High court strikes down Ariz. campaign finance law

Argument preview: Politics and public money

Supreme Court to review Ariz. campaign finance law

U.S. Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks AZ Campaign Finance Law

Goldwater Institute will appeal Ninth Circuit Clean Elections decision, refile injunction request

Supreme Court won’t halt Ariz. Clean Elections law

Arizona election subsidy challenged

    SCOTUS Blog: “The law provides that those who opt for public funding get escalating subsidies if their non-subsidized candidates raise significantly greater amounts of private money. The candidates without subsidies contend that this curbs their First Amendment right to raise and spend money, penalizing them by turning their added campaign efforts into further underwriting for their opponents. Their application (09A1133) in McComish, et al., v. Bennett, et al . . .”

  • Posted: 05/26/2010
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