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“Out Celebrating: Over a million cheer equality” | Philippine News

    Philippine News: A brilliantly sunny June 30, the Sunday following the United States Supreme Court’s rulings on the federal Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8 effectively favoring same-sex marriage, drew almost a million and a half people to downtown San Francisco to celebrate equality . . . Within hours that very day, the Supreme Court reportedly received and denied an emergency appeal by a group called Alliance Defending Freedom to stop the marriages taking place in California, citing legal requirement to wait for certification of the high court decision, typically a period of 25 days.

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Bishop says SCOTUS endorsed ‘intrinsic evil’ of homosexuality through raw judicial power | LifeSiteNews

High Court Lets Same-sex Marriages In California Continue | CNN on PrideSource

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Prop. 8 proponents maintain initiative legal under California Constitution | Catholic San Francisco

    Catholic San Francisco (7/3): Our expectation would be that officials of the state would protect and defend the California Constitution, both Prop. 8 and other provisions,” said Austin Nimocks, senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, co-counsel defending Proposition 8. “They obviously have not done that in this case to this point.” . . . The two same-sex couples who contested Prop. 8 in federal district court in San Francisco did not file a class action suit, and therefore there is a case to be made that the district court ruling only applies to them, said Dale Schowengerdt, senior legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom. Other legal avenues are also being considered but not publicized, said Schowengerdt. Nimocks said “the marriage debate is going to do exactly what we thought it was going to do, and that’s continue in the courts, legislative halls and every place. And it’s going to continue for a good long time.”

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“Is Gay Marriage The Product Of Judicial Activism?” | David Davenport at Forbes

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Thinking Outside the Box of Judicial Supremacy

NOM Chairman: Imposing Same-Sex Marriage Is ‘Judicial Tyranny’ | Video

Rep. Gohmert: What’s Next – Legalized Polygamy?

“9th Circuit Accused of Violating Its Own Rules to Speed Gay Marriage in California” | CNSNews

    CNSNews: Everyone on all sides of the marriage debate should agree that the legal process must be followed,” said Senior Counsel Austin R. Nimocks in a news release issued over the weekend. “The 9th Circuit made a clear representation upon which all parties should be able to rely–that the stay would remain in place until final disposition by the Supreme Court. On Friday, the 9th Circuit acted contrary to its own order without explanation. “Last year, the 9th Circuit itself reminded all parties to the Proposition 8 case that the ‘integrity of our judicial system depends in no small part on the ability of litigants and members of the public to rely on a judge’s word.’ We agree,” Nimocks said.

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“California Supreme Court denies petition to hold same-sex marriages in California” | Zeibiz

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