“Ga. counseling student in court over view on gays” | AP

ADF on the radio: It’s Okay to Say Merry Christmas!

Proposition 8 Litigation: Jim Campbell on CBS 5 and ABC 7

David Cortman: Should the ACLU have a right to make a federal case out of your decision to tithe to your church?

Erik Stanley: Seriously, an official ACLU Day?? $407 Million Dollars?

    ADF Attorney Erik Stanley writing at Speak Up Movement / Church: “Imagine my surprise . . . when I see trumpeted on the ACLU’s website the fact that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg issued an official proclamation stating that September 15 is ‘ACLU Day.’ And then, I see the news that the ACLU just wrapped up its five year fundraising campaign where it hauled in a whopping $407 million dollars! That’s a lot of money to fund a radical organization like the ACLU that stands against traditional marriage and for unrestricted abortions . . . So church, the question is posed to us – what are we going to do about this? How are we going to counter the ACLU’s massive war chest? Are we to sit back and allow the forces of the ACLU to implement their vision for America unchecked?”

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Court temporarily lifts ban on stem cell funding

IRS fears prosecuting churches over politics

Daniel Blomberg on The Schilling Show: Recurring questions in the Cal. marriage litigation

NPR: “Judge keeps California gay marriages on hold”

Gary McCaleb: “Federalist No. 76 – The Appointing Power of the Executive, From the New York Packet (Hamilton)”

    ADF attorney Gary McCaleb is a guest blogger at the Constituting America Blog: “Federalist No. 76 recognizes that every government needs a stable of civil servants, who in turn must be secured for service with reasonable dispatch and with some assurance of quality. The paper plays off a consistent theme of our founding era—to balance each grant of authority (and concomitant power) with some restraint on the authority. In a nutshell, Hamilton takes the familiar balancing of powers among the executive, judicial, and legislative branches down a notch as he considers how to expeditiously staff the government with high quality persons, while restraining the appointment power lest it be used by the President to untoward ends. ”

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ADF attorneys on radio just before and after the Cal. Prop. 8 marriage ruling

Christian student sues to stay in counseling program

Thousands support Catholic prof fired for explaining church teaching on homosexuality

Obama retreats from “religious freedom” to “freedom of worship”

Piero Tozzi: Crying for Argentina . . .

Chuck Colson: “Faith in the Military: Chaplains and Alliance Defense Fund”

    Chuck Colson writes at Crosswalk (Breakpoint): “As you know, I am devoting my remaining years of ministry to equipping Christians to live out, defend, and apply their faith—their Christian worldview—in all areas of life. And that’s why I am deeply committed to movements—like-minded Christian organizations working together. So I purposely try to highlight the work of other organizations that are making a difference—helping Christians impact and shape culture. One of those organizations is the Alliance Defense Fund, which is on the front lines and in the court rooms, defending religious freedom. I recently received an email from Alan Sears, ADF’s president, pointing out some superb resources ADF has created on one of the most recent threats to religious liberty: the impending repeal of the military’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy.”

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SD: Rapid City church, Pennington County at odds over property taxes

Texas: Marble Falls Library policy under fire