“Support your local bigot”: Religious Liberty = Homophobia?

Same-sex laws jeopardize religious freedom, experts say; …

Wash. state has first death under new suicide law

Texas ACLU investigating distribution of Bibles in class

Spain’s “Disastrous” Contraceptive Policies have Resulted in the Oldest European Population

ADF Alliance Alert publication schedule: Memorial Day

    The ADF Alliance Alert will not be published on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25, 2009.

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Filibuster Could Block Extreme Pro-Abort Obama Justice Pick Dawn Johnsen

A Recess Appointment for Johnsen?

Justice Souter and the Supreme Court’s Church-State Balance

The Dallas Principles: A new manifesto to advance “LGBT” goals

Texas “family planning clinics” fighting for funding

How Joe Biden Wrecked the Judicial Confirmation Process

Sotomayor, Moreno in Talks For Souter Seat

Pending British Equality Bill Creates Only Narrow Exemption For Religious Objections

Kansas Governor urged to veto Planned Parenthood funding removal

WV: Kanawha schools seek to punish any refusal to participate in mandatory sexual orientation training

Muslims protest alleged defacement of Quran

UK’s Green Party urges end to European same-sex “marriage” bans

California parents riled by homosexual agenda in elementary curriculum

California marriage ruling to be released on Tuesday at 10 am

Bill to define marriage in DC introduced in House

New Oklahoma law will facilitate child porn investigations

Oregon: Tribes same-sex “marriage” law takes effect

Planned Parenthood reporting rise in abortions at its clinics

NH: Two Votes Equal One Big Victory on Marriage

    Family Research Council: “While the state waits on Lynch to hold up his end of the bargain, the bill on religious exemptions now heads to conference. The Speaker and Senate President (both Democrats) will be responsible for appointing the members to the conference committee. Although they’re expected to pick liberals who will vote with them, the rules clearly state that they must include at least one member from the other party. If the bill doesn’t pass out of the conference unanimously, it will die. FRC will keep you updated on the committee activity as it happens.”

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New York: Charter school teachers say union is against them

Religious Liberty = Homophobia?

California: City Scraps Sign Ordinance in Response to Church Lawsuit

‘Paging God: Religion in the Halls of Medicine’

Bill Saunders Joins Americans United for Life, Set to Expand Efforts to Protect Human Life Internationally

State prisons are major breeding ground for Islamic radicalization

United Church of Christ splitting over same-sex “marriage”

    Jim Auchmutey writing in the Wall Street Journal: “The UCC is known as one of the more liberal Protestant denominations. Center Congregational’s members, by contrast, are generally conservative. Over the years they sometimes groused about the liberal positions that the UCC adopted at its biennial General Synod, but there was no reason to get too upset. In the Congregational system, Synod votes are not necessarily binding on individual churches. Center’s attitude changed in 2005 when the assembly, meeting in Atlanta, gave its blessing to gay marriage.”

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Nurse wins conscience ruling from state Supreme Court

Fighting for free-speech rights in NY

Bring on the Baby Boom

Francis Beckwith to Brian Leiter: Christian colleges have the right to hire according to their faith

Population lobby targets Dominican Republic pro-life reforms

Louisiana: PFLAG to rally on Capitol steps against HB517 freedom of conscience bill

Kenner sets rules for adult bookstores

“Church pays little of Ireland’s child-abuse bill”