Md. delegate seeks ban on first-cousin marriage

Lisa Miller safe for now: Virginia judge refuses to issue arrest warrant

New coalition vows fight on “don’t ask, don’t tell” repeal

Arizona Bill Would Strengthen Reporting on Abortions

Roberts versus Roberts: Just how radical is the chief justice?

    Jeffrey Rosen writing in The New Republic: “For the past few years, I’ve been giving Roberts the benefit of the doubt, hoping that he meant it when he talked about the importance of putting the bipartisan legitimacy of the Court above his own ideological agenda. But, while Roberts talked persuasively about conciliation, it now appears that he is unwilling to cede an inch to liberals in the most polarizing cases. If Roberts continues this approach, the Supreme Court may find itself on a collision course with the Obama administration–precipitating the first full-throttle confrontation between an economically progressive president and a narrow majority of conservative judicial activists since the New Deal.”

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Christian Student Killed in Iraq; Fourth Murder in Days

Jitters over China’s waning taste for T-bills

    Financial Times: “China’s holdings fell by $34.2bn to $755.4bn from the previous month, prompting renewed jitters that the country was diversifying from Treasuries over fears about their future value . . . Significantly, Japan overtook China as the biggest foreign holder of US Treasuries in December . . . ”

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Florida: “Gay woman fights adoption ban”

Lawsuit to bring Swedish homeschooling case before Human Rights Court

New Zealand: Pro-Life doctors challenge abortion guidelines

Indiana Court of Appeals: Surrogate not necessarily legal mother

Same-sex custody dispute could rewrite Ohio laws

    KyPost: “The girl is the biological child of Kelly Mullen, who was Hobbs’ partner for seven and a half years. Mullen and Hobbs separated in July, 2007, sparking a bitter custody battle. Hobbs is fighting for shared custody and visitation rights. The courts say Mullen has sole custody of her daughter. She refused further comment when contacted by phone on Wednesday . . . How the case is ultimately decided could have wide-ranging implications for fathers, mothers, step-parents, grandparents or same-sex partners.”

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Minnesota campaign law faces test

NC: Buncombe County leaders to offer prayer

Are Citizens Uniting Against Citizens United?

ADF attorneys appeal to U.S. Supreme Court to protect school choice in Ariz.

Nightfall in America: The Obama deficits portend a gloomy future.

Mexican states challenge same-sex “marriage” in court

NY Court clarifies role of ISPs in child pornography cases

ADF: Change in military policy on homosexual behavior could affect chaplains

Dispute over polygamous sect property trust argued before Utah Supreme Court

Gilbert Meilaender: On Bioethics in Public

George Weigel: The Erosion of Religious Freedom

    George Weigel writes at EPPC: “And now we have the successor of John Quincy Adams and William H. Seward, Elihu Root and Cordell Hull, George Marshall and Dean Acheson suggesting that the defense of the LGBT agenda will, as a human rights issue, be considered on a par with such basic human rights as freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and religious freedom — and that no small part of the substance of religious freedom may have to be sacrificed, if necessary, to advance that agenda. Religious freedom, rightly understood, cannot be reduced to freedom of worship . . . ”

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Mississippi “sex education” bill prompts debate

Should Possession of Child Pornography Require Reparations to the Child?

PA school district using school-issued laptop webcams to spy on students

NC: Locals limit taxpayer funded abortion

Arizona Marital Preference for Adoption up for vote

New website to examine harms of pornography “pandemic”

Commission on International Religious Freedom accused of anti-Muslim bias

Prenatal screening “curbs some genetic diseases”

NH House rejects bill treating fetus as person

Supreme Court to review Okla. monument

Statement by the President on Ash Wednesday

ACLU Asks the United Nations to Intervene in Alleged Torture at Montana State Prison

Illinois: Wheaton edging toward guidelines for pre-meeting invocations

Conservatives Call to Keep DADT

“ACLU Sues To Obtain Information About Taxpayer-Funded Religion In Abstinence-Only Programs Overseas”

“NYCLU Settlement Ensures that The Salvation Army May Not Proselytize While Performing Government-Funded Social Services”

EEOC Files One Religious Discrimination Suit; Settles Another

NH House rejects constitutional amendment and a statutory bill to restore marriage

Iowa: Court Tells Prosecutor To Remove Ash Wednesday Markings

PJI Announces Second Annual Baccalaureate Project

China activist lawyer’s wife seeks his whereabouts

WA: Hearing tomorrow on bill to force daycares into unions

“Ugandan anti-gay pastor airs gay porn in church”

FPCWV Announces Launch of “I’m Voting for Marriage . . .” Petition Drive

Who is Rashad Hussain?

DOD rejects DODEA’s new policy on same-sex partner transfers

Law Review: Buffer Zones and Abortion Protesting: Where Do We Draw the Line?

Law Review: Allowing States to Balance the First Amendment with Parents’ Rights to Privacy and Sovereignty in the Home

    Internet Child Protection Registry Acts: Protecting Children, Parents and . . . Pornographers? Allowing States to Balance the First Amendment with Parents’ Rights to Privacy and Sovereignty in the Home
    Samuel D. Castor, 59 Cath. U. L. Rev. 231 (2009)

    “This Comment evaluates states’ role in the tug-of-war between governments attempting to help parents protect children from unwanted, and potentially harmful, electronic communications and the First Amendment, which prohibits Congress from abridging a person’s freedom of speech.”

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