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Ark. High Court Overturns Ban on Cohabitants’ Adoption

“Arkansas Supreme Court Strikes Down Gay Adoption Ban”

Baptist Press: Cohabitating couples must be allowed to adopt, Ark. court says in reversing law

WSJ: “Arkansas Supreme Court Expands Gay Adoption Rights”

LifeSiteNews: “Arkansas high court strikes down voter-approved gay adoption ban”

Washington Times: “Ark. high court finds adoption law biased against gay couples: Unconstitutionally violates privacy”

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Arkansas Family Council: Supreme Court Succumbs to Judicial Tyranny

Eugene Volokh: Adoption and Foster Parenting by Unmarried Cohabitating Couples Who Have a Sexual Relationship

Arkansas Supreme Court strikes down adoption law approved by 57% of voters

Arkansas case: Children’s needs vs. adults’ wants

Arkansas Supreme Court reconsiders adoption ban

Child placement law contested: Unmarried Ark. couples can’t adopt, be foster parents

Ark. Supreme Court showdown Thursday over law protecting adopted, foster children

“ACLU asks AR Supreme Court to uphold ruling striking down parenting ban”

    ACLU: “The American Civil Liberties Union today asked the Arkansas Supreme Court to uphold a lower court ruling striking down a law that bans any unmarried person who lives with a partner, including those in same-sex relationships, from serving as an adoptive or foster parent in the state of Arkansas. In April, the Pulaski County Circuit Court found that the law, known as Act 1, did not serve the state’s interest in determining what is best for children. The state of Arkansas is challenging the circuit court’s ruling.”

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