Louisiana conscience bill protects against discrimination in licensing

Victory: Church’s right to help needy kids restored!

ADF in the News

Church regains right to serve housing project after initially booted for being ‘religious’

Religious Liberty

US Immigration exam replaces ‘freedom of religion’ with ‘freedom of worship’

House passes resolution banning D.C. ‘anti-religious freedom’ law, but Senate fails to act

Proposed religious freedom bill in Michigan generates heated debate in committee

Senator delays Texas religious freedom bill

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Amid Nepal’s shattered shrines and temples, a religious fatalism sets in

Persecution of Christians in China at record high

Mapped: These are the world’s most religious countries

Armenian Christians sue in Turkey to regain church property

UKIP states support for religious freedom

Sanctity of Life

Connecticut threepeat: Assisted-suicide bid shut down

Major abortion bill provides partisan bookend to Colorado session

Pro-lifer praises Kansas governor for new state law

Global: Sanctity of Life

Embryos genetically modified in controversial world first

Sex-selective abortion doc could be struck off

Bruce Forsyth’s backing of assisted suicide is ‘misguided’

Public ignored in NI abortion consultation

Woman on trial for assisted suicide of MS sufferer

Marriage & Family


Marriage and equal protection

Taking the baker’s challenge

Biology vs. feelings? The US Supreme Court asks what defines marriage in oral arguments

Michigan approves bills that allow adoption agencies to refuse service based on sexual orientation and religion

Global: Marriage and Family

Ukip offers Christians who object to gay marriage special legal protection

NI Assembly rejects gay marriage for the fourth time

Ministers could be sued over gay weddings, warns the Kirk

ROI woman found not guilty of assisted suicide

Bench & Bar

Listen to the oral arguments in Obergefell v. Hodges (the same-sex marriage case at the Supreme Court)

The dangers of a constitutional ‘right to dignity’

End the Supreme Court’s ban on cameras

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Gov’t power being used to force secularization

Trinity Western law students OK to practise in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Supreme Court rules in favour of Christian university in B.C.


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Iowa pastors play influential role in presidential race

Emerging countries say internet is bad for morality, study finds

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Survey finds major gender divide in religious beliefs in UK: Most men in 40′s are atheists, but twice more women believe in God

Barbie as the Virgin Mary? Ken as Jesus? Italian Catholics are not amused

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