Another D.C. judge rules against public vote on marriage

Advocates of homosexual behavior asks U of Alaska for nondiscrimination policy

Rep. Pence: Stop Using Taxpayer Money to Fund Planned Parenthood

Judge rules Oklahoma abortion law unconstitutional

“The compassionate killers: Ray Gosling, AIDS, and euthanasia”

    Newsweek: “Gosling’s admission and his ensuing arrest was certainly shocking. But it also confirmed what assisted-suicide experts already knew: legal issues of hastening death have long plagued AIDS patients and their doctors. ‘Certainly, we know it’s a community where this type of bootleg assisted suicide occurred throughout the 1990s,’ says Ian Dowbiggin, the author of A Concise History of Euthanasia and an expert on the right-to-die movement. ‘This specific example of assisted suicide, I don’t know how common it is, but it is likely more common in this particular community than elsewhere.’”

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UK: Bill “will allow schools to teach that homosexuality is wrong”

Forsyth appeal decision on Monday, Feb. 22

Private and Public Schools Subject to Transgendered Guidelines

Eritrea frees 14 Christians two years after being detained

Hindu prayer opened Nevada’s capital Carson City

“Poll: No political risk in ‘don’t ask’ repeal”

    Politico: “‘While the substantive debate has been resolved, the only real chance for Congress to actually get repeal in the next three years is for [President Barack] Obama to put repeal into the must-pass 2011 Authorization bill,’ said Nathaniel Frank, a senior researcher at the Palm Center, who is pressing for immediate action rather than delaying for a year while the Pentagon studies the logistical issues involved in ending the ban.”

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Demand for Bible outstripping supply in China

Faith-Based Office Not Just about Money, Says Director

    Christian Post: “While trying to dismiss the image of a federal fund distributor passed down from the Bush administration, the current office is seeking to portray itself as a community organizer of sorts. DuBois says the office’s vision is to connect faith-based and neighborhood organizations to tackle specific community problems. In this sense, the office measures its success not on how much federal money goes into faith-based organizations, but on the impact of the partnerships between faith-based and neighborhood groups.”

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Minister confirms abortion not part of Harper’s Maternal Health Initiative

Kentucky: Bible bill clears Senate committee

Same-sex ‘marriage’ hearing at Minnesota Capitol

Obama keeps reporters away from Dalai Lama event

Coakley Asks For Ruling Without Trial On DOMA Challenge

Abortion Practitioner Keeps License Despite Violating Court Order, Medical Board

No Fault of Their Own – Divorce Proceedings

A new envoy to the United Nations of Islam

Lautenberg diagnosed with cancer

Mothers in Combat Boots

Alan Sears on Focus on the Family Broadcast: The Alliance Defense Fund

CLS v. Martinez: A debate at SMU Law

Cert. filed in Arizona tuition case, challenging standing

States, Congress wrestle with judicial bias rules

    Findlaw (AP): “Along with lifetime tenure and broad legal authority, federal judges decide for themselves whether they should step down from a case because of biases that might influence the outcome. Some in the legal community and lawmakers on Capitol Hill are now examining whether to take that power away . . . ”

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Law student charged with contempt for exposing daughter to Christianity

“Holding on to discrimination” at CPAC

Consequences of proposed “LBGT law” for military

Repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” could affect military chaplains’ religious freedom

Obama accused of establishing religion for soldiers

Louisiana must issue birth certificate to men who adopted baby boy, federal court rules

Obama Pro-Abortion Health Care Reconciliation Bill Expected Monday, Then Summit

Just Like Everyone: Inclusiveness efforts seek to make GLBT lawyers—and all others—feel at home

Virginia Governor’s New Equal Opportunity Order Eliminates Sexual Orientation Protection

Virginia Christian Clergy Urge Defunding of Planned Parenthood

Apple changes App Store policy on ‘overtly sexual content’

Study finds sharp decline in law review circulation

Five Muslim Soldiers Arrested at Fort Jackson in South Carolina

Law Review: Should there be a separate confrontation doctrine for domestic violence cases?

    Mark Egerman, Avoiding Confrontation (February 15, 2010). Available at SSRN:

    “This article takes seriously Justice Scalia’s facetious aside in Giles v. California and examines whether there should be a separate confrontation doctrine for domestic violence cases. The history of Confrontation is explored, starting with one of its predecessors, the judicial duel. Dueling was used as a judicial fact-finder for centuries and developed a complex series of regulations that focused not only on accuracy, but also on the status of the participants. As the doctrine of confrontation developed, it retained some of the substantive status-oriented elements of dueling. An analysis of major cases from the Common Law and the Supreme Court tracks these developments and uncovers these elements. Modern confrontation doctrine is shown to embody non-adjudicatory elements concerned with status and social power.”

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