Pittsburgh Settles Lawsuit With Pro-Life Advocate on Speech

Pittsburgh settles abortion ‘speech zones’ lawsuit

City to pay $209,000 as suit over abortion protests ends

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PA: Pittsburgh told to pay fees to abortion protester

“Anti-abortion group wants Pittsburgh legal fees”

$360,000 in legal fees sought from Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh buffer zone abortion center law weakened by federal judge

PA: District judge strikes 100-foot “bubble zone,” keeps 15-foot buffer outside abortion clinics

David Cortman: 3rd Circuit favors free speech in striking down broad abortion clinic protest zones

Appeals Court rejects Pittsburgh law creating buffer zones at abortion clinics

PA court rejects combination of buffer and bubble zones

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Abortion clinic bubble zones deemed “onerous”

Third Circuit strikes down abortion clinic layered protest zones

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Abortion protesters win Federal appeals battle

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Pennsylvania buffer-zone law challenged

Court rejects Pa. buffer law on abortion clinics