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The Obergefell v. Hodges (same-sex marriage) Mega-Post

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  • 06/19/2015
  • Alliance Alert Publication Schedule: New Alliance Alert Coming!

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    • Posted: 06/19/2015

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Iowa high court strikes down ban on ‘webcam’ abortions

ADF in the News

Religious Liberty

Riches, religion, and the new atheism

Supreme Court to government: No, ‘good intentions’ don’t give you a license to censor speech

Global: Religious Liberty

This is how Iran allegedly tried to recruit a U.S. journalist

Where ISIS has directed and inspired attacks around the world

Egypt’s vanishing youth

American pastor imprisoned in Iran again brutally beaten behind bars

“They asked everyone who is Muslim or not”: ISIS kidnaps 86 Eritrean refugees in Libya

Sanctity of Life

My dad showed me what it means to be pro-life

Mitch McConnell commits to abortion ban vote

Iowa Supreme Court allows telemedicine abortion program to go on

Global: Sanctity of Life

The death treatment: When should people with a non-terminal illness be helped to die?

‘The New Yorker’ doubts Belgian euthanasia policy

The religious left campaign to use taxpayer money for abortions for Boko Haram victims

Court rejects woman’s attempt to bear grandchild with frozen eggs

Euthanasia doc kills woman because she was depressed, even though she didn’t have cancer

Marriage & Family

Pope Francis: ‘Gender theory is an error of the human mind that leads to so much confusion’

Wondering which companies champion gay marriage? There’s an app for that

Is sexual orientation a social construct?

The fight for fatherhood

NRB President, members take stand for marriage

Global: Marriage and Family

Japanese court says adultery OK if it’s for business purpose

‘Star Trek’ actor Patrick Stewart sides with Christian bakers in gay cake flap

Gay marriage is not about gay marriage

Ruling makes Guam first US territory to legalize same-sex marriage

Sex trafficking and forced marriages flourish under China’s one-child policy

Bench & Bar

A ‘view’ from the courtroom: A bonus day for opinions

Put lawyers where they’re needed

Supreme Court races the clock on gay marriage, Obamacare and more

Don’t threaten a federal judge – that applies to you anonymous commenters

Global: Bench and Bar

Gov’t power being used to force secularization

Trinity Western law students OK to practise in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Supreme Court rules in favour of Christian university in B.C.


What creative fiction can (and cannot) do

Muting friends’ political views on Facebook is as easy as clicking ‘unfollow’

Fear and loathing in American politics

The Power of Drudge (Infographic)

Iowa pastors play influential role in presidential race

Global: Miscellaneous

Survey finds major gender divide in religious beliefs in UK: Most men in 40′s are atheists, but twice more women believe in God

Barbie as the Virgin Mary? Ken as Jesus? Italian Catholics are not amused

Why Sweden’s election matters for American conservatives

Finding God in secular Europe through film

Attorney General affirms United Kingdom is a Christian nation