Panel votes to hold AG in contempt, full House vote scheduled for next week

Obama claims executive privilege for info unknown to him?

White House agrees to continue funding DC private-school voucher program

CNN: “White House is finally a welcoming place for gay people”

Pentagon to celebrate “gay pride”, recognize “the military’s gay and lesbian troops”

China Human Rights Activist: State Dep’t Ignores Religious Freedom Issues in China

Trump: Obama Cut Deal With Saudis To Keep Oil Prices Low Until Election

“Obama voices support for Md same-sex marriage law”

Auto Bailout or UAW Bailout? Taxpayer Losses Came from Subsidizing Union Compensation

    Heritage Foundation: The U.S. government will lose about $23 billion on the 2008-2009 bailout of General Motors and Chrysler. President Obama emphatically defends his decision to subsidize the automakers, arguing it was necessary to prevent massive job losses. But, even accepting this premise, the government could have executed the bailout with no net cost to taxpayers. It could have—had the Administration required the United Auto Workers (UAW) to accept standard bankruptcy concessions instead of granting the union preferential treatment. The extra UAW subsidies cost $26.5 billion—more than the entire foreign aid budget in 2011. The Administration did not need to lose money to keep GM and Chrysler operating. The Detroit auto bailout was, in fact, a UAW bailout.

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“Obama’s Gay Marriage Contradiction: The president’s constitutional logic implies that state bans must be overturned.”

Obama Is Doing Stunningly Bad Among African Americans In North Carolina

Gallup: Now union members are deserting Obama

Thomas Sowell: Socialist or Facist? Obama seeks government control not ownership

Florida: Controversial Pastor Hangs Obama In Effigy To Protest Marriage and Abortion Stances

GOP leaders ridicule Obama on private sector ‘doing fine’

Hillary Clinton “still evolving” on marriage definition along with Dem Senate Candidates

Four more Obama cabinet secretaries announce support for marriage redefinition

Stanley Kurtz: “Obama’s Third-Party History: New documents shed new light”

    Stanley Kurtz at National Review: n the evening of January 11, 1996, while Mitt Romney was in the final years of his run as the head of Bain Capital, Barack Obama formally joined the New Party, which was deeply hostile to the mainstream of the Democratic party and even to American capitalism. In 2008, candidate Obama deceived the American public about his potentially damaging tie to this third party. The issue remains as fresh as today’s headlines, as Romney argues that Obama is trying to move the United States toward European-style social democracy, which was precisely the New Party’s goal.

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Bill Clinton reveals for the first time that former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo rejected Supreme Court nomination

“LGBT donors back President Obama, big time” | CNN

DOD looks to foreign allies for help passing Law of the Sea treaty

“Black pastors group demands meeting with Obama over gay marriage”

“Cuba Backing Gay Marriage?”

Bill Clinton: Mitt Romney’s business record ‘sterling’

Drugmakers Vowed to Campaign for Health Law, Memos Show

President Obama Opposes Ban on Sex-Selection Abortions

Fed Board Reflects Obama’s Influence (WSJ subscription)

President Obama awards socialist highest Congressional honor

Alan Sears: Peering Through the Smoke of the Marriage Debate

“President Objects To House Passed Defense Bill’s LGBT Related Provisions”

“Air Force Academy Graduates First Openly Gay Cadets”

Are More Black Voters Embracing Obama’s Endorsement of Gay Marriage?

“Obama team trumpets new polling on gay marriage”

Mariela Castro tops US visit with transgender talk

Obama Admin pushes for sea treaty

4 in 10 Democrats desert Obama in Arkansas, Kentucky primaries

Arizona verification of Obama’s birth

“Florida poll: Quarter of voters less inclined to back Obama over gay marriage issue”

Arizona Flooded By Emails On Obama Eligibility

Barack Obama’s Arkansas primary problem: Only 7 pts ahead of challenger

“Log Cabin Republicans: Obama’s Stance On Gay Marriage A ‘Dog Barks Moment’”

Is the NAACP A Fair Representation of the African-American Community?

Video: Cardinal Dolan says White House is “strangling” the Catholic church

President Obama Nominates Thomas M. Durkin to Serve on the US District Court for N.D. Ill.

Gary McCaleb: No Rights of Conscience for Military Chaplains?

“Obama may stay clear of court fight over Prop. 8″ | San Francisco Chronicle

Hawaii says AZ Obama birth certificate request is defective

Hawaii stalling on AZ Secretary’s request for birth certificate

    Washington Post: He added that Hawaii officials had responded with a request of its own, asking Bennett to cite the state laws authorizing him to make such a request. Bennett said his office responded via e-mail and that he has not heard back from Hawaii officials for two months.
    “All they’ve got to do is email me back saying ‘yes’ and it’s over,” he said. “But they haven’t for eight weeks, and I’m just stunned that they’re making this so hard.”

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“Obama Administration Issues LGBT-Inclusive Rules Aimed at Eliminating Prison Sexual Assault”

    MetroWeekly: Today, the Obama administration announced that it has finalized regulations implementing the Prison Rape Elimination Act. According to an executive summary provided to members of the media and a conference call held with reporters, the regulations include provisions relating to “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and gender nonconforming inmates” — a development a leading LGBT advocate calls one of the most important LGBT advancements in the administration.

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ABC: Obama’s literary agent misidentified his birthplace in 1991

    ABC on Yahoo: “This was nothing more than a fact checking error by me–an agency assistant at the time,” Goderich wrote in an emailed statement to Yahoo News. “There was never any information given to us by Obama in any of his correspondence or other communications suggesting in any way that he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. I hope you can communicate to your readers that this was a simple mistake and nothing more.”

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AZ Secretary of State: Obama won’t be on ballot absent verification from Hawaii

Breitbart: “Obama’s Lit Agency Used ‘born In Kenya’ Bio Until 2007″

    Breitbart: According to, a website that caches websites on a regular basis, the website – the official website for Dystel & Goderich, Obama’s literary agents – was using the Barack Obama “born in Kenya” language until April 2007, just two months after then-Senator Obama declared his campaign for the presidency.

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Breitbart: “Obama’s Literary Agent In 1991 Booklet: ‘born In Kenya And Raised In Indonesia And Hawaii’”

Lanny Davis: “Is gay marriage for states to decide, or is it a Constitutional right?”

Black clergy challenge Obama on ‘gay marriage’

White House ‘Strongly Objects’ to Legislation Protecting Conscience of Military Chaplains

DOJ ‘actively’ working to see DOMA overturned

Obama, Boehner clash at White House over debt ceiling hike

Alan Sears: “Newsweek Aside: Americans Still Oppose Redefining Marriage”

“Same-sex marriage seals Obama’s fate as a one-term president”

“Obama’s Judicial Restraint”

Obama, on stage with Evan Wolfson, calls for DOMA repeal

Rev. Eric C. Redmond: “Obama, gay marriage & and the black church vote”

No boost for Obama from push to redefine marriage | Reuters Poll

Obama Campaign Hires Religious Outreach Director

Explaining Obama’s Evolution: Nice conversion story or years of lies

AZ Sheriff Joe Responds To DOJ Lawsuit: Racial profiling or Obama coverup?

WSJ: “Gay? Yay! Straight news gives way to propaganda.”

“Gay marriage gives Romney chance to fire up base: Obama stand seen risking states he carried in ‘08″

After Obama’s Decision on Marriage, a Call to Pastors