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In Iowa, a Big To-Do over “I Do”: The Iowa Supreme Court Justice Retention Vote

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Ousted Iowa judges who voted to redefine marriage selected to receive John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage awards

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law CLE: “The Politicization of Judicial Elections and Its Effect on Judicial Independence and LGBT Rights”

    Cleveland-Marshall College of Law: In the November 2010 elections, three sitting Iowa Supreme Court justices were ousted as a result of the court’s unanimous ruling in Varnum v. Brien. The Varnum decision struck down, on equal protection grounds, a state statute limiting marriage rights to a union between a man and a woman. The conference seeks to examine the effect the ouster may have on judicial independence as well as its effect on future efforts to challenge, in state courts, laws that prohibit marriage for same-sex couples and to advance other civil rights for LGBT persons through state court litigation

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Traditional Experts

Law Review: Why the State of Iowa Should Recognize Civil Unions as Marriage

    Out-of-State Civil Unions in Iowa After Varnum v. Brien: Why the State of Iowa Should Recognize Civil Unions as Marriage
    Drew A. Cumings-Peterson, 96 Iowa L. Rev. 297 (2010)

    “One of the issues that arose after the Iowa Supreme Court’s decision in Varnum v. Brien, which held that Iowa’s Constitution would not permit Iowa to limit the institution of marriage to opposite-sex couples, regards how the state should treat different types of same-sex unions from other states. Some of the most interesting and important concerns center around the status Iowa will give to out-of-state civil unions and domestic partnerships, relationships that receive legal recognition but are not true marriages in their states of origin. Since federal law (the Full Faith and Credit Clause and the Federal Defense of Marriage Act) and choice-of-law principles allow Iowa to recognize out-of-state, same-sex relationships, Iowa courts and legislators must now look to statutory law, common law, and public policy to determine how Iowa should recognize out-of-state, same-sex unions. Statutory and common law ultimately leave the issue to public policy, which permits Iowa to either recognize civil unions as marriages or to require couples with civil unions to obtain a marriage before the state will recognize their status as ‘married.’ Iowa should treat civil unions as marriages because of its statutorily implied public-policy arguments and because of the Iowa Supreme Court’s arguments in Varnum.”

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