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Catholic-owned company wins permanent injunction against HHS mandate

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US Supreme Court rules against Obama admin.’s abortion pill mandate

Tenth Circuit Panel Rules in Favor of Colo. Company Against Abortion Pill Mandate | Christian Post

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Obama Admin Trying to Force Company to Comply With HHS Mandate

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Department of Justice appeal opposes religious freedom of family business owners | National Right to Life News

HHS Appeals Contradict Obama’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Pledge, ADF Claims | Christian Post

Obama Admin Appeals Decision Against Abortion-HHS Mandate | LifeNews

Obama appeals ruling which protected Catholic family business from HHS mandate | LifeSiteNews

On Obama’s ‘unwavering Support’ For Religious Freedom | One News Now

Archbishop of Denver: Hercules Industries should be honored for their religious liberty stance

    Archdiocese of Denver: . . . When religious people are marginalized from the public square, all of us lose. Religious values (like those of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., for example) have served as forces for great public good in America. Public shame of the religiously convicted undermines the American ideal. Sadly, however, Hercules is not alone in being marginalized; religious institutions and practices face increasing threats in America. Last week, the Washington, D.C.-based Liberty Institute released a survey of religious hostility in America, documenting hundreds of unreasonable persecutions of religious Americans. It is a chilling read . . . When religious conscience threatens essential human freedom or dignity, governments have a vested interest in protecting public welfare. But the law which Hercules is fighting is not an assertion of essential human freedom or dignity. The HHS mandate is designed to fund private sexual expression—and even abortion—from the coffers of American businesses. Trading free access to contraception for our foundational reverence for religious liberty is a betrayal of our history—and a short-sighted plan for America. House Speaker Frank McNulty took up the mantle of Hercules’ cause, and rightly commended them for their work. I pray the Denver City Council will do the same. Choosing to marginalize the owners of Hercules for their religiosity is an insult to the founding values of our nation.

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