Obama Using IRS To Punish Me

    WorldNetDaily: Wayne Allyn Root – a pre-law and political science major in the class of 1983, like the president – told WND that despite a spotless tax record, he became the target of an audit in January 2011 when he received an “unsettling” call from an IRS agent who called himself a fan of his and considered it “an honor” to audit him.

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“Roy Moore says gay marriage will be ‘ultimate destruction of our country’ (video)” (includes video): “We cannot continue to borrow the future of our children and our grandchildren or we will suffer the consequences. We can’t keep going into debt. We can’t keep disparaging our military and promoting things like same-sex marriage, L-G-B-T. To hear the President of the United States say that we are promoting L-G-B-T. Let’s think about what that is: lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered rights,” Moore said. “Same sex marriage will be the ultimate destruction of our country because it destroys the very foundation upon which this nation is based. Divisive, I’ve been accused of being divisive I’ll tell you what’s divisive. It’s this Democratic platform,” Moore said.

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UN council delivers blow to Obama administration’s homosexual agenda

Karl Rove: Can We Believe the Presidential Polls?

First Lady: Cost-Free Contraception Is ‘Basic Preventive Care’

Obama’s FBI and CIA ‘going gay’ warns pro-family activist

Dozens of Pro-Lifers Arrested at White House Opposing HHS Mandate

Is The Obama Administration Suppressing The Military Vote?

SBA List calls Obama an ‘abortion radical’ in new Ohio ad

Book: Last year U.S. spent $1.4 Billion on Obamas, U.K spent $57.8 Million on Royalty

Fed monetizing U.S. deficit is huge risk, keeps heat off President, Congress

Senators join suit over Obama’s constitutional powers

Libya president: Anti-Islam film trailer had nothing to do with attack on US Consulate

55 percent of small business owners would not start company today, blame Obama

Obama Urges UN To Confront Roots Of Muslim Rage

“Saudi billionaire did help Obama into Harvard”

U.S. security at stake? LA Times cover up alleged, offers $100,000 for Obama Khalidi tape

The Religion That’s Killing The World Isn’t Just Islam, It’s Also Democracy

    Richard M. Salsman at Forbes: The so-called Arab Spring” of 2011 – in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya – was supposed to entail an overthrow of Arab tyranny, autocracy, and militarism, in favor of political freedom, reasoned deliberation, and lawful government. But that’s only what the democracy-obsessed Western media claimed at the time; it was never the likely outcome for those who knew what majority opinion had been in the Middle East for these many past decades. The opinion has been poisonously Muslim, its results both savage and brutal. What a hoax was the “Arab Spring.”

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Human-rights group slams White House for asking Google to review anti-Islam video

Some black pastors are telling their flocks to stay home Election Day | NY Daily News

Kansas panel delays ballot decision on Obama, seeks birth records from Hawaii

The Constitutional Sacrilege of Blasphemy Laws

White House asked YouTube to ‘review’ anti-Muslim film

Carney: Protests not directed at the United States

Israeli Science Group: Obama Birth Certificate Fake

Sebelius’s political comments at Charlotte event violated Hatch Act

U.S. Embassy Condemns Those Who ‘Hurt the Religious Feelings of Muslims’

Eugene Volokh: “All of You Who Harshly Condemn Anti-Homosexuality Religious Beliefs, Take Note”

Ramesh Ponnuru: Obama and Infanticide

Obama to Israel: You’re On Your Own

Obama Ties Bush’s Record of Placing Women Judges

White House declines Netanyahu request to meet with Obama

Pray for Obama’ sign stirs controversy over Biblical verse; SS investigation

Obama Rejects Catholic Leader for Democratic Convention Prayer

Planned Parenthood’s magical mystery bus tour

Issa probes talks between White House, IRS on healthcare law

Obama, Romney Interviewed On Religious Faith In America

Statement by the President on the Occasion of Eid-al-Fitr

Netanyahu ‘determined to attack Iran’ before US elections, claims Israel’s Channel 10

Hillary rejected VP slot to ready her own 2016 run

U.S. joins China to undermine “traditional values” in Geneva

ACLU denounces Brewer denial of Arizona benefits to illegals

Shooter Told Family Research Council: I Don’t Like Your Politics

AZ: Brewer bars public benefits for illegal immigrants

Obama at Iftar Dinner: Most precious right is “freedom of religion, the right to worship as we choose”

    CNSNews: “Of all the freedoms we cherish as Americans, of all the rights that we hold sacred, foremost among them is freedom of religion, the right to worship as we choose,” said Obama . . . In his iftar speech, Obama’s phraseology seemed to define freedom of religion as merely “the right to worship as we choose.” The First Amendment, however, does not use the phrase “freedom of religion” or the word “worship.” Rather, it expressly prohibits the government from prohibiting the “free exercise” of religion–meaning government cannot coerce people anywhere in their lives (whether in or outside a house of worship) to act against their consciences or the teachings of their faith.

    White House Blog: President Obama Hosts Fourth Annual Iftar Dinner at the White House

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President Hosts White House Iftar Dinner

“Why President Obama shouldn’t step down from the Boy Scouts”