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Many religious freedom law opponents would force participation in abortion

Federal audit: Planned Parenthood of North Texas overbilled taxpayers

NYC churches hope mayor keeps promise, rescinds worship service ban

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Arkansas gives final approval to religious-freedom bill

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China jails a Muslim for six years — for refusing to shave his beard

Second blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh

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Sanctity of Life

Governor Doug Ducey signs pro-life legislation that protects Arizona taxpayers

Arizona becomes first state to tell women abortion pill can be reversed

Texas Democrats seek to cut funds for abortion alternatives

Keeping the baby vs. abortion: Americans muddled morality about the unborn

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MPs’ report calls for ‘kinder, cheaper’ state-funded end-of-life care

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Chilean girl who asked to be euthanized now wants to live, father says

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Marriage & Family

Supreme Court veteran, first-time advocate to argue for same-sex marriage

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Same-sex marriage isn’t about justice, it’s about Selma envy

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UK still top in Western Europe for family breakdown

Kids to be asked about porn in Govt-backed sex ed guidance

QC: Watchdog faces avalanche of cases if Ashers loses

Bench & Bar

Despite forecasts of doom, signs of life in the legal industry

Study: Law faculties short on white Christians, republicans

Justices struggle with free speech case over license plates

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Gov’t power being used to force secularization

Trinity Western law students OK to practise in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Supreme Court rules in favour of Christian university in B.C.


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