Georgeen Rice Interview with Maggie Gallagher: Update on same sex marriage legal battles across the nation

GOP to push for D.C. same-sex “marriage” ban

“US Supreme Court refuses to hear appeal by anti-gays”

“Pastor declares ‘civil war’ after Supreme Court rejects DC gay marriage case”

US Supreme Court declines appeal on right to vote

“US Supreme Court denies same-sex marriage appeal in DC”

Supreme Court rejects appeal by D.C. marriage equality opponents

“DC’s Eleanor Holmes Norton chastises gay marriage foes who ask for Congress to interfere”

Gibbs defends DoJ appeal of DOMA case

Supreme Court rejects appeal to allow DC residents right to vote on marriage

Voters silenced: Sup. Court lets stand D.C. “gay marriage” ruling

“Supreme Court denies conservatives’ appeal in D.C. gay marriage case”

“Supreme Court declines to hear case targeting D.C. marriage equality”

Supreme Court refuses appeal by opponents of marriage redefinition in D.C.

U.S. Supreme Court rejects voter appeal over DC “gay marriage” law

Supreme Court nears decision on D.C. marriage case

DC marriage referendum reaches high court

Jackson petitions Supreme Court in D.C. marriage case

DC voters petition Supreme Court

Group Takes D.C. Marriage Battle to Supreme Court

ADF, Stand4MarriageDC appeal marriage initiative case to U.S. Supreme Court

“D.C. marriage victory: Supreme Court and Congress still loom”

“DC upholds same sex marriage”

DC Conservatives take next step to ensure their right to vote on “gay marriage”

DC conservatives to take marriage to high court

“Same-sex marriage in District narrowly upheld by D.C. Court of Appeals”

Split court: DC citizens can’t vote on marriage

“D.C. Court of Appeals rejects anti-gay marriage move”

Coalition May Appeal D.C. Marriage Ruling to Supreme Court

“DC’s gay marriage law survives court challenge”

“Court Strikes Challenge to D.C. Gay-Marriage Law”

Court rules D.C. can deny vote on same-sex “marriage”

Erosion of religious freedom threatens Church and nation, warns DC Archbishop Wuerl

A new twist on D.C. sterility: 3,096 marriages in 2009; 2,094 same-sex “marriages” in 2010

Austin R. Nimocks: Potemkin democracy in the district

D.C. “gay marriage” foes hopeful

Notes on marriage initiative arguments at D.C. Court of Appeals

    GLAA Forum: “Nimocks cited the CAA’s one explicit limitation on the right of initiative (appropriation of funds) as somehow showing that the right of initiative was otherwise co-extensive with the Council’s right to legislate. Basically, appellants’ position rests upon a static conception of the law, which is convenient for them since post-Dean facts and changes to the law have rendered it inapplicable. There was little if any direct reference to Dean. I did not hear any reference to the argument made previously by appellants that there is no discrimination because gays and lesbians can marry members of the opposite sex. But naturally there were frequent interruptions by the judges, so who knows what arguments Nimocks would have gotten to if he had the time. As it was, though, he did a lot of repeating of himself.”

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D.C. same-sex “marriage” recognition in court

“Marriage opponents’ appeal”

Faith leaders continue marriage fight in D.C.

Appeals judges sharply question city on referendum ban

DC’s battle over marriage continues

“Appeals Court weighs DC gay marriage challenge”

Full D.C. Appeals Court hears argument on “anti-gay marriage” initiative

Bishop won’t let voters become pawns on D.C. marriage

DC: PAC formed to support candidates opposed to same-sex “marriage”

DC: “Time to tie the knot”

Appeals continue to seek stay of D.C. same-sex “marriage” law

D.C. “gay marriage” law could be reversed

D.C. ties the knot but leaves voters unraveled

“D.C. issues homosexual marriage licenses”

DC “gay marriages” begin after Supreme Court tosses appeal

Foley & Lardner partner represents D.C. “gay marriage” foes

“Chief Justice Roberts Declines to Halt Gay Marriage in D.C.”

Same-sex marriage becomes legal in DC; line forms

Washington, D.C. ushers in same-sex “marriage”

Jackson’s last-minute effort

“DC court won’t stop gay marriages”

D.C. marriage bureau preparing for crush of same-sex couples

“DC gay marriage opponents appeal to high court”

Land to Congress: Stop D.C. “gay marriages”

Appeals continue to seek stay of D.C. same-sex “marriage” law

Same-sex “marriage” opponents appeal before measure goes into effect in March

Same-sex “marriage” opponents appeal, advocates look to March 3

Challenge to DC marriage redefinition law intensifies with new appeal

D.C. voters may not have final say on marriage

DC citizens blocked again on marriage vote

Same-sex ruling upheld by judge

Vote and stay sought in DC marriage debacle

ADF, Stand4MarriageDC appeal decision to redefine marriage without voter approval