The Community Defense Reporter Online: Protecting Children and Their Neighborhoods

The September 2009 edition of the Community Defense Reporter is now available online at the Community Defense Counsel.

The Reporter began in 2001 as a monthly newsletter for municipal leaders and city attorneys giving updated sexually oriented business (SOB) case law analysis and summary of SOB-related news nationwide. It’s scope has since expanded to include several SOB-related issues, including obscenity, pornography, and human trafficking. Every month the Reporter provides links to related news, summaries of current cases, and abstracts of relevant law review articles. It is a tool not only for lawyers and government officials, but also for families.

The Community Defense Counsel is an ADF resource that exists to provide direct legal assistance and educational resources to those concerned about health and crime issues affecting children and their neighborhoods, particularly the sexual violence empirically proven to accompany sexually oriented businesses and illegal pornography, including child pornography. The news page of the site is directly linked to the Alliance Alert through the pornography tag.