Same-sex “marriage” and a level-playing field for religious argument

Chuck Donovan writing at The Foundry (Heritage Foundation): “The phase of the case that ended last week included testimony from witnesses called in support of or opposition to Proposition 8. Attorneys from the Alliance Defense Fund, a public interest legal association that has played a key role in defending Prop 8, have posted updates on each day of the trial. The ‘Day 12′ update by ADF Senior Legal Counsel Austin R. Nimocks explains what will happen next in the case: ‘While the testimonial phase of the trial is finished, the proceedings in San Francisco are not yet complete. Judge [Vaughn] Walker plans to take about a month to review, on his own, the thousands of pages of documents and exhibits that were introduced into evidence during these last two weeks. Then, by Feb. 26, the parties will remit papers which seek to highlight the evidence that they believe support the proposed judgments that they remitted to the court before the trial began. After that, Judge Walker will seek to schedule a time for formal closing arguments.’”