New York court to rehear law targeting pregnancy care centers

U.S. top court leaves intact New York City pregnancy center rule

Decision ups overhead for NYC pro-life pregnancy centers

ADF to continue fight for freedom of NYC pregnancy care centers

One more step to ensure free speech in NYC

ADF asks US Supreme Court to review NYC’s anti-pregnancy care law

Attorneys make free-speech argument on behalf of NY pregnancy centers | OneNewsNow

ADF asks appeals court to strike down remainder of NYC’s anti-pregnancy care law

Appeals court hands NY pro-life crisis-pregnancy centers a mixed ruling | National Catholic Register

ADF may appeal ruling against CPCs | Baptist Press

NYC pregnancy centers win free speech appeal

Doctor-free pregnancy centers must admit that

NYC pregnancy centers win free speech appeal | WORLD

Court strikes down New York City law targeting pro-life pregnancy centers | LifeNews

Court revives NY law on crisis pregnancy centers | Associated Press

Appeals court strikes down most of NYC anti-pregnancy center law

Court Takes Close Look At Pregnancy Center Regulations

ADF: New York City tries to deny pro-life choices

Appeals Court Asked to Halt NYC Law Attacking Pregnancy Centers |

New York Appeals Decision Striking Anti-Pregnancy Center Law

Something to celebrate: A free-speech, pro-life victory in New York City

Judge blocks NYC law threatening crisis pregnancy centers

Protecting protectors

NYC Women’s Clinics Don’t Have to Post Abortion Notices

Judge Halts New York City Law Attacking Pregnancy Centers ADF Legal Counsel Matt Bowman commented on the law and the lawsuit in remarks to “Pro-life pregnancy centers, which freely offer real help and hope to women and their preborn children, shouldn’t be punished by political allies of those who make their money aborting babies,” he said. “This order keeps the city from enforcing a law that is specifically designed to deter pregnant women from receiving the help they need to make fully informed choices about their pregnancy while this lawsuit goes forward. The order also means that the court is likely to find the ordinance unconstitutional.” Bowman noted the court was also critical of the New York Civil Liberties Union’s defense of the city ordinance: “Given the New York Civil Liberties Union’s (“NYCLU”) usual concern for First Amendment rights, its amicus brief supporting Defendant’s expansive view of the commercial speech doctrine is puzzling.”

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